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Even now I believe

Updated on October 27, 2011

Even now I believe

"my pic of that beautiful sunset won't upload"

*****I Believe*****

That there is not one possible way in which a human being that is wise enough to know and understand his presence here, which has already been announced and celebrated in grand style and fashion by the parents, was created and designed specifically for the divine purpose, which we all as individuals, have at one time or another felt, and have already experienced, sometime during the early stages of our lives. Remember that one time you thought sincerely of God .We have also recognized and instinctively knew, he existed, because it was at that very same time, we were introduced to our conscience, the truth that lies within every human.

I challenge everyone to go witness and experience a sunset or sunrise in it’s natural and undisturbed beauty, then sincerely tell yourself what you truly feel each and every time you look at it, from that truthful and conscious place within yourself.

I would not quote the scriptures, because I do believe that the scriptures are here, both as guide line and a reminder. It was or should have already been introduced, and will most definitely be discovered by each and every human being during his lifetime.

Though I was introduced to the church, “the establishment” at a very early age, if my memory serves correct, and I trust that it does. I remember my experience, and that of most of my peers, to have been quite noticeably, short lived, and that’s to the very sincerest of my memory.

The practice of being blessed and baptized was one handed down through time, changed and rearranged by the likes of those who ruled, and was based on their belief or lack thereof at that time. Not one during my early years grew up being reminded of that experience, it simply was a pastime, what we did grow to know was that the Most High God was anything but,and he demands respect.

That was the seriousness which resonated.

The truth, as I have come to recognize and accept, sits deep within every single one of the Most High God’s living creation. In humans it’s simply waiting to be stimulated, discovered and allowed to lead each and every individual, regardless of age or physical condition.

Of course it’s easier to bend the branches of a tree while it’s young, but everything in life has its purpose, we must find the reason.

For it’s in us, and it’s not waiting for our approval, just for our conviction, which comes with belief.

The youngest child is always the most difficult to train, especially in our new and modern world today.

Why is this so?

I’ll tell you why, and it’s should be easily recognized as I do: Kids that have not as yet learned to speak the inherited language from their parents are instinctly following their own survival mechanism that’s built in.

Where could that even remotely come from? The answer: It could only have been placed there by that same mighty creative, all powerful and wise hands of Most High God himself.

It is quite obvious that since the choice to reproduce, is designed to be one of our own free will, we are also signing up, contracting for that which will become our collected duty and obligation, both mother and farther.

That is to provide all the necessary prerequisites for that child’s infant stages, to at least to a stage where he can fend for himself, and as we observe, these will ranges differently and even drastically between the cultures.

But every man got a right to decide his own destiny, because with the Most High God, there are no excuses and most definitely no partiality.

I believe that as we grow, based on what our parents have been successful in instilling in us, their children, Is of the utmost importance and greatly helps in the transition those children need to make going into the reality and knowledge, that is their life.

The ability to take a stand for something, becomes urgent in the lives of children at a very early stage, it is during that make or break period.

The one that usually hits like a ton of bricks, slamming you from all sides, leaving you confused and in a state of shock,yet still you are expected, by everything and everyone good, to draw strength from somewhere, during all this commotion and come out victorious.

This I believe to be children’s own individual bouts with spiritual wickedness in high places. But like I said in the beginning, in the early stages of a child’s life, he is in the care of the Most High God and that of his parent’s belief, that the time was correct for them to sew their seeds. They were both convicted that they were ready to share that which you they have come to appreciate and love. Kids are of the Most High God, so sharing of that which produces kids, which is life, that beautiful gift that was freely given to them and us all, by the Most High God, through your own parents.

By giving yourself the opportunity to be used as the vehicle through which new life will flow, you are actually celebrating your own life, by listening to that call only you alone can hear at that time. That’s why kids are consensual and everything, but a mistake.

It is a universal understanding that the family will be the branches and leaves that keeps the foundation which is the roots firm, balanced and growing.

Of course they are going to be obstacles along the way, but by divine knowledge, your parental teachings and supervision, a way, will always be devised.

I was amazed while watching a documentary featuring this specie of fish, which has devised a vast array of survival techniques. They were nothing short of magnificent and I believe that knowledge, which have led scientist to acknowledge that fish are intelligent, stopping short of saying that they can think.

Again I say that could only have come from the glorious un- ending infinite knowledge of the Most High God and his Omni “Everything” those uncompared abilities during creation.

Nor would my pic of that brooding fish

I believe that we are all here for a specific purpose, and from our individual age of accountability, until we eventually find it, that purpose. Whether it’s too late or in time, rest assured that we will know. We will again be reminded we have had the choice and made our own decision.

Every man that you see is you, in another man’s body, we can either have passion or feel the compassion that’s built in, but he is the closest he can get to you or you to him, without even saying one word. Yet we are all expected to know and do the “Correct” thing.

Here is an observation, why I say we are expected to do the “Correct” thing, rather than the “Right” thing, is because will be a thing of Truth and Mercy.

Truth is infinite and final, it cannot change or be changed. The Most High God is Truth, he is infinite and cannot change.

He said that he is merciful and he is, we are the proof.

If we are expected to do the Right thing, even as we attempt, we would also be aware that it could only be an effort. Then the results, success or failure, and then the consequences. But if we are expected to do the “Correct” thing, we would also be aware that God is a merciful, understanding and forgiving God, and through our own free will and conscience, we are expected to be as human as any or all of those great characters in and out of the Bible that have lived and learned the ways of the Most High God.

I Believe that we were created perfect, but through the Devil and his power, we have been dealt a substantial blow in that Garden of Eden.

Let he that believe say that he have come to know that the first man would have to be our brother, and had we been in his stead, would have done same if not worst , based on the state of affairs in that Union of marriage in our world today. So we are every man in a different man’s body. Gone are the days when the effects of a man’s sneeze in Afghanistan is not felt and inhaled throughout the entire world, even beyond.

As we grow along one can only expect that we would be learning from our mistakes, as we are expected to. Failure will be our decision, rather than the results occurring after just a single effort trying to get it right.

One can only do the Right thing once, while he can do the Correct thing, every time, being the now imperfect being that man has become.

As I can now skim through the annals of my mind and draw from this picture I see, of my Mother teaching me this poem as a youngster, she said:

“Standing at the foot boy gazing at the sky, how can you get up boy if you never try, though you stumble off boy, never be down-cast, try and try again boy you will succeed someday.”

Yes Mother I believe!

Neither did the sunrise , but in the words of one of my favorites



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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks again Frank it's beautiful to know that you can share something that another can enjoy and the only cost is time of which the Most High God gave us an unlimited supply.

      Thanks for the follow I do appreciate you coming and reading as I too enjoy your work.

      Till we write again .


    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      Everything under the sun is life... and your hub generates emotions yeah I love this hub :)

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      I thank you heavensbound5511 and thanks for reading as our lives move forward I am quite sure that that eagerness to share will be even more predominant.

      I am so proud of folks like yourself, who have gotten to that state of steadfastness in their lives, those like yourself who have accepted the challenge, and can see no better life..

      For theirs should be the music with the loudest sound

      And like you they will all be heavenbound!

      Give Thanks and Praises every time.

    • heavenbound5511 profile image

      heavenbound5511 6 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      Nice page. Parents should truly teach there children truth and instill the moral values and conviction to honor God with there lives. Doing this insures a child's success in life- because if we depend on, trust and honor God all will go well with us, our children and we will enter into the promises and protection that God gives those that call and trust in Him.

      It is evident that the vast amount of parents no longer make it a priority to honor God or teach, train and lead in living a life to the glory and praise of God.

      It is grievous to our God that his creation has forsaken him- But because of Jesus his mercy endures and all that call on God and believe in Him and his Son will be saved as God has promised.

      We have not been left alone here without hope- Jesus Christ made a way for all of mankind to have hope, salvation, redemption, and restoration from the sins that has shown a lack of respect of God- forgetting/ignoring that God loves us and wants to have a relationship with him.

      Thanks for sharing!

      God bless you Sky!