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How I Changed Fearful and False Thoughts and Beliefs

Updated on May 29, 2014

Erroneous Beliefs and Revelations

Inner work is a critical component of the journey toward healing and wholeness. Without the resolve to confront and work through personal issues, I would venture to say that abundance and successful authentic living will always be just beyond reach for some and impossible for others. How can a person know themselves, love themselves, be themselves without self-examination and a determination to address past memories and experiences that may have caused error thinking in their consciousness? Without confronting the issues and learning the lessons, we are doomed to repeat patterns that we don’t understand or may not be aware of. We risk blocking the abundant life that Christ came for us to have because when we don’t face ourselves, we can’t learn our lessons, heal or forgive our hurts and move forward in freedom. However, there are ways that we can change negative and fearful thoughts and erroneous beliefs.

In my ongoing process of working through my defining moments and trust issues, I discovered that the following false beliefs had also crystallized in my consciousness:

1. What I desire is not as important as the desires of others.

2. Other people’s needs outweigh my wants.

3. My money should be spent for the needs of others before my own.

4. In order to make ends meet, I will have to compromise my heart’s desire and possibly sleep with the enemy.

5. When I don’t have sufficient income, I have to settle for what I don’t really want to experience.

6. If I don’t go along with the general consensus, it will be costly and will upset and hurt people.

In working through my defining moments and trust issues, I asked my younger self what she would like and what would make her feel better. I discovered that she would like for me to be totally satisfied and fulfilled in God and no longer seek that fulfillment outside of my godly-self. She would like me to learn how to wait right and just do it. No longer entertain or consider unequal yokings, inappropriate advances, or indecent proposals not even for a fleeting moment. She would feel better if she could trust me to do things differently than in the past. Trust that I can be true to myself, obedient to Spirit, and trusting of God in all, for all, and through all things.

Because He Lives, I can Face Tomorrow

Confession & Forgiveness

In working through my defining moments and trust issues, I needed to acknowledge and confess my childhood through adulthood fear of living life and facing the future. That fear was camouflaged and compensated for by a greater fear of the alternative – vegetating into nowhere and nothingness. Even though I pressed forward in life, I did so in great fear for the first half of my life and was never fully committed to living. I always felt that God could take me whenever He wanted to and I preferred it sooner than later because life was too hard. I was always eager to escape, inwardly running away from myself, confrontation, life.

This confession surfaced when my inner child expressed what she would like from me to feel better. She wanted me to commit to living and no longer entertain the thought of going home to glory. She wanted me to stop running, to stand in the here and now and commit to staying on this side of heaven until my work is done and God calls me home; to not be ready to go just because life is challenging. She would feel better if I truly trusted and believed that God is my Source, supply, and support and that I already have everything I need. She would feel better if from this day forth, I go forward expectant of receiving the desires of my heart because they have already been granted; God has perfected what concerns me; and has worked all things together for my good.

My younger self and I forgive each other and ourselves for the pain of the past and any poor choices of the present, submitting ourselves to God for the future. Our times are in His hands and He has given us a prosperous plan, hope and future.

Moving Forward


I commit to “Act As If!” Act like I know. Walk in it; talk in it; think in it; be in it. It = my abundance, my natural divine state. I am wealthy, I am rich, I am abundant, I am fearfully and wonderfully created so by the Divine. I commit to be determined and steadfast; and not compromise or settle anymore. I commit to walk worthy, talk worthy, and be worthy -- trustworthy. I commit to stand in the power and anointing of my Highest Most Holy Self, which is Fearless Unconditional Love of God, of myself, and of others. I commit to LIVE in the present right now moments of my life!

Thank you God, Holy Spirit, Angels, and the Fearless Unconditional Love that I am! And so it is in Jesus name. Amen.

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Be blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins


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