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Entities and Ghosts

Updated on April 4, 2018
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Julie has been undertaking spiritual work for 23 years and imparts her knowledge of meditation and inner experiences through her writing.

You hear a lot about them but just what are they. A ghost is really a low level energy that is stuck and usually stuck because of emotional ties. You know when someone dies, say the husband, and the wife is so grieved that it can keep a part of the soul attached to a room or place by the intensity of the grieving wife. The same can be said in the case of rage, if a murder has taken place in a room, often a part of the murdered person is left behind, usually because of rage, hate, anger. If you tune into them I can often feel emotion, it's the most tangible. Then comes the story of what happened to them.

Ghosts can behave in different ways depending on how mischievous they are, or restless. But the most common experience someone will have in regard to a ghost, is an uncomfortable feeling you get when in a room. Something feels wrong. Of course this could be bad earth lines, so not all bad places in the home can be blamed on a ghost. Feeling goosebumps can be an indication of a presence, however, people can have these feelings when there is a positive presence. Often you know when a presence is virtuous or pernicious.

Ghosts by the way usually don't rattle chains!

Entities are often found attached to the life force of humans. Though in many many cases the host will never know they have a foreign piece of debris attached to them. But a pernicious entity can create food cravings, addictions, and emotional swings. However, before you blame the entity on all your troubles, be aware of the saying like attracts like. An entity will be attracted to a host it can feed on, meaning if its life has been one of disappointment and sorrow and so is yours, you will make a good match. If you do not have these issues then you need not worry too much.

Entities are parts of a deceased's astral body (mind or emotional body) that did not dissolve after death. It remains earthbound and awaits a new nest. Hospitals are a nice playground for pesky entities, as are cemeteries and funeral homes.

They are not that easy to catch, however, so don't be too alarmed. If you are in poor physical health, in a drunken state, or if you are emotionally down with poor physical health then you are a nice target.

Paradoxically it does not pay to wear black to funerals. Lighter colored clothes are much more appropriate. And the energy of children is very open, consequently, it is, for this reason, more than any other that children should be discouraged from attending them.

Like ghosts, entities are bits of energy that are out of place. If you find one, find a reputable clearer to take care of them. Perhaps you'd also like to know why you attracted it in the first place! That's another topic.


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