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Every Baby That Will Be Murdered Through Abortion During Obama's Presidency Is On The Christians, Including Blacks....

Updated on June 10, 2015

Every Baby That Will Be Murdered Through Abortion During Obama's Presidency Is On The Christians, Including Blacks Who Voted For Him!

I will write about the issue of Abortion ad nauseam because it is the most heinous of act human beings can do and are doing. To that end, were you to ask Christians, including Black Christians, who voted for President Obama twice, if King Herod, who murdered the thousands of two-year-olds in our Bible, were responsible, even though King Herod himself did not thrust through any of the children with the sword, the answer would be a resounding yes. Yet, we have rewarded President Obama with two terms knowing that he believes that we have the right to murder children, even in their ninth month. More disturbing is the fact that many traditional Christian churches allow politicians, who have codified laws to permit baby-murders, to come up on our sacred pulpits and conveniently quote convenient, apt scriptures and campaign for their continuation in elected office to write laws that are anathema to the principles of Christ Jesus.

Do we think that those of us who voted for President Obama and the wickedness that he is perpetrating from the White House is not on us Black Christians who voted for him? There is nothing new under the sun according to King Solomon because the past is prologue; case in historical, Biblical point, it was King David who took a census that vexed God... where the latter told him to chose among three punishments for disobeying the Lord. Now, 70,000 innocents Israelites died for King David's taking of the Census, yet we do not believe that anything is going to happen to us when we vote, with knowledge afore hand, unlike the Israelis under king David, for politicians and a President Obama who vote to murder babies via Abortions, among other affronts to the Gospel of Christ Jesus? I am going to drive home the point by saying that David only took a Census and 70,000 innocents souls died - what do you think is going to happen to us or is happening or will be happening to us when we deliberately vote for politicians who make laws to sanction and justify the killing babies?

You may ask why the import because we have been killing babies - estimated 50 million so far - for a long time? It is of import e are Christians who supposedly know the teachings of Christ Jesus, yet we put said teachings aside because President Obama is Black or we sell our souls for what Democrats can offer us. Now we are told that in the Book of Revelation that Satan will appear as an angel of light and doling out wonders... President Obama has not done any such wonders, only that he is Black and we Christians have watched this man spiritually mash up the church. In that same blasphemous vein, President Obama has designated a month for the Gays and the LGTB community and most of the Black Christian preachers on Face-book and other social outlets are not going to have anything to say because they do not want to lose their popularity (earthy fame) due to the salient fact that racial pride is now more important than what the Word of God says on any given moral issue.

President Obama has almost two years left and only the Lord knows what havoc we are going to let him wreak on the Body-of-Christ. Knowing what we know about our first Black President already, we are still going to say in the future that he was a good President. There are times the Lord let us get what we want just like how the Biblical Israelis gave the Lord for King Saul, and, likewise, we have let President become high priest in our churches, whereby he changes Christ' doctrines. I fervently pray for our first Black President because his punishment from the Almighty God will be legendary... I only hope that said punishment for President Obama comes in this life where he could repent, instead of the next life where there is no repentance from the grave and the dire consequences are suffered forever.


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