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Exorcising Ghosts and Spirits

Updated on September 9, 2017

Stories about having been accosted by ghosts and troubled by spirits are often hair-raising. Mostly one hears of such stories and sensational accounts in villages or undeveloped area where ignorance is high. Sleazy and sensational magazines and television further promotes such unfounded and scientifically incorrect notions. Taking advantage of situation, the greedy Tantriks or Ojhas fool ignorant people with promise of ridding them of evil curse of ghosts and spirits. Away from education, with little or no access to information and seeped in centuries of traditional customs and superstitions, innocent people are prime targets.

The possession syndrome is much talked hype in many areas. One often hears of young girls/boys and even married women being possessed by spirits. Under the influence of spirits, it is said they start be having in a peculair manner. However, modern science has defined all these demonic possession and witchcraft. It is an outcome of problems at home. Instead of looking at problems, people in ignorance, turn to Tantriks and Ojhas who are always ready to oblige. These people then perform several rituals.
They called their rituals as miracles. They perform simple tricks that can be performed by children. Now let us see how he does it. The Coconut used by Tantrik, has already a small pieces of sodium metal in its fibre. The moment water is dropped , it reacts with sodium thus causing fire. To create a red colored solution inside the coconut, they first makes a small hole in one of the 'eyes' of coconut and takes out coconut water in a bowl. He then dissolves granules of potassium permaganate in coconut water, which turn red. This red liquid is poured back into the coconut through the hole, which is then sealed with wax. When the tantrik breaks the coconut, it is this red solution that comes out giving impression of blood.

Killing a ghost can also be carried out after imprisoning it inside a lemon. But before this tantrik puts a great act of running throughout the house after an imaginary ghost. In doing so, he rummages through almirahs and cupboards observing all belongings of house. Finally, he announces he has caught the ghost, asks for a lemon and imprisons ghost inside it. The tantrik then takes out his knife and cuts the lemon. Blood oozes out off lemon, which tantrik claims is of spirit. The trick lies in simple fact- although the lemon was provided by family, the knife was his. The knife had been coated with a little amount of methyl orange which turns on red into contact with citric acid as the lemon is cut.

There is another way of doing this trick. Ferric chloride can be injected into lemon before hand with help of a syringe and knife is coated with sodium sulphocyanide.

A reaction between ferric chloride and sodium sulphocyanide produces a red color.
Well! Really a ghost buster. Isn't it?


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