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Examination of explainations 101

Updated on May 14, 2010

If you only knew...


Who am I to try to explain the wonders of the mind and universe? Sometimes posing some intelligent questions will give our brain provoking thoughts and a clearer answer to the unknown or at least a broadened escape of where our minds will roam.

There has been deaf and mute persons able to play Mozart and Beethoven ! Note for note in the the same keys and tempo..... There are incredible stories of healing, psychic powers and spirits here today.

The universe, starting in our own backyard....mountains become the sea.....layers upon layers of existence of things unlike today. Space full of gaseous effects and other planets hardly explored.

Then their is our government....telling you to trust them....who are they?? We the people?? I think not! Personally I feel our govrnment is a handful of selected well to do families. The Vanderbilts, the Von Huesens and about 5 or six more we all will reconize in our near future. The owners of the Federal Reserve..per sa?? The older generation of the free manifested into the Illuminati.

We own our mind...that is about all at this point. We still have the right to our opinion if it is not tainted by television and the government approved and regulated shows and news we recieve. Our E.P.A. is running test near by me....and I went on the property...only to be escorted out.....There were even signs that wildlife was not to be permitted on the site. As if they can read!!! I went on the website right after seeing the trees were dying there and there was a smell I can not explain. I was banned after my first visit to the site! However it was an emissions lab...and I can only imagine what was being tested where wild life and trees were obviously not welcome. There were new apartments next door.... they were government housing with section 8..(un advertised as such) ..and I actually lived there for a few months. I had to burn green tea candles to counteract the chemical smell within the home!

I am a tough cookie and some would like to crumble. I have an inquiring mind and yes...hell yes!! I wanna know! My inquiry has gotten me into a few rough places but I know what I know. If one can't look at its surroundings and find crazy questions....well one can't expect to understand the universe and the captivating things held within and out!

I know that everything is on a cellular level, all has its own source of energy.....what you can't see can hurt you...ex. mold, virus and theives in the nite.

Gravity is what we expect...without thinking much about it....oxygen as well.......pollen, dustmites, and many microscopic organisms. Now we dare be as bold to question our existence? Well we are here as many before us and we have to entertain the thought of other intelligent life.....but ofcourse...... and now I can say " Trust Me" there are many stll here to let me know they were here and still are......and I feel their energy speak, to touch and have much to tell. To see the spirits trying so hard to be seen and security alarm ( that is not activated) going off.....others in my home seeing ghost and witnessing bizarre does raise questions

All in all I know what i feel...literally....and those that know me understand I am of rational mind. I am a firm believer in God...our creator.......that he gave us Jesus to set the example of love, honor, compassion and died for our sins, and came back on the 3rd a spirit.

I could spend much time telling my stories of the paranaormal activity that me and my girls witness and few of my guest.....but many may be skeptical too........ I would be as well........ many times I try to explain things away with a logical reason for what I have seen So if you don't know me to trust that I am honest and with sound may have a hard time believing.

However With all the random topics I briefly spoke of, I will soon be writing more about personal experiences with the paranormal and the people that were involved besides myself. Names will be changed to protect from I urge everyone to write about an account that could not be explained away ........It can be fun to share stories and helpful as well.


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