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Enochian, Celestial Speech or Also known as, 'The Language of Angels'.

Updated on November 6, 2015
A vision of an angel
A vision of an angel | Source
Angels as balls of light!.
Angels as balls of light!. | Source
Snapshot by Valentina Jori
Snapshot by Valentina Jori | Source
Snapshot by C. Mackow.
Snapshot by C. Mackow. | Source

A Brief history.

If you're into biblical research, study and mapping out historic events. Then you must have come across the patriarch Enoch in Genesis. Enoch is the direct descendant from Adam, through Seth's genealogy and great grandfather to Noah, the savior of humanity after the floods. A notetable collection of Enoch's writings were later put together in what we now know as the book of Enoch. Under which they consist of 5 books. The Book of Enoch is not part of the Biblical cannon.

  1. The Book of Watchers
  2. The Parables of Enoch
  3. The Astronomical Book
  4. The Book of Dreams
  5. The Epistle of Enoch

If you read Genesis 5:23-24. It states that Enoch lived for 365 years and was then translated into heaven. He walked with God, the only other human apart from him to have walked with God was Adam. Enoch dint die a mortal death. He was taken up into heaven, because he pleased God.

During his walk with God, Enoch was taken on a tour of the heavenly realms, Saw the plans of creation from God, the beginning to the end, The master plan for humanity. He also saw an accute historical account of the fall of the watchers, a prison for the fallen angels until judgement day. A lot of accounts too feeble for the human mind to grasp.

Enoch went all the way to the 7th heaven and wrote these things down, In which he attempts to bring to our generations and future generations. Enoch was so mystified and lost for words that his accounts about God's throne and heavenly tour was too great for him, and yet he manages to come into a slow understanding. Therefore when an angel was his tour guide at this point, showing him the sect of angels that govern the stars and planetary rotations, basically astronomy and the other heavens, Enoch was able to communicate with the angels in a language that cannot be replicated or certain sounds by the human tongue cannot be achieved accurately, next to impossible. We would only sound very handicapped and still not come close to it, though some theologians believe otherwise.

Only Adam and Enoch were able to produce this language so they could communicate with God and his angels. This language we now refer to as, 'Angelical', 'The Holy Language', 'The First Language of God-Christ', 'Adamical'. Adam lost this knowledge or speech when he was banished from paradise or Garden of Eden. Enoch was the last to have ever known to speak or granted the knowledge of this language. We now call this Enochian as well.


Recorded and written down by scholars John dee and Edward kelly in the late 16th century. With John Dee was pretty much a very intelligent person, being a consultant to Queen Elizabeth I and was an alchemist, studied astronomy, astrology, philosophy, geography, occultism and divination. He had a profound fascination for the lost Angelic language and sought out to establish contact with the angels. He came across Edward kelly who at the time was a brilliant scryer. Together they recorded events and claimed that it was revealed to them by angels in a vision. They would get repeated visions and texts of this language, and so noted them down. Though most argued at the time that it was a very poor imitation or replication of the mystical language.

Dee wrote in his journals, that God used this language to create the world and communicate with his angels and the first human Adam. Adam then being cast away, lost this language and with vague memories of the angelical language, constructed his own proto-hebrew speech. This then being the only language humans ever knew was further lost at the Tower of Babel, When God granted everyone different speech and dialects. With all the developed languages, We now know 1 of them today referred to as Biblical Hebrew. Much before this though Enoch was the only one with the knowledge granted to him of the Angelic language, even after Adam lost it. Even though Enoch recorded this language, its dialect and speech, which according to the angels, was called, 'The Book of Logeaeth'. This book was also then lost at the Deluge of Noah or The Great flood. Until the time which it resurfaced again according to Kelly's visions.

Snapshot by Barunpatro
Snapshot by Barunpatro | Source
Snapshot by Elisafox.
Snapshot by Elisafox. | Source

The Characteristic of the Language.

According to Kelley's visions, the material given by the angels can be divided into 3 parts.

  1. Mystical Hepatarchy - similar in comparison to classical grimoires, evocations, hierarchy etc.
  2. Liber Loagaeth - The wisdom of angels, a book consisting of 2 great square tables of 98 letters in total (each table has 49 letters each. 49+49=98 letters). This written in a language we know today as proto-enochian.
  3. 'Claves Angelicae' or Angelic Keys - commonly referred to as the 49 calls or keys that are used to open the Great table. (this part of the book borders magic and unlocking of wisdom and understanding, including the magic sqaures of the Liber Loageath.

Through the assertions of John Dee and Kelly's writings, All proofs made by smartest of the smart linguists in the world at the time, to prove that Dee and kelly's writings were just fiction and writings of a couple of madmen have failed. Knowledge like that was seriously granted by a higher power. Everything made sense, fit into place, and had no place for debate or controversy. Yes the learned linguists failed to prove this was just nonsesical babble. Below is a Glimpse of the alphabet chart of The Angelic language according to Dee & Kelly.

Chart of the Enochian alphabet.
Chart of the Enochian alphabet. | Source

Summing it up

From my point of view during their age, magic practiced was considered heresy. The 3rd part or rather all parts of the material they received from the angels delve deeply into magic or maybe a slighter version of saying magic what we call it today. Border lining conspiracies etc. it is not what they did with the 3 parts or how they accumulated the knowledge. Much to the difference that i'm quite interested in the language it was written in. The syntax, the pronunciation, the calligraphy etc is what i find most fascinating.

If all their accounts are supposedly true, then shouldn't we appreciate the lost language being revealed to us?. If the accounts are false, then how do we explain what the linguists couldn't prove either, heavily mastered in the arts of linguistics. I myself am a firm believer in Christ. Its things like this and historical data in the Bible that fascinates me, to a point what's written in the word is how it was and should be. Hidden knowledge, i believe was kept hidden for a reason and not to be tampered with. Its human nature to always learn and be forever curious, with so many questions about life etc. Its nice to know that at least Enoch was given that experience, to travel the heavens and learn, so much so that he couldn't describe certain events and the things he was seeing properly. That he was touched by Angels and heavenly beings. That he knew how to speak in their tongue.

There are many great authors. If you are quite interested in angels and historical events, i would recommend reading, 'The Ashes of Angels' From a brilliant author and researcher Andrew Collins. He removes all the fiction we have floating around. All the garbage. Dwells deeps into cultures, religions and the Bible and relates specifically about angels and the impact they have on humankind, Gods little helpers etc. It is a must read, it will definitely blow your mind away. I was honestly stuck on the first 2 pages for about a week, cause i couldn't grasp the facts. I am about now halfway into the book and its been about a year now that i've acquired it. Still taking down notes and actually researching the path Andrew Collins has already paved with 10+years of research, his personal accounts and information. Lots of lovely knowledge, and none of the garbage or conspiracies or sort of crap to do with magic or the unseen etc. This is very well done and it's a wonder why people like him aren't already legendary discoverers of our time.

Another book i am definitively going to pickup after i'm done with 'The Ashes of Angels' is 'Fingerprints of the Gods', by Graham Hancock. If you haven't heard about him, then all i can say is.......OH GOD!.

And now to end this hub by saying that it was a wonderful research and time spent trying to put it as best as i could. This however 'Enochian' language has nothing to do with Andrew collins and his book or Graham Hancock. What they write about is just if you're interested. Thank you for reading. maybe someday it would be nice to learn a forgotten or a lost language, that even the angels speak.

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From the Ashes of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race
From the Ashes of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race

This book is mindblowing, A well researched book written by Andrew collins, who dwells deep into cultures and facts concerning a fallen race that influenced mankind through the ages.



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    • profile image

      Legendary books of the canaan 

      5 years ago

      wow, you did a fantastic job talking about this page about Forgot about scriptures of the bible.

    • GoForTheJuggler profile image

      Joshua Patrick 

      6 years ago from Texas

      “And they were all amazed and marveled, saying one to another, Behold, are not all these which speak Galileans? And how hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born?” (Acts 2:7,8)

      There are many religious scholars out there that believe this ancient language was the one spoken by the disciples during this event, since each person heard the disciples speak to them in their own native language, down to the regional dialect.


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