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Are We Living at the Eleventh Hour?

Updated on March 7, 2022
Nadine May profile image

Nadine’s research for her futuristic novel series about discovering the truth or lies, has led her to insights she shares in her articles.

The 11th hour
The 11th hour | Source

Are We Going to be the ‘Change’ We Want to Aspire To?

The Eleventh Hour is apparently a TV story that I’ve not seen, but this hub article is written from a different point of view. My novel characters are implying that we are living at the last possible moments on Planet Earth (Just before the last hour of the day, 12 midnight) metaphorically speaking. Today the term implies that people are asking for or ready to accept changes even at the last minute.

It's now March 2022 and we are in the middle of a war, and the Coronavirus is now rarely mentioned anymore.

Orphanage of Souls

Often I find that writing a hub through my novel characters Richard de Jong and Toon Haardens my perspective changes. As if I can view our so-called reality from a bystander's point of view. Even better, let's start with my non-physical guide POWAH

Awakening to our Ascension series.


What Can We Expect in the Next 10 years?

From POWAH's perspective, he sees an increase in the intensity of hurricanes and sees them arising in times when they do not traditionally occur.

"We can expect that in the coming years there will be a strong focus on injustices in the world on the political policies that are wrong." (It's now a year later and what I write a year ago is definitely come to pass)

"Many ordinary people will be questioning their leaders and their leaders’ decisions. Why? People are waking up! They are questioning whatever has been predicted by so-called experts."

(Today more and more people stop believing what they read on the internet.)

"More than half of the world’s major forests will be lost if global temperatures rise by an average of 3°C or more by the end of the century. Some of your scientists even predict that extreme floods, forest fires and droughts will become more common over the next 200 years, as global temperatures rise to owing to climate change, and how the world’s plants would be affected over the next few hundred years."

(Extreme floods, we had those!)

"You are the custodians of this planet, and so you must look after your planet in a way that most of us 'extraterrestrials' expect an invited guest to look after our home."

Does it Help to Worry About Our Future?

"During one of my lectures in Amsterdam, somebody asked me that question."

"My answer to that was a big NO. That does not mean that we as humans must just continue to live and totally ignore climate predictions that could bring us fires, floods and famine. We can no longer just continue to do what we do when we are in that creative moment and not think of creative solutions, (unless we are already in our truth.) Look at the video I have included in my article. It will please all of you who would love to be off the grid! It's incredibly good news!

"Why is this not already mass-produced? We of the Jaarsma Clan kept asking."

"Annelies said that many people are not in their truth. Not yet. Instead, they go into denial - what is called; business as usual, but thank goodness not all of our readers are in that state!"

"Hans told us that the dark cabal already senses defeat, but they will press on with their agenda as directed by the Illuminati. There is clearly a lot at stake for them because once they lose their hold upon us all there will be no way back. What is also clear to me is that many servants of the dark are having second thoughts about the work they are being asked to carry out. Once there is a reluctance to obey orders, it will only be a short time before a complete break-up takes place."

Thanks for reading my post.


Orphanage of Souls


We Came Into this Dimension to Experience Duality.

"The consciousness of humanity is growing rapidly according to POWAH, and these higher energy frequencies cannot just be swept away. His is a simple message: that is to stay on course and do not be put off by anything else that happens."

(A good reminder I say)

"I recall the words POWAH implanted to me during one of my plane flights as a pilot."

<Humanity has many times scaled the depths, but the Light has always remained. It cannot in fact be removed or destroyed and will always rise up again.

<Never mind about recriminations, these are unnecessary as you came into this dimension to experience duality. So leave your worries and instead sit in your garden more often, or go to the beach more often, or sail on the river more often, or walk in your nearest park more often and admire the miracles that are all around you. That is all you need to do.>

"Telepathically POWAH added."

<Give praise to the elemental kingdom who know a lot more what to do to keep your planet out of harm’s way.>

"I agree, It's not our planet that is at risk, is humanity, we are the custodians that must wake up from our dream. Let us not wait until the eleventh hour!"
Regards Toon

If you want to read more on this topic, ( Predictions for the years ahead) visit my blog at the end of time.

The world is as real as you make it
The world is as real as you make it | Source

Are We Truly Running Out Of Time?

Whatever our own personal views are about global warming, pro or con, or the various predictions that are published on the internet, we have to realize that the lifestyles that we have all become accustomed to having to change; that time is running out. This does not have to mean the end of our civilization. Predictions from the past about our future never described in detail that the world is coming to an end. (I’m omitting religious predictions.)

The authors of those predictions had no idea about the fact that this third-dimensional world is actually an illusion. Not in the sense of our physical realities, but from a bigger perspective, it is. It's this larger perspective that includes concepts like the hologram reality theories, written about in my novel: Orphanage of Souls

Due to earlier printing options ( being 700 pages), this book was divided into two novels, but the book trailer is still relevant.

Richard's journal

Are We Physical Beings or Spiritual Beings?

Or....are we all characters in the human play titled Program Earth?

"I've been contemplating that both are correct. I'm alive in the mind of my 'creator', and I feel alive in my individual sense-world of form. (I’m a character in a novel, how real is that?)

"In Annelies' workbook Our Body Codes of Light - to be published in 2023- it describes how we as spiritual beings follow the creative idea - that as human beings we must evolve towards an awakening to our Supermind or higher mind, while we are in a physical body. Our physical body is ALL spiritual! There is nothing around us that is not spiritual. Nature, our houses, cars, people, what we use on a daily basis, everything that we attracted into our reality is Spiritual! We are co-creators of this physical reality, but in order to bypass the physical illusions our five bodily senses project as being real, we need to awaken our Soul wisdom or our higher beingness, subconscious, whatever you call the real you. We call this Spiritual Evolution.

"We must awaken to our Spiritual Knowledge — and this knowledge is hidden within our Life Force, the essence of Spirit.

"As Toon says, worrying about our "End of Times" does not help anyone. Grow your own vegetables, do not drive if you can walk, look for ways to get off the grid! there are so many ways each person can make a difference.

"My topic is more about my remote viewing abilities, and that our physical senses do not define us as a limiting person that has chosen to experience a human experience. We are after all spiritual beings and in Spirit, we are all one. The very word Spirit is Consciousness!

Thanks for reading my Hub!"

Richard de Jong


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