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How to Deal with Evil Spirits in Your House

Updated on January 2, 2015
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Houses Can Tell Stories

Have you ever been in someone's home that is peaceful and serene. You feel so comfortable that you could easily lie down and sleep. Some houses I have been in emit happiness and comfort., they are a joy to be in.Others seem to tell a story, and not a pretty one.

Some houses that I have entered tell a story of grief, sadness and despair. You can feel the negative energy in the house. The air seems thick with oppression. Your body may even react to these negative energies. The nervous system can only handle so much, then it manifests in different ways, shaking, trembling and even crying. If you stay in this kind of atmosphere long enough you will soon begin to feel the same emotions that you felt when you entered.

When Strife Exists in the Home

When there is a lot of strife and tenseness in the house, it is not surprising to see dark shadows from the corner of your eyes moving in your peripheral vision. I once saw a spirit appear in front of the television when I was over my sister's house. There were strife issues that had erupted earlier in the house so I was not surprised to see it appear.

If people could only see the spirits around them in their homes, they would be surprised to know what they have been entertaining. The more the strife, anger, and negative energies floating in the home the more spirits that are present.

Angelic Presence in Your Home

In a home that is calm, peaceful and serene it is wonderful to glimpse an angel, or suddenly feel God's presence. If the house is a praying home the presence of the Holy Spirit can be found, especially when anointed gospel music is played.

Anointed Music Sends Evil Spirits Fleeing

In the Bible David played on his harp to soothe the homicidal tendencies of King Saul. The only time the king got relief from tormenting spirits was when David played on his harp. The anointed music sent the evil spirits away.

If you are plagued by evil spirits in your house, the bible teaches us to take authority over them and to cast them from our presence. If you are a born again Christian, then you have the right to drive them from your home. Before you do it is imperative that you know why they are there. If you carry on with the same strife, anger and keep on entertaining despair then you are inviting these same spirits back. Know your enemy, and then you will know how to fight him, by using the weapons of our warfare which God has given to us to use in His name.

Drive Out the Enemy

So when you see spirits in your home, it is time to go into battle so put on the whole armor of God, and stand fast to fight the enemy. As the Children of Israel drove out the enemy from the land God told them to go and possess, we must drive out the enemy from our houses.

How to Get Rid of Evil Spirits


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