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Experiences of Connected Consciousness: #1 The Beginning

Updated on November 19, 2017
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Jody has had a lifetime of somewhat unusual, terrifying, and bizarre experiences that have all given her a very open view of existence.

Let me start by saying that I’m not here to change anyone’s mind or beliefs. I’m just sharing my experiences and really don’t care if anyone believes them or not. This is part of my story and my path, others may have similar experiences or they may not. My purpose is to share information and knowledge so that those who are having similar experiences know they aren’t alone.

What’s Happening?

When I first started having these experiences, I didn’t know what they were. Those first ones were chalked up as being nightmares because they were terrifying to that roughly 3 year old me. They didn’t make sense as nightmares because I wasn’t exposed to anything that could have created such vivid dreams, especially with the depth of knowledge that was contained within the environment and in my “self” in the dream. There are just some things that a 3 year old isn’t going to know how to do, you’ll understand this more as I relay the experience to you. It took me years to realize I was connecting with another's consciousness and why.

The Terror Behind Me

The first experience was filled with terror of a sort I’ve never experienced before or since. I “came to” in the dream as I was running terrified through an old stone church, the kind that were common in Medieval times, being chased by something that I knew would kill me as soon as it caught me. I opened a big wooden door with metal bands on it and ran into the graveyard. As I was running past the huge headstones, some with crosses and some without, there were bats flying overhead and fog winding through the headstones. I could feel that terrifying Thing behind me getting closer and closer. Just before it caught me I started to look back as I could hear its breath right behind me and I woke up screaming in terror.

What Didn’t Make Sense

At 3 years old I had never been to or seen a graveyard like that. I also knew where I was in the dream, but it wasn’t something I knew in my waking life. There was no correlation in my life and no connecting memories as would be expected if it was a memory. There was just knowing, but not knowing. I never saw what it was in the dream that was chasing me, but the me in the dream knew what it was. I didn’t see the rest of the church, but I knew that is what I was running through.

The Second and Third...Dinosaurs

These two happened shortly after the first one, although I don’t remember now exactly how long the space was, and they happened back-to-back. Like the first one I was in the middle of the event when I became aware of what was going on, but I also “knew” what had happened that lead up to that point. There was fear with this one too, but nothing like the first one. I was hurrying the people I was with into a trailer house as the ground was shaking. As soon as everyone was in I closed and locked the door. We all grabbed something to hold onto as the house was picked up and shook. The door popped open and there was this gigantic yellow-green eye with a slitted pupil staring in at us. It was bigger than the doorway. I knew it was a dinosaur. The eye disappeared and was replaced by teeth as it was shook again. A girl with long dark hair lost her grip on what she was holding onto and started sliding toward that giant mouth. I pushed off what I was holding onto to push her out of the way so she didn’t go out the door and was hoping I’d be able to get the door closed without being knocked out of it. As I was sliding toward the door myself, the house was dropped and there was an ear shattering roar and stomping and shaking as the dinosaur went after something else. Knowing that it wasn’t safe there anymore we crawled out of a window once the shaking had died down. The first vehicle we saw was crushed, but there was another one that was on it’s side but seemed undamaged. We hurried to it and got it flipped onto its tires and managed to get it started. That’s where it ended and the next part started with us being in the Jeep holding on as it bounced across the rough ground going across a plain of yellow-gold grasses. I was driving as fast as it would go. I knew we had to get to a specific location before the night predators came out or we would be dead. As we were practically flying across the plain, we almost drove into a red lake but managed to swerve in time and drove along it. Then I was watching them from above and could see that the “lake” was in the shape of a dinosaur’s footprint and knew that it was filled with blood, not water. I woke up hoping that they made it to safety but still feeling their fear.

What’s Wrong Again…

Again there were discrepancies that at the time didn’t seem odd to me at all, but then I was also more focused on the fear at that time. As a small child, how would I know how to drive? And in the dream I was also an adult, not a child, but it didn’t occur to me that I should be anything other than as I was. If it were just a dream I should have been the age I was when I dreamt it, or younger, not older. And again I knew where I was going to as I was driving, but I didn’t know anything about that place at the same time.

Have you ever had "dreams" that were so vivid you felt like it was really happening?

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It Wasn’t ME

Through other experience as I got older, I realized that it wasn’t me that had been going through those experiences. I was just sharing someone else’s experience with them. A pretty sucky thing for a 3 year old to have to do, but obviously there was a reason. It took more experiences to realize what that reason was though. I was there as support for them because they were living an experience that I had already lived. That may sound grandiose and presumptuous, but when the realization popped into my mind I could feel the resonance of truth.

I Wasn’t Impressed

When I realized this truth and thought back to all of the experiences like these that I’d had over the years, especially those first ones, I was thoroughly unimpressed. They could have found someone else besides that 3 year old me to do that job. I eventually just chalked it up to 1) the spirits can be royal jerks, 2) my soul has been through so many messed up things that they knew it wouldn’t do irreparable damage, 3) maybe I’d crossed some “higher up” before starting this life and they decided to get revenge in a way they wouldn’t get in trouble for. In the end it really doesn’t matter. It’s over and done with and it reinforced that soul deep knowledge that this physical world is just a tiny part of what is out there and just because someone says something is impossible or doesn’t exist, that doesn’t mean it’s true.

© 2017 Jody Cope


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