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Everything Aquarius

Updated on December 1, 2014
Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a man who was an Aquarius
Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a man who was an Aquarius

The Basics:

Ruling Planets: Uranus and Saturn

House/Placement: 11th

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Affinity: Yang

Key Trait(s): Quirkiness, Originality

The Good

Hmm, let's see...where do I start with Aquarius?

You know that person who always gives those weird ideas that usually work? Yep, that's Aquarius.

Aquarius's in and of themselves are extremely enigmatic people. It's because of this enigma that they are wonderous innovators and inventors.

An Aquarius's resourcefulness should never be underestimated.

In Japan, there are people regarded as the Three Major Daimyo, Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Ieyasu Tokugawa.

These three are remembered as such because of their efforts to bring the curtain down on the Sengoku Period.

In Japan, there is this riddle/saying (whatever) that they use to easily identify the three of them. They have a bird that won't sing, and so each of the three are asked what they would do with the bird.

Nobunaga said, "Kill it."

Hideyoshi said, "Coax it."

Ieyasu said, "Wait for it."

What Hideyoshi said is very much like an Aquarius because it shows that he was a very resourceful man when he was alive, and Aquarius's are very, very resourceful.

Give an Aquarius a shoe box, some scrap metal, and string, and they'll make a robot out of it. Give them any idea, and they'll create a million possibilities out of it.

Aquarius's are the innovators of the zodiac. If something is broken, they'll not only fix it, but they will think of a million ways to make it better when it was still functional.

Even when something isn't broken, they'll still try to change it.

This sign is all about change, they're all about improvement, improvisation, inventing, etc., etc.

Aquarius's tend to be rebels for the sake of it. They are nonconformists at heart and even when they've been proven wrong, they'll still do things the way they want to do it.

However, unlike Taurus and maybe Sagittarius, just to name a couple, they will not try to force their opinions, ideas, or beliefs on you. They know that not everyone thinks similarly as them, and they don't have the time nor will they go to the trouble of forcing what they think on people either.

Icy asf

Aquarius's are on the lookout for pure, unadulterated wisdom. Aquarius is not one to let their own personal feelings, interest, etc. get in the way of making a cool, calm decision or forming an objective opinion about something without any bias.

To be blunt or put things in perspective, Aquarius is above emotions.

Aquarius's are generally very detached from their own emotions because they know if they let their own personal feelings get in the way, it will cloud their better judgement.

They are driven by intellect and the mind, not emotion and the heart.

This doesn't mean that they aren't capable of handling an intimate relationship; I mean, they are, but the person on the other end might always feel that Aquarius is too detached.

This might lead Aquarius to ask themselves, "Why?" too much.

And that's because they feel like something is missing, or they're doing something wrong. It might be because they do not have a firm grasp of their own identity or something like that. Unlike Scorpio and Capricorn, it can take a while for Aquarius to realize who they are and what they want.

They may not feel special and may go out of their way to impress people, but eventually, they'll realize it was for naught, because they know they're special.

The Good (con.)

Aquarius is all about eccentric intelligence.

They have a very curveballish way of thinking and are very stubborn about doing it their way.

An Aquarius is not likely to judge others or get into a pissing contest with someone over, "Who's stronger?" or "Who's cuter?" or something like that.

They are above such superficial parlor games and will usually not judge people. In their eyes, we are all human and everyone is entitled to whatever they want to think/do.

It's not their place to judge others.

An Aquarius is also very witty. They learn how to interact with others first by observing them and then putting it into practice.

They are masters of manipulating the mind and can make someone believe in whatever they want them to.

The Bad

Aquarius can sometimes be very unpredictable. This can be confusing and a bit annoying because you never know where their true feelings lie, if you feel me.

They can also be very unrealistic as well. They may get a school project, and then, on the day its due, will try to finish it before they go to school.


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