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Ettiquettes of Reading Quran

Updated on December 6, 2016

The Living Miracle

Many miracles have been witnessed, performed and recorded in human history. A miracle is anything beyond human comprehension and realm of explanation. All miracles happened in the past were time bound; - the Noah's Ark, the first ark to be made by humans, is the oldest miracle to be ever recorded in human civilization. Similarly the ten commandments received by Moses, his power granted by Allah to split the sea, convert a stick into a snake, etc. were the marvelous miracles conferred on him. Jesus had the power to wake people from the dead,heal the sick by touch and being alive on the cross in spite of being crucified.

In the same fashion, the last prophet of mankind, prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had also been given miracles like the previous messengers. These included splitting of the moon - the sign demanded by the disbelievers of Makkah who had asked for a miracle to be performed in order to know the truth of Islam. His miracles also included journey to the seven heavens, where he was given a tour of heaven and hell and what awaits human beings after death. But last messenger of Islam has been given a third miracle which has stood the test of time for more than 1400 years. And this miracle is what we call 'The Quran'.

1400 years back, a book was revealed that has solution for peace and solution to every problem of humanity, and the path to get close to Allah and achieve salvation by paradise. It had such a tremendous impact that the revelation of just an ayah (verse) made people accept Quran and Islam as the way of life. Scientific discoveries in the later part of human civilization has proved innumerable times the accuracy of facts preserved in the Quran, much before humans ever learned to read and write on a large scale.

Fragrance of Musk

The Quran is such a blessing that the month in which it was revealed is regarded as the blessed month, the Ummah on which it was revealed is called the blessed Ummah and the angel Gabriel who transported the words of Allah to the Prophet, is called the blessed angel.

With such immense blessings, the importance of reading the Quran cannot be suppressed nor overwhelmed. The angels of mercy surround the person who opens the book in order to gain knowledge and benefit from it for his soul.

Advising the people to recite the Holy Quran, the Prophet[S.A.W] also said, "The man who has studied the Quran and recites it daily is like a basket full of musk whose sweet smell is making the whole atmosphere fragrant. And the man who has studied the Quran but does not recite it is like a bottle full of musk whose mouth has been sealed with a stopper." (Tirmidhi)

In order to benefit from this immense blessing both for this world and the hereafter, there needs to be a code of conduct to be followed so that one avoids the pitfalls of the Satan, for he is capable of misleading the Muslims even through the verses of the Quran. For these reasons, following are the points to ponder and follow before embarking on the beautiful journey of the Quran.


Etiquette of Reading Quran

Following are the guidelines which need to be taken as a pre-requisite to realize the full potential of the message of the Quran at an intellectual level; although the full meaning cannot be grasped at one go, because every verse provides a new angle of thought and nourishes our intellect. Reading Quran is also a form of a discipline; so few pointers when followed will help to derive maximum satisfaction.

  1. Observe silence. Ensure the atmosphere where you intend to start your relationship with the Quran is not distracted by unnecessary noises which can dilute your attention. Also, when reciting the chapters and verses make sure that your noise do not disturb others.
  2. Listen carefully. Listen to all the words, pronunciations, meanings and texts of the verses. Quran cannot be learned without listening. Let the words of the Quran reach your ears and have a greater impact on the heart and mind. Do not be among those people who hear and disobey. "...........Take what we have given you with determination and listen. They instead said 'We hear and disobey.' And their hearts absorbed the calf because of their disbelief.Say "how wretched is that which your faith enjoins upon you,if you should be believers."(2:93)
  3. Repeat, say and express. Whenever you complete a particular section or verse, take some time out and reflect upon its meaning. Try and relate that what you learned into your life and how you can improve it to get closer to Allah. Convey the message of the Quran to your friends, family and those deprived of the message. If they listen and obey, you will be rewarded manifold, and if not, you will still get the reward for conveying the message, In sha Allah.
  4. Write it out. Quran is like an entrusted gift which we will have to give account after death. Study it like a free course on salvation; an exam which has the questions as well as the answers. Even after providing the answers, we are not able to implement it in our lives, it will be only our total loss to which we will not be able to provide any justification.
  5. Prevent Satan from creating hindrances. At every step, Satan will try and make you away from studying the Quran. He will put forth various excuses in front of you, making other worldly things more important and more relevant to you. These excuses can include:
    • I will have to follow and act once I get to know the Quran, so better be ignorant and follow our own lifestyle.
    • I will have to do hijab and cut off ties from many men and acquaintances.
    • Everyone will start judging us once we become students of the Quran.
    • We will be questioned more after death, its better to not know anything.
    • Relatives will stay away from us.
    • Children will not get good spouse if we follow too much of the Quranic teachings; and on and on and on.

    These excuses are irrelevant and will make you entangled in worldly affairs. While this life is only a test for the hereafter for the true follower of Islam.


Everything has an alternative except the Quran. Take it seriously because it will be a light for you in this world and the next. This Quran is better this world and all that it contains.

Let me end the article with the prayer of Hazrat Umar (RA), the third caliph of Islam.

"Allah! Whatever my tongue recites from Thy book, grant me the favor to reflect upon it. Allah! Bestow upon me the understanding of it. Vouchsafe me the knowledge of its meaning and spirit, and the vision to see its niceties. Grant me the favor to act according to its instructions as long as I live. Your being, without doubt, is Omnipotent."


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