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Eschew the Ego Completely to Remain in Peace and Joy!

Updated on May 16, 2017

Wisdom tips!

Let go the Ego!

The word ‘Ego” conveys that it must “go”. What we gained by retaining the monster ego? But we have lost many precious things by retaining this single identity. We lost many close friends, relatives, parents and unknown entities. The Ego rises as “I” and “I am”. Actually, the capital “I” represents the inner self but we falsely identity the “I” with the perishable body which is nothing but a conglomeration of five basic elements like earth, air, water, fire and sky! The skin covering the skeleton frame work is of earth element. We know that we breathe air which contains vital oxygen for our existence. More than 60% of our body contains water. Many may wonder what the function of fire in our body is. The fire in the form of acids digests the food and maintains the body temperature at a constant level of 98.4F. Where is sky in our body? The sky is our mind, imaginations, desires like lust etc. emotions and feelings. These are subtle elements which can not be seen but felt by the mind! Many compounds and elements are found in our body composition like the calcium in teeth, skull etc. In addition, there is electricity and magnetism functioning within our body which is responsible for neural communication and aura of the individual.

Eckert Tolle said.

We identify ourselves falsely with the body!

Everyone answers when questioned ‘who are you’? They inform ‘I am Rama, I am Krishna, I am James and I am Mohammad! What this answer conveys? We merely refer the body which is identified by a label name given to us by parents or friends or preceptors or well wishers. While the body is born, no name is written on the body. During the consecration ceremony on the tenth day, each baby is named according to the customs of the particular religion and family. While naming the baby, the name is repeated thrice by parents, grand parents and close relatives! After acquiring the name and growing little by little, the baby attaches itself to its form and name. When called by name, it responds. This is the beginning of innocent ego! When the child develops attachment slowly, it cries for milk and caress by the mother and for other activities. Later the baby likes to play with toys of different colors and materials. The baby observes its parents and imbibes their habits and nature slowly. When admonished, it develops anger. This is the exhibition of ego element. The baby cries for various things. The desires are the offshoot of ego! When there is a quarrel between two ladies, they start shouting at each other! This is bigger manifestation of the ego.

Life is fun said Osho!

War is the result of clash of Egos.

Wars are fought due to clash of egos of the leaders. Hatred is the first offshoot of the ego. Which will conquer the ego? Pure selfless love alone can conquer the ego in others. Hence saints, sages, prophets and incarnations are venerated throughout the world. Their very presence induces calmness and serenity. By their mere look, they can quell the ego rising at the time. Mostly, they won’t force transformation in human mind. By their loving sermons, they will slowly transform the mindset of perverted beings. Visit a wine shop! What a clamor and hullabaloo? Go to a temple and observe the silence at the sanctum. The vibes of each place is different. Ego breeds in vile minds. Ego will threaten everyone. Those holding powerful portfolios usually flaunt their ego in public places. We believe that ego rises in important and powerful people. No even a poor individual has ego since he laments ‘ I am poor, I lack the money to provide even for the basic necessities. This is also another form of ego. Hence ego has multifarious facets. The truth is that ‘ego’ is a common element in all external interactions with the world. Heinous crimes like murders, rapes and robberies are committed by ego filled evil minded fellows. Again terrorism breeds the ego of many local leaders. It is sad that ego has not left even religious leaders and heads. In fact, lot of politics is played in many religious institutions which shadows their real aim. Nowadays many religious leaders have under media glare for some clandestine activities in their ashrams. Ego breeds cut throat competition. Big business people are targets of big ego! Ego is the cause of many divorces in the world. Materialism breeds ego which is the cause of many social ills of the world.

Wisdom of Vivekananda!

Ego can be conquered by self effacing ways.

Ego boasts, ‘I am highly educated, I am highly paid, I have palatial buildings and cars. I have many servants in my bungalow. Hence ego is like a virus which affects every individual in the world. How to conquer this monster ego? Self effacing techniques alone will destroy the ego. I am just an instrument in the hands of god. I am the servant of servants. I am here to serve the society selflessly. All are my kinsman since God is the father of all. These are all some of the ways to erase the ego. Before that we should develop detachment with worldly things and persons. Detachment and discrimination will successfully deal with the ego. In ancient times, the demons were full of ego. Hence many times god himself has to incarnate as Sri Rama and Krishna to put down the atrocities of the demons. Hence ego is not a desirable quality. Do not gloat over small achievements. Consider your achievements as a grace of god. Be humble and polite in public. Eschew ego whenever it rises its ugly head! The egoless will remain in peace and joy forever!

Ego breeds further ego!

Have you achieved anything by breeding the ego?

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