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Eric’s Sunday Sermon; Yahoo! Let’s Celebrate!

Updated on May 18, 2020
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Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.

Just Ancient Native Art


Cause to Celebrate.

Yahoo and let’s celebrate. Down in the dumps well, yahoo and let us celebrate. I am plenty pissed off at folks near to me. Yahoo and let us celebrate and soak up the thing we are upset over and the near and dear ones who are abusing us. Sounds Crazy? It is. Are you going to sit there and love your enemy? Yep. Are you going to sit there and love the traffic jam? (I have not been in one for going on one year) But yes you are because you gots a car and radio. And somewhere to go. Yahoo! Let’s Celebrate! My family is kind of screwing me at the moment. Yahoo and let’s celebrate I got family! If I did not have anyone to make me mad, well then? Then what.

I have two Sunday sermons in the can. One on the Pandemic and the word itself and how it does not really know how to be wrong all by itself and one about the notion of On the Road in life. They are good but they belong in the hopper. I love them, they are my own but they did not pass the muster. They lacked my passion. Hey life as a preacher man is tough. Life as a writer may be tougher and put them together and it is living – problem solving and not hell. It is a joy and a love. The darned stuff just don’t come easy. Neither does it when my son gives me a headshot as hard as he can kick a soccer ball. But it is a game I will not leave, ever.

Yahoo! And let us celebrate. I heard folks have had to join me in stay at home stuff. She drove today to go to “private communion” and shop. I think today is Sunday and the last she started her car was Wednesday. I know I went to unload a food truck on Thursday. It is on my calendar. My life stinks being stuck at home as the closest I have to essential is my own restroom. Yahoo and let us celebrate some gardening and too much opinion as to how I should do it tonight.

Whoops I spoke to quickly. Sometimes some folks would rather be angry and act on it rather than Yahoo! Let us Celebrate. Then they do funny/not so good things. It is just a fact of life. Get over it Eric and count your stuff and be happy and Yahoo! And let us Celebrate.

You Never Do Know

Just a Buffalo

I got all excited.
I got all excited. | Source

Judge Not

If the above sounds completely crazy, well then good on you. You are normal. I lost a toy once and was all bummed out. My big brother who is a tough guy just sat on the porch step and told me I should be happy that I had had it. Amen brother Brian. You do not always get to keep what you want. But you can cry sometimes and then love what you have. Or in this case had.

I lost a wife to divorce once and it killed me. The needed separation from the whole scene is what we needed. Good God I hated being away from my children. But oh boy and wow did they love the places where I was and the cards and letters coming in. I asked a friend,who lived with his children what his son’s favorite show was and he had not a clue. Through attempts and effort and correspondence I knew all of my children’s favorites though I was often a continent away. Yahoo and let us celebrate. My ex-wife and I have wonderful intelligent conversations and enjoy each other today. Yahoo and let us celebrate.

There were five industrial type chores this PM. Swing scythe some weeds, paint a rafter, wash a stove and clean some floors along with lay some pavers. Now I am all pooped out and sweaty and painty and dirty and stinky. The work was not in the “fun” category. Yahoo and let us celebrate that I have such property that needs such hard work. (oh and yes a real man does not let a lady of the house do chores that are muscle hard)

Yahoo and let us celebrate that you are reading this labor of love. It means we are getting together to love life. “Shelter in place and share the love baby”. I love my enemies no matter the betrayal. If you think about it, it was pre-ordained that Judas would betray Jesus and get him crucified. The trinity needed such to happen. Make no mistake that Peter lopped off the thugs ear so that Jesus could put it back. Black and white and day and night and enemy and friend naturally change into each other. We are not required to judge even though sometimes we must do battle. I like those against me as much as those with me.


Interesting. | Source

Even In Battle

Celebrate All of Life

A normal creative writer and even a technical one does and should rely on a muse. A muse is that part of us, or outside of us, which breaks through our resistance to creativity. Our ego and our worry about acceptance blocks us from the art we were truly meant to show off. So many think that it is the muse that creates and that is wrong. The muse is that which allows us to perform our gifts for others. Yahoo and let’s Celebrate! First other’s muse and then our own. I will bet 10 against your 1 that you have a muse, perhaps in how you do dishes or maybe how well you make a bed – or perhaps even in how you do not care and spend your time musing.

So our canvas is empty. Just nothing there yet. Do we fret? No. We celebrate a new beginning. We can start fresh and it is glorious if we put our minds to that. Now I wallow in a sort of way. If someone wanted for whatever reason to cure me they would say I was depressed. I do get that way but what pisses people off is that through years of practical attention I celebrate my depression. Hence, nothing to cure.

Depression and Celebration. Oh “depression” is just what is used here. It can be anything of such like anger or mania or addiction. Depression is used because it can be so heinous as to cause real physical pain all the way to abuse of others to suicide. Depression is so real and so destructive. But think this way; It does not disable the mind. Yahoo for that great news. So sleeping too much, not bathing, binge watching innocuous shows. No energy to even fix food to eat and not eating except that ice cream you have no good reason to have in the freezer. Let us celebrate. Hey dudes and dudettes that all means you can just mush out with a good reason. No justification and no condemnation. If you celebrate the goings on that you are stuck with. Shucks who should I mention? Abe Lincoln, Jesus, Patton, Poe, Ghandi, Mother Teresa and I could do 500 more. If you get depressed you are in their group – Yahoo!

Let us wrap this knuckleheaded sermon up. If you love life and life loves you and even if the best friend betrays you and you get all depressed there is still reason to celebrate. Love changes the nasty and the normal into a great cause to celebrate.

I love my bougainvillea and my roses. They are both beautiful and have thorns. I have thick leather gloves so I can even caress the thorns. Celebrate your thorns in life. Love them and shout yahoo that you have them to prick you.


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