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Evil Growing Faster Than Ever - The End Of Life As We Know It Is Upon Us

Updated on June 18, 2015

The World Is Under Attack Daily And Nobody Seems To Notice

Hello. I'm not here to monetize a hub and make money. I'm not here to boast of my exceptional knowledge about anything. I'm not here to impress you with book learned theology.

I'm simply here to share my thoughts on the world as we know it. Very few seem to be doing anything to slow the demise of society, very few even recognize the evil that is taking place daily, and very few are thinking logically as these evil events occur more rapidly than ever.

There is only one conclusion I can make. Evil has taken over the process of decision making at every level of society and those governing us. Society's lust for power, egomania, lust for money, lust for control of fellow mankind, and every other form of evil you can list have, as a compilation of evil, gained control. The various evils both small and large have started to form, like jigsaw puzzle pieces, into the big picture that nobody seems to be looking at. It's as though society is being blinded to the big picture by a force much larger than mankind..

Those of us who try their best to live a life of good, doing good for others, treating others as we'd like to be treated, loving others and the nature on earth, and attempt to be righteous in the eyes of our omnipresent God are losing the battle.

There seem to be seven segments of people now adays:

1. Those doing evil on a regular basis right under our noses,

2 Those who think evil and talk about it to others but don't actually act,

3. Those thinking and planning evil, but don't seem to be, then they act with violence almost without stimulus,

4. Those doing good and work at it,

5. Those who think about doing good and talk about it but never act, They convince themselves that thinking good is enough.

6. Those thinking good but do nothing yet a strong stimulus might goad them into action,

7. Those who don't care one way or the other, stay to themselves, and die quietly without getting involved in good or bad.

It is my conclusion that Types 1, 2, and 3 are growing in number rapidly and the stimulus behind it is evil incarnate that has been with us all along but has an agenda. I believe that the agenda is to overthrow freedom and well-being for all by keeping the confusion and blindness in place and create a worldwide dictatorship ruled by those who are so evil they individually will make Hitler's actions seem minimal.

What Is Evil?

I don't subscribe to the theory that evil is controlled by an evil entity such as Satan or a Devil. I don't subscribe to the theory that there are evil creatures that do evil. For that matter I don't subscribe to biblical texts because they have been overwhelmingly proven by leading archaeological theologians to be mostly fiction written 80 to 450 years after Christ and the crucifixion. Do I believe in Jesus, what he taught, that He returned to God after his death, and God? Yes. So I'm a Christian but not a mainstream Christian believing the hoax that the Roman Universal Church started and sustains still today. All Protestant churches are off-shoots of the Roman church so they are wallowing in the mire of hoax and deception as well. Jesus did not teach of hell, Satan, burning in misery for eternity, or any of the confusion being taught today. It was all added 80 to 450 years later by fiction writers and Dante's comedy which was incorporated into the Roman teachings. Enough about that. That's a whole different book's worth of material that doesn't pertain to this.

It is my view that evil is a continually growing network of interacting bad deeds and thoughts that foster more bad deeds and thoughts which allows it to have a genesis type growth. One bad seed of an evil deed or thought will always create more bad seeds of evil which then sprout as hybrids of the preceding evils which seems to be brand new evils that came from somewhere but they are actually continuations and variations of evils before them.

Everything on this earth and in the man-made world we live in, grows. A plant grows, it creates flowers or fruits which have pollen and seeds. It then reproduces and new flowers and fruits are the result, sometimes with variations to become stronger or in some other way different - such as the color. So one seed turns into, let's say 10 seeds, then let's say 100 seeds, and 1,000 seeds, and 10,000 seeds, etc.. Unless the crop is eliminated those plants and their reproduction would run unstopped into the millions.

A good deed or thought can develop into 10 good deeds and thoughts, and into 100, and into 1,000, and 10,000 and on and on. Good deeds and thoughts that do good for the earth and mankind are in competition with bad deeds and thoughts which tear the earth and us down.

Bad and good typically remain balanced. Good lives within the evil and the balance means evil happens but good counters it and the balance typically remains unless evil begins to win over good and social collapse happens. Example, the Roman Empire. Another example, Egypt. After the total collapse, the society starts again and remains a balance of good and evil until evil takes domination and social collapse is the result again. Mankind never learns and social collapse is always the result, over and over. Unfortunately good deeds and thoughts inherently are vulnerable to evil and unless evil is kept in check, the society suffers badly until collapse occurs.

Yes, going out to the homeless to give them blankets on a freezing night in the big city is a good deed with good intentions, but mixed in with it is a store supplying the blankets to the good deed doer at a profit. They are eager to boost the number of good deed doers who buy blankets from them and boost their bottom line during the winter season. Greed is an evil. If sales grow, the store will look for wholesale sources of cheaper blankets so they can boost profit and not tell the good deed people that the blanket doesn't keep the user as warm as the old ones and that it will deteriorate when wet more easily. Harming others while striving in greed is evil. The store advertises they are the source of blankets for the good Samaritans so the store can boost it's reputation citywide as the place to go for blankets and increase their sales and profits further. Ego while practicing greed is also evil. So the good deed is followed by a string of evil plans, thoughts, and deeds to profit more from good deeds being done.

A better scenario would be if the supplier of blankets gave hundreds of blankets to those distributing them for FREE, took a loss on them, used it as a charitable donation on taxes the next Spring, and the press would have reported on the good deeds of those going out to the street with blankets AND the store supplying them for free. The store's sales of everything would grow far more during the year as a reward from good because they did good.

But that's not the way it works. Large charitable worldwide organizations are found paying their CEO and COO $600,000 a year or more. Large charitable worldwide organizations are found using 90% of incoming money for "internal expenses" and using 10% on those who need help. Churches spend $1 Million a year to pay staff salaries, mortgages, taxes, and on and on while people attending barely have enough groceries to make it to Sunday. Pastors strive for power, better positions that pay more in bigger churches, to move up the ladder into denominational oversight positions, and stomp on each other with lies and rumors while climbing the ladder.

Even good atomic energy was invented to draw energy out of atoms to create power plants and have virtually free electricity. Within a few years the U.S. government dropped atomic bombs on Japan and killed hundreds of thousands. It's my understand that the man who split the atom for good purposes spent the rest of his life in misery because he created what was used to murder innocent people and cause the most lethal threat to all of mankind that had ever been known.

God is the source of all knowledge, the source of life, and the source of every detail of everything that mankind takes credit for creating. Mankind creates nothing. Mankind assembles what God already created in various ways and the new assembly is God's creations being used in a new formation that man takes credit for. When those formations are used to create man-made ideas and actions that oppose the loving manner that God wants us to live our lives in, the newly formed objects, ideas, and actions are new seeds of evil that then create 10 new seeds of evil, 100 new seeds of evil, thousands of new seeds of evil, and on and on. For example, now we have Iran wanting atomic bombs to wipe out Israel and the U.S. if they could get them to come over here this far. They lie and deceive while pretending to want nuclear power but everybody knows it's a lie. Meanwhile we negotiate with them to stop working on bomb technology while they are working on bomb technology but saying they aren't.

How many times do you hear "If it was me I'd send a big nuke over to Iran and make a crater in the sand where Iran used to be and wipe out all those damned towel heads." Not only is it a statement of ignorance that there are perfectly wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful, kind, loving people there who are living lives that are meant to benefit mankind and the earth. Yes, there are evil terrorists and madmen bent on destroying anyone who isn't Muslim but you don't destroy millions of innocents to wipe out 100,000 evil madmen. This is simply a seed of evil that has tainted the thought processes of a typically good-natured person, and created a desire to do evil for purposes of supposedly eliminating a terrorist evil. It's evil to think of murdering millions to stop evil. It is not evil to think of sending troops and bombs in to kill the evil ones to save the innocents from the evil ones.

I could go on for hours giving examples of evil thoughts that are typically mindless and illogical. How can a Jewish doctor set their mind that a fetus is not a human until it is born and comes out of the woman's body while x-rays show that child with hands, feet, a thumping heart, actions, movements, smiles, eyeballs, fully developed and just waiting for the 9 month gestation period to be over and nature tells the female body to expell the child? Many children who are prematurely born live full and normal lives. Doctors know this. How can that doctor split that baby's head open with a sort of knife/axe and shove scissors into it's brain to kill it? If the head is out of the womb, the baby could feasible be looking at them with eyes open as they do this most evil action upon a human that could be done - murder. And what is the illogical and evil-infested thought patterns of a mother who goes into a medical facility to allow this to be done or falls on her stomach repeatedly to make the baby miscarriage?

Evil is simply the force that influences an individual or group because of a giant constantly-growing worldwide network of evil thoughts and deeds that infiltrates the thinking of a human and causes that human to do evil and justify their actions to themselves. After the evil action they try to convince others that they were justified and most of us look at them as insane. But they weren't necessarily insane when they did the evil deed and had the evil thoughts. They were simply influenced by the evil that is all around and took an evil course of action because of it. Charlie Manson said it well, "Look at me. I am what you made me into." meaning that he and his actions were the result of our world's evil that convinced him to become what he became and do what they did..

Evil numbs people to violence with TV shows, movies, murder video games, and allowing oneself to think of what would be the result of the evil action instead of what the consequences would be. They care about only the result of the evil instead of worrying about the consequences to themselves. They also think of how they might escape the consequences. They also think about how there may not be any consequences at all because the evil-influenced governmental agencies and courts of our lands don't punish evil actions like in the past and sometimes even let the evil doers go free with little or no punishment.

Evil numbs the thinking of even some who think they are doing good but aren't. President Obama refuses to send 30,000 or 40,000 troops into Iraq and Syria as I write this because he would displease pacifists who supported him during his elections and they would cry out to keep the troops home. Yes, 5,000 troops were killed during the Iraqi invasion during the Bush Administrations but 500,000 died in Vietnam. Pacifists humiliated the U.S. and caused us to lose that war too. Yes, those 5,000 lost in Iran are important and a tragedy

But what world leader who has the power to stop ISIS can logically think they are doing the right thing by letting 100's of thousands of Iraqi and Syrian innocents be murdered at the hands of terrorists? The terrorists put out videos of beheadings of hundreds of innocents, foreigners working their for the good of the public, Americans, and others. Our leader of the largest military power in the world watches these videos and turns his back. Because a bunch of panty-waist Liberal pacifists like John Kerry don't want to re-involve us in a military action, 100's of thousands of good innocent men, women, and children are losing their lives monthly at the hand of EVIL. As the U.S. pretends to be GOOD and sends relief efforts over there so the people don't go hungry as they run for their lives, we are actually doing evil, our leader is influenced to not get in evil's way of doing more evil, and he is letting murder take place on TV as we ignore it. Our military leaders are chomping at the bit to send the right equipment, the right planes, the right SCUD missiles, the right manpower, and wipe out EVIL but our leader allows the evil, ignores the evil, and lets the evil grow unabated as he and his cabinet pretend to be doing good. Evil allowing evil to grow while trying to make it look like good is being done.

There are consequences of helping this evil grow. It's taking place already. ISIS sympathizers are all over the place in the U.S. and they are set to kill police, FBI, CIA, and any other authoritative figure indiscriminately and they're already starting. Evil is spreading itself via the Internet into the U.S. We don't even stop defectors who went to fight in ISIS from coming back to the U.S. where they can kill us directly too. Our government agencies from bottom to top are blinded to the evil walking right past them, out of our airports, over our borders, from incoming ships, etc. and into their midst at military bases and even on the street so that evil can infiltrate and violate good. Those who see it happening every day are constantly amazed that they aren't allowed to stop evil when they are faced with it.

Evil is here. Evil is growing within our societies. Evil is infiltrating more and more minds with thoughts of taking evil actions. Nobody is stopping it. Churches sit by idling talking about "God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son" repeatedly while our world crumbles around us. They teach that Christians will be persecuted in the end times and they are already being persecuted in other countries but needlessly if the U.S. is truly a Christian nation governed by God-fearing leaders. But we have those in power who don't take action. We have those who talk about taking action but don't. Government officials take action for their own personal gain and political success ignore foreign evil because they think distance will keep it at bay. Meanwhile it is infiltrating our land and officials are illogically passing laws to help it become much worse instead of blocking it out.

A Part of Me Died Along With 6 People In South Carolina

The shooting in a South Carolina black church yesterday is a prime example of the network of evil that I'm discussing. This kid grew up surrounded with evil. Evil thoughts helped make him depressed. Evil infiltration from those around him, maybe bullies at school, maybe his parents, the Internet for sure, and many more sources worked as a network to infiltrate his thinking, ideas, plan formulations, and everything illogical that went through his mind. His father bought an obvious imbalanced kid a .45ACP semi-automatic handgun just two months earlier. That was an evil-influenced decision as well. The evil-directed sequence of events had begun. His father may not be evil but evil influenced that buying decision. The kid became devoid of good. He became sociopathic so he no longer thought of the consequences of his actions and thoughts. The death of other humans meant nothing to him. Even being surrounded for an hour in the biblical, God-fearing, presence of a minister and a group of others having a Bible-study could no longer affect his thinking. His mind was stuck on "black people destroying the U.S." and evil festered in him and built into a raging flame of totally illogical thinking and acting like a puppet as evil influence pulled the strings and caused him to pull out the gun and shoot 9 innocent people as he explained why. Not just any single demon but the evil influence of a network of sources of evil. Afterward, when the evil deed was done because of the infiltration of the evil network of thoughts that guided his actions, he recognized what he did was wrong or he wouldn't have fled and driven over 250 miles to another state to escape.

The kid who shot up the Batman movie theater wasn't an idiot. He built up to the point of taking action and evil influence turned him into a sociopath and a killer. The guy who killed a dozen Amish school children after he had been their milk delivery man for years. The Sandy Hook killer who murdered 1st grader children. All of them had evil thoughts from various sources festering in them and finally took evil action as a result of the network of evil pounding them into it.

Yes, today the death of six innocent black people in South Carolina killed part of me too. My hope for the future for me and my family has declined even further. If you can't be safe from evil in a church full of hundreds of people praying to God, what's next? My hope for my 4 year old son having a safe life to live out his years and become what he is meant to become has dwindled and I fear for him every minute. He started pre-Kindergarten this week. I observe every adult going into his building during drop off and pickup times in fear for his safety - I even try to check out the demeanor of the male staff members as they go in. I look at the height of the fence around the property that's supposed to keep evil outside of it and our innocent children in their unlocked school room.

I carry a concealed .45ACP under my shirt when we leave the house to shop, get some milk, or get gas after dusk. Recently there have been full daylight bank and gas station robberies in our area. I might have to start carrying in the daytime too. At least four armed robberies a month take place in our small city located outside of a large city. My wife and son are not going to become the victims of evil without me putting up a fight to save them. I'll die for them if need be.

I have my .45 available for when somebody is trying to kick or chop down our steel front door because that happens once or twice a month in the area too. Would it be evil for me to kill them before they kill us? No. Murdering us is different than me killing them. Look that up to learn why. Self-protection from evil is not evil. SCUD missiles and drones killing all of the ISIS evil so the remainders of the evil disperse and are dismantled is protection of self in this country and the innocent in those countries. They are pleading and begging to Alla for us to help them. Obama does nothing.. Killing that young evil bastard who murdered church goers in the South Carolina church is not evil. It's justice and needs no justification to put him in a firing squad lineup on TV to show others who are evil what the consequences of evil can be. Give me the opportunity and I'll take action for the benefit of good in our world. I'll drive there and shoot him between the eyes myself and not even blink.

I'm not evil. I just feel it's time for all of us to take action against evil and squelch it's growth while regaining the balance of good and evil for the benefit of all mankind. It's time for those who murder to get the death penalty with no reprieve. It's time for terrorists to go meet their 70 virgins en mass. It's time for those who commit treason to be jailed for life without parole - maybe even solitary and no outside contact. It's time for government officials who commit crimes while in office to go to jail for the rest of their lives. It's time to show the evil network that it is shrinking at the hands of good and that we're taking back what evil has cleverly taken from us through subtle evil thoughts and actions. If not, there won't be a speck of good left in this world pretty soon and life as we know it will cease to exist as all of the world falls to dictatorship and the evil forces that put the dictators in their leadership roles for the benefit of that very network of evil.

Evil killed a part of my soul today in South Carolina. I mourn soulfully for those I don't even know. Evil killed a part of my soul when the Amish school girls were killed. I mourned for their little lives that were snuffed out by evil and my heart cried when I heard about how an older sister asked the murderer by name (because they all knew him as the nice milk man) to let her little sister live and kill her instead. He killed both of them and all the others. Evil killed a part of my soul when a 5 year old black boy was killed while playing innocently on the floor in his living room and a stray bullet went in the house from outdoor drug-related gunfire in the large city near me. They haven't been caught. There has been no justice. Evil kills a little part of me in small pieces. How long can I survive having pieces of my soul killed off until there is no more?

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  • profile image


    3 years ago from U.S.A.

    First of all the evils you mentioned both in news and your own personal life brought me to tears. I am aware of the ugliness that the majority clings to and feel deeply saddened by it. I can see where the other poster is coming from because these never before seen atrocities like school shootings, families murdering each other etc. show an unusual intensity of apathy toward some who are deemed most protected typically. In a time where peace is pushed and proclaimed more than ever through the U.N. or even programming that allows a universal language through the internet. I can see a difference to this time period as opposed to any other. We have flown to the moon; we have recreated an entire sheep out of DNA. How much further do you honestly believe God will allow us to go with all the evil and technological advancements we already have. They say that by the year 2017 technology will double in advancement every 78 days. What do you think the potential technology will be with it advancing that quickly? Anyway, just some thoughts for you to ponder and some empathy to share with you. I truly hope the best for you and your family. May God protect you and yours in these difficult times.

  • MarcoMarks profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago from Fort Myers, Florida

    The only place we disagree is your "I don't think it's any worse now than it's ever been." I've been around for over 6 decades so I've seen the decay caused by evil in this country first hand.

    In the 1940s it was appalling that someone would get caught with marijuana or using it and got national publicity if it was a celebrity. It got front page exposure in the newspaper if it was local. Today marijuana isn't mentioned at all unless it's a bust where the police find a truckload and confiscate it. Today PCP labs are found and busted and cocaine dealers are taken off the streets virtually daily in every metropolitan city. Isn't that worse today than the 1950s? I rarely heard of people making drugs in their bathtubs to sell in 2000 but now in 2015 it's on the news here in my city almost every month that another one is found and the cookers are busted. Isn't that worse in just 15 years?

    An armed robbery was once every few months in 2010 and there were 5 here during the last month. Isn't that worse today than just 5 years ago?

    We heard of terrorists overseas such as in Afghanistan and Iraq 10 years ago. Just this week several American terrorists have been shot and killed in the U.S. who are ISIS sympathizers wanting to kill Americans from within our country and ISIS is promoting more than ever on the Internet that sympathizers should take action to slaughter the Infidels in this country now. We've never had that before and terrorists were in the other countries trying to get in here to kill the Infidels but we could keep most of them out or find the ones who got in. Now perfectly normal young people, both men and women, are suddenly turning into sociopathic killers within our midst. Isn't that worse evil now than ever before?

    Evil isn't just the big events we see on TV like bombings, school kid murders, movie theater slaughters, etc. In the 1950s and 1960s if a girl got pregnant while still in school she quit school in shame and stayed home to have the baby and raise it without a husband or the guy felt it was his responsibility to be the father and husband. Now girls have babies at their prom and throw them in the trash. Girls have babies to get federal support so they can get their own apartment and an income. Teens have competitions to see which one can get pregnant first. Isn't that considerably more evil than just 40 years ago?

    When in the history of the U.S. did you ever hear of several seriously horrible school shootings within one year? Only within the last five years. Never before. Isn't that more evil than ever before in history?

    Airplanes crash and that's awful. But when in history have you heard of a co-pilot intentionally locking the pilot out and speeding the plane up to full speed and crashing it into a mountain because he personally was depressed? In the past, the depressed pilot would have shot himself at home not take hundreds of innocent people out with him. Isn't that more evil than anything ever in the history of aviation? A military shooting down a commercial airliner is one thing but a pilot killing hundreds instead of just himself is a different thing entirely. Suicide is one's prerogative that hurts mostly one person but suicide while killing hundreds of innocent people you don't even know is sociopathic and far more evil.

    Yes, evil is nothing new, I agree. But I have never in my life until the last 15 years seen such sociopathic horrible atrocities happening at such a rapid rate, one after another.

    A question for you: Where did you get the idea that we've been in the end times since His ascension? Jesus didn't say that before the crucifixion nor when he returned to the disciples. As a matter of fact there is a lot of debate among theologians as to whether we're even in the end times now or the end times are yet to come because the signs and wonders you listed have been going on throughout history - a lot in the Old Testament before Jesus was born in fact. So that would mean that all biblical history since the beginning, and long before Jesus, would also be part of the end times. Man is always at war. Famines happen when weather doesn't work out well for crops, such as in Egypt during the Old Testament. Earthquakes have been happening since the beginning of the Earth. There's more to the end times than that.

    I would say that the End Times includes a rapid acceleration of evil in the world to the point that the good and righteous trying to please God in every way they can must leave the cities and run for the mountains to stay away from the evil that becomes unlivable and too dangerous to be near. Wouldn't that be what I'm talking about here?

    Thanks for writing!

  • serenityjmiller profile image

    Serenity Miller 

    3 years ago from Brookings, SD

    Interesting perspective. I'm not sure I agree with your view that these "events occur more rapidly than ever" nowadays, however. Jesus told the disciples that wars, famines, and earthquakes would be signs of the end times, and we've been in the end times since His ascension. And human atrocities have been pretty much par for the course in the human condition all along. Today we have beheadings; two thousand years ago we had crucifixions. Maybe we hear about evil in the world more often now, but evil in the world is nothing new, and I don't think it's any worse now than it's ever been. Just my two cents. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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