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Esoteric Christ

Updated on June 8, 2010

Mystical Teachings of Jesus

Jesus and other ideas

Since the scholars have started to research different teachings of Jesus there are so many different ideas to ponder. Was Jesus just teaching one group of people, the masses? No he had two groups. He taught his disciples and then he had to try to reach the masses. He was not a racist and never once did he tell a Jewish person that they had to follow him exclusively, nor did he tell a Roman that he should convert to Judism. There were many mystic Jewish sects and Jesus was not the mainstream Jew of the time. These teachings are from the Apocryphal Acts of John. This quote below is called the 'Round Dance'. It is what happened before Jesus was turned over to the Romans. It is strange mysterious and controversial. You might have to study this for quite some time to understand the meaning fully. Jesus had all the disciples make a circle around him and he was in the middle. They were to repeat after him as he said these words in unison.

"I would be saved, and I would save....amen
I would be loosed, and I would loose amen
I would be wounded, and I would wound amen
I would be born and I would bear amen
I would hear and I would be heard amen
Grace dances. I would pipe. Dance you all. ......
Who dances not, knows not what is coming to pass
I would be united and I would unite
a lamp am I to thee that beholdest me
A mirror am I to thee that I preceivest me
A door am I to thee that knockest at me
A way am I to thee, a wayfarer.
now answer to my dancing. Behold thyself in me who speak , and seeing what I do, keep silence about my mysteries. Thou that dancest, perceive what I do, for thine
is this passion of the manhood, which I am about to suffer...

This happened only with his disciples and he knew what was going to happen to him, almost as if it was part of the process. I don't think it was the process of being sacrificed for the rest of the human race because he was god's only son, but because he was an initiate of the highest mysteries known to man. The anointment, the rising of the body of Lazarus, and death were all part of his ultimate enlightenment.

Joseph Campbell has an interesting perspective on the mysteries and rituals mankind has put into practice over time. The Sacrifice is not a new paradigm. It might have been perfected by the Catholic Church and necessary for mankind to move its consciousness level up a couple of vibrations but it is not the only sacrifice that has happened throughout time and different cultures. He does not say that there is only one door, he does not demand that all people must go through that one door. I think if he was the son of God he would of said directly you must do this, this and this. The Romans killed him, but he was not dumb, he knew what he was walking into and it was on purpose. Not because God demanded it. God would never set up a system where someone had to die so others could be saved. This is a payment- market - Old Testament Idea- remember the old Testament and the New Testament should never be put together-they are two different perceptions of what god is. I could go on and on, but I think that serves the point for this one.

"Magical" beliefs and acts, one then must recognize, are but foreground manifestations (improperly interpreted) of that mystical experience of unity in multiplicity which has inspired, to one degree or another, all the mythological and mystical philosophies of mankind. The sheerly rational ( in Nietzsche's sense "Socratic") point of view of the nineteenth-century scientist...holds at a critical distance not only the magical but also the metaphysical experience and thus, for all its learning, consistently under interprets the material of which it treats. Likewise, and for the same reason, congregations meditating for an hour a week, each family in its proper pew, on the mystery of the Crucified and his Sacrament of the Altar, may under experience and consequently under interprets the communion meal associated with their mythology." (Joseph Campbell, Pg 52 Historical Atlas of the World Mythology Vol.II, The Way of the Seeded Earth Part 1: The Sacrifice.)

What Campbell is essentially saying is that their is a lot of mystical and metaphysical teachings and experiences out there. The western Christian world is only studying one book and not doing or not understanding the true mystical experience that happened or could happen. Since we are so rational we think and in our head we remain, never going the distance to experience the mystery of Christ or anything else. The western Christian in general is missing the mystical experience and or mystery that Jesus was helping us understand. If you sit and pray on mysteries, then probably you will be knocking on the door and Jesus will welcome you in. But just saying some formality, empty words without serious devotion or practice then you are not knocking on the door.   I am sure their is some higher realm of thinking/being/experience, because I was in some sort of zone one time after practicing my sport for years.  I was on the court and I was alone, it was me and it wasn't me, I went to a higher level of experiencing myself.  I won the match and I was the closest to god that I have ever been.  This happened when I was 14.  I was in the best physical shape, my mind was open.  Some might say this is not the same as Francis of Assisi praying day in and day out and having some mystical experience and wisdom.  Maybe not but it is my proof of something higher. 

Research other teachings. Christ was a radical man and many people and cultures learned from him and wrote about him. You are only cheating him and yourself by limiting your idea of what he was teaching. Just because there are other teachings does not demote him in any way. He may have been the highest human potential so far. ( I think there are a couple of others)


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    • Kori Lee F.P. profile image

      Kori Lee F.P. 8 years ago from Northern Arizona

      The truth is subjective according to ones experience. If your experience is simple then so be it. If you only need a simple explanation of the universe and how it works then so be it. Some of us, like Joseph Campbell, who is a great scholar of all humanity, look at all aspects and expereince of humanity. Campbell is not a God hater and was quite intuitive about metaphysical things. If intelligence, reason and experience are too much to handle then do not pursue these avenues. If you want to belittle Jesus then you have the right to do so. If he was the actual son of god, he was teaching here on Earth and if he chose disciples it was because he needed some people to understand the nature of the universe. You had to have disciples to be able to promote the word of God, and you don't just tell them stories for a couple of days and send them out into the masses, they needed to learn something. For 180 years all teachings were written, talked about and followed, then ambitious Popes wanted to design one religion to promote one idea. This particular idea and men behind it was not in the name of the true Christ, it was in the name of powerful men. Thus we have the most bloodiest, racist history to be proud of. The Bible written by men is drenched in blood, not light. We are arguing right now because of the limited, distorted view of men. The truth so far is that more people hate each other because they read the Bible than people love each other.

    • profile image

      Blake Hunter 8 years ago

      Good essay that tells The Truth:

      Folks like Joseph Campbell, who was heavily influenced by the God-hater Nietzsche, do not profess Truth, because they do not posses Truth. We must be careful where we go to try and discover Truth. The Gnostic Gospels, Apocryphal writings, and apostate denominations are three more arenas in which people are mislead. These all put forth interesting, tantalizing philosophies and idolistic rituals but still lies. The Truth is much more simple...and beautiful.

    • profile image

      Blake Hunter 8 years ago

      I'll just take Jesus at His word and believe He is who He said He is: The Son of God given for mankind's sins. Sounds like you aren't seeing the forest for the trees.