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Eric’s Sunday Sermon; Global Love

Updated on October 26, 2019
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Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.

Inside to Outside

Pumping out the positive. Why not?
Pumping out the positive. Why not? | Source

Stand Up Straight Boy

Let us start out this sermon with an observation. Global is a strange concept. Think globally and act locally. Global is such a term it makes no sense unless you put global into context of sentence or such. I, for a few years was a “GIS”, a global Internet strategist. My job was to put into global concepts the internet for developing nations. I saw quickly that we had to move slowly on the “global” scale and quickly on the internal global scale. Yes global can be applied to reference an intra-national global objective. OK my head is spinning. Glad I got out of that job.

Check out something like the 3rd definition of global in a dictionary. Yes the word is used to mean all-encompassing within a person and it is used in technology.

So I coined two phrases/concepts. “First we go inside to inside. Then inside to outside and then outside to inside” and also that “Marketing is education and education is marketing”. The concept worked and works to this day. But of course here we speak of us. I need to have an all-inclusive perspective of myself. I must be global within Eric. I do not get to be smart and unloving. It does not work that way. But once I get my me to me settled out I can go to you. Once you and I get things settled out with rules and boundaries of a personal sense you can come to me. Same with loving stuff.

I am kind of seeing a “loving myself” thing being more about ourselves than love. We need to stop that. It is not about the self that matters it is about the love. Love is more than a feeling it is action. Within ourselves we need to learn to love. That is it. It really should not be stressed that “ourselves” is the objective. Loving is the objective. And if we can learn within (inside to inside) to love then we can reach out. And then we can do the inside to outside and Lord help us we can do the outside to inside with a wonderful fashion and just shine it back baby, shine it back.

Global love. How easy is that. Shucks I can even reach South Africa and India with my love and they can reach back. Does it start with family of origin? No it does not have to. Think of wars and then the love and peace trains that can follow. Think of slights by parents and siblings, and the peace and love train can come after the conflict.

The Religion of Love

From Father To Son

Love is so fun.
Love is so fun. | Source

No Free Love Ride

We must realize our contribution to global love. If I hold a grudge I just live inside to inside and my impact of love from inside to outside just plain stinks up our global community. I have to admit I am a bit of a co-dependent. Fine. How I make you feel means a whole/global lot to me. If my love is not global to you, I stink. A country without community of other nations is just plain hell. We know who they are. And we know Eric when he isolates and shows a frown and anger instead of love and compassion to others. If I do not contribute love then what do I contribute. For years I have not wanted to find out. Just give a little shout out before you get into your car to drive and set good intentions to do no harm. Never drive in anger. Leave that danged phone and internet alone when your inside to inside is more smouldering than a bubbling brook. Oh hell yes, I know this from mistakes not from innate wisdom.

Now I am going to buy a new bike helmet. Sure it is for my head and neck. But that is inside to inside, a little about me. But my wife worries and so the new helmet is also from my inside to outside. I was in a bad pickle in the middle of nowhere. My son looked at me and asked if I was a giver or a taker. You may not and cannot take from the outside without giving of your inside. I made the hike. It was not brutal. As setting up a decision to give rather than to take was huge in my life. And some call me old. Better being learning when old than to stop learning.

So we just do some literary skipping here. Wahoo. I get to give. Really just a little effort when effort seems hard. If you are a billionaire do not get puffed up by giving 1,000. If you are a pauper and you give a dollar I raise you up. I had a perfect day just a few ago. Yes my handshake meant something. But on a bad day it means more. But to do that no matter the issues inside I have to be square with inside. Trillions in debt but the USA gives trillions. What kind of nation is that? Perhaps I struggle financially but my taxes help poor. I cannot bemoan that fact.

This is coming out early.

Look For The Beauty and Wonder

A river flows through life, Stop and watch.
A river flows through life, Stop and watch. | Source

First Alone

Take That Love To The Limit!

Extra water gallons are filled. Cars are filled with gas and the house will be hosed down – needed it is fall cleaning anyway, yuk the filth. Important stuff is by the door. And food is set to go. Batteries are all checked and the camp stove ready. “Red Flag” and thousands already evacuated. Just another day of heat on our coastal desert. I heard a record high for the close coast line. They have closed many schools and our area is next. Over 100,000 without power. Special cooled centers set up for those at risk like seniors and disabled and evacuees. The worst conditions I have seen in over a decade.

That smell my son asked me about last night. Like a barbeque but none going on. Just burnt grass from sun and wind. Just for fun I fried an egg on the sidewalk*. That is real. Our people are ready. They have already sent fighters north and contained two nasty fires here. So the beat goes on. Food and water in the car and wife and child oblivious. Such is life in the desert.

Now we have our inside the home all taken care of. We are good to go inside. But you cannot stop there. We have to do some outside. First order of business is to check on old folk around. (all to the good) The next step is to buy a few gallons of water to place where homeless gather. The next order of business is to go back and double check the inside to inside.

Then you take calls and emails from family and friends who are just checking up on you. That wonderful outside to inside. And because your inside to inside and inside to outside is clean and proper you can take that outside in and give some love back and the our entire globe is effected in love and peace. Synergism of good at least in some ways and places replace anger and hate and resulting violence. You are spreading the love babe and bro!! Please let us not forget to spread this to our nature and animals also. If our inside is together we can.

And lastly, those of us in the outside can still spread the love to another’s inside. Us outside are never prevented from effecting another’s inside.

*Actually a frying pan of black set out, and the egg was a bit “soupy”.

Let The Outside In

Just another sunrise in paradise
Just another sunrise in paradise | Source

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