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Esoteric Compatibility Astrology: MODE of Cosmic Therapy Mate Cake

Updated on October 31, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology Compatibility

Ship Mates
Ship Mates | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology: Finding What works.

If as the old song declares, “Loves makes the world go round”; then, no doubt, compatibility is a big thing! Big enough to make the world spend more than 469.5 million dollars a year (Wikipedia) with various matchmaking services moving upwards to the tripling mark last year, alone. And, because human beings are naturally social creatures we certainly are geared toward finding a mate. Finding a mate, however, is not the key phrase, here. [Finding the ‘right’ mate is.]

Compatibility {able to exist, live, or work together without conflict} according to Webster, does not adequately define the parameters of true compatibility. Sharing the same bed gratifyingly takes awesome precedence! Experiencing genuine involuntary physical chemistry {as the number one requirement for sexual intimacy to occur and remain thriving and invigorating} dominates the other requirements in a gratifying union! Where does this sensually elicited thrilling energy come from? The patterned configuration of clustered stars, where else?

Because everything organic and inorganic, (people, places, events, weather, plants, animals, air, food, water, universes, galaxies, etc.) are intricately connected, nothing is exempt. We are made of incalculably indestructible elements, minerals, nutrients, and gases; all fused cosmic particles (star dust) which never die but simply change form, and because we are we so sublimely constructed, we are affected, influenced and subjected to the inner combinations of these ultrasonic mixtures.

In other words, we are subconsciously (celestially) generated by various innate patterns of interacting combinations of stellar activity. Not unlike the variant combinations of patterns existing in the heavens on the precise moment of the hour we were born. These fixed starry blueprints contain a cosmic coded DNA antenna of sorts which precludes us to gravitate toward others who have similar interacting coded patterns that make for workable chemical relationships combinations.

It matters not whether one agrees, supports, disagrees, denies or rebukes the premise of astrological compatibility; as in the case of the patterned cosmic formula of (H 2 O) which combines to form water. MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Compatibility Astrology works on these exact principles of galactic recognition. By adhering to the certain properties of delegated comparable patterns in relationships, certain useable, workable and practical formations can be wrought.

Where human involvements are concerned, physical pleasure {sexual} holds a key place in motivation. That’s why it’s referred to as ‘chemistry between the two.’ Simply stated (without going into the complicated physics’ mechanics of how and why polar opposites attract) Unity is obtained by and through the [initial] seeking pleasure avoiding pain theory. Regarding various astrological configurations, opposites can be a significant attracting instrument, as can squares, conjunctions, triunes and quincunx patterns also assign transmitting frequencies of magnetism to locate compatible mates.

“Around the mulberry bush we go, to say so much and not to know”. Even with the best available cosmic tools put to use, one must investigate, research, study and apply the interacting patterns of compatibility once the esoteric knowledge has been gained. Each one has the responsibility and opportunity to delve into the assorted interlocking patterns concerning the two potential mates, in addition to discovering unrevealed personality aspects. Everyone knows the one who has the knowledge has the power. It is written in ancient texts: “…Above all else get thee wisdom…”

Further insight into the esoteric astrological compatibility of two individuals can instill illuminating data that will open untold avenues of sacred sensual sexual artistic creative expression to tap into and apply. Successful, lasting, gratifying, evolving Relationships demand constant work, attention and interest. Unless the two are sincerely excited, eager and involved in evolving through various issues of latent unconscious restrictive material, most likely the relationship will stagnate, disintegrate and finally decompose.

In life, there are no quick fixes. In the music business, there’s a running joke regarding being number 1 with a bullet. (No such thing!) Like dedicated musicians, we have to continually work at our crafts (relationships). It begins with obtaining essential knowledge.

The most fundamental craft one could ever devote himself/herself to is the committed study of delving into why people are attracted to certain people. What motivates, inspires, generates and causes people to do what they do. Even more so, what makes them desire one over another and why others who seem ‘perfect for each other’ break apart without explanation or recourse. Esoteric Astrological Compatibility is one genuine way of offering such valuable insight.

Practical, relative, informative, enlightening, pertinent, and sensually sustaining workable methods of satisfying results will be demonstrated if studied and applied. Relationships are inconsistent creatures at best. Any information that can be gained to offset contradictory messages in various involvements warrants further investigation.

The intricately (often confusing contrary) difficult subject of astrology can be of great benefit should the individual be prepared to apply diligent practice. Like learning an instrument, it requires hours of continual study for proper understanding. But, what subject in life is worth more of one’s time, effort and dedicated application than that of discovering why some relationships work and others don’t? {IF it’s meant to be: why, how, when, where with whom?}

It’s especially helpful in those occasions where we end in precarious situations wondering, “Why on earth am I involved with this person? Will it last? Or on the other side of the ‘not so blissful union’, can I ever leave? What am I supposed to learn?” And what about those unexamined, unexplained, indefinable inescapable unavoidable romantic liaisons of inexplicable relationships that are fated but not necessarily socially accepted? These answers and more can be revealed in an astrological compatibility chart. Needless to say, the resolutions will not arrive instantaneously.

However, taken one step at a time, the querent is able to follow along the path of the relationships from the very beginning (whether at a novice, intermediate, or expert level) with the most astounding relatable available supplied esoteric information. Within the first page of serious study, a change in consciousness occurs. A certain sacred appreciation for the importance of connecting with the ‘right’ mate will show itself immediately.

In order to prepare a delicious cake, (it’s really a magical process) one must gather together the ‘right’ ingredients, fill the properly oiled pans with the appropriately mixed batter, and then apply the correct amount of heat for a certain amount of time. Without either one of these vital steps, the cake will be ruined. So too are relationships ‘established and maintained’, in the same scientific creative magical manner with diligence and patience.

With all of the readily easily accessible esoteric astrological information available on the internet, there’s no excuse for at least looking into the matter. What do you have to lose except for mind and heart emotional turbulence, physical dissatisfaction and a nagging unrelenting stirring inside nudging you to look into unexplored areas of possible uncharacteristic guidance? Not only that, it’s fun, entertaining and surprisingly accurate!


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    • profile image

      Shirley Pisa 

      8 years ago

      We all experience the sweetness of being in love, even once, in our lifetime. Those who refused to taste its bitter sweet allure would be destined to live wondering the lingering emotions that goes with this strange

    • msorensson profile image


      8 years ago

      Indeed, what has one got to lose?

      Thank you Paula, as always your advise is poised and timed perfectly and summed up here :

      "In order to prepare a delicious cake, (it’s really a magical process) one must gather together the ‘right’ ingredients, fill the properly oiled pans with the appropriately mixed batter, and then apply the correct amount of heat for a certain amount of time. Without either one of these vital steps, the cake will be ruined. So too are relationships ‘established and maintained’, in the same scientific creative magical manner with diligence and patience."


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