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Exploring the Prophetic and Spontaneous Worship of the Lord - Part 2 of 6

Updated on June 19, 2013
Invitation of the Bride - digital art by Ted Larson
Invitation of the Bride - digital art by Ted Larson

Visiting or Staying

Let us begin Part 2 of this series by deciding whether we want to visit God or stay with God.

What is the difference between visiting and staying? Simply put the one who visits does not enjoy the same benefits as the one who stays. The one who visits receives time with Him which is glorious and wonderful but the one who stays receives a far deeper intimate day to day relationship which in turn causes you to become all that He has called you to be for Him. Simply put it is the difference between being engaged and being married.

I hear some of you asking how do you get to this place of staying in His Presence if you are busy?

By ensuring that the first thing you do before you enter into your day is acknowledge that without Him you are unable to get through your day. That no matter how busy you are that you are not so busy that you cannot find a spare moment or hour (or day or week) to give Him. Receive this day as being a day set apart where just as oxygen is vital for you to breathe so is the time spent with Him vital for your life to become all that He wants it to become for His glory.

How precious you are to Him, He loves it when you catch His eye. When you cause Him to stand up and take notice that you have walked into His room. How wonderful it is to lay down in His presence and breathe Him in. The Holy Spirit draws your heart away from the distractions of this earth and carries you into His realm. He then sits you on Jesus' knee and leaves you there to hear His heartbeat for you. In that heartbeat you hear His plan for that day. In that heartbeat you hear His plan for that week, that month, that year.

It is there in His presence where you receive your future and your hope (Jeremiah 29:11).

It is there in His heartbeat that you receive revelation on how much He has in store for you ( 1 Corinthians 2:9).

If only you could find a few moments in your busy day, this is all it requires. Out of those few moments you will catch a glimpse of His great love for you and His even greater yearning for you to go deeper in Him.


Lovesick for His Presence

What does it require for a marriage to be all that it is meant to be?

A marriage that is full of love and romance and dedication to one another. This kind of marriage is a picture of your walk with Jesus. He is your Bridegroom and you are His Bride. In Song of songs 8:5 He calls you from out of the wilderness, where you have been so weak that you have to lean on Him, and carries you into His bedchamber. That cannot occur without you first taking time out of your busy schedule.

If in your own marriage you did not take the time to cultivate and cherish it do you honestly think that it would last? Do you think that the flame which, perhaps only a few months or years ago, was burning so passionately would still be burning? Only if it is lovingly and patiently watched over so that it will not be extinguished by the winds of busyness.

So must it be if you want to grow closer to Him and receive all the precious benefits of a Bride ravished by the Bridegroom. So must it be to truly understand how to worship Him prophetically and spontaneously in Spirit and in Truth. The time you are able to set apart is one of your greatest keys.

Someone once said that LOVE is spelt T I M E.

If time is something that you find you don't have much of, then I challenge you to search your heart and ask Him to free you up from DOING so that you can spend time BEING with Him. I believe that the small time you begin with will cause you to be so thirsty and so hungry that this time will grow and become the most important part of your day. I believe you will also find that after you stay in His Presence and get on with your day that it will be filled with rivers of living water upon which will flow answers to the hardest of tasks. You will find yourself in a place where the mundane things will suddenly become easier to deal with and you will actually find yourself enjoying the things you thought were of little importance. What is of even more value is that the love that you are filled up with will overfow and spill onto the people that you spend time with or even bump into at the office or supermarket. They, in turn will become jealous of this love and want to know where they can find a love like yours.

Why does this occur?

Because you will be in love and the afterglow of this kind of love permeates into your very core and remains. It causes your heart and spirit to return time after time into His chamber where His invitation to remain is ever on His lips. Before you even realise you will find yourself amongst a set apart company of laid down lovers where your reward is more of Him and less of you.

I will now let you into a secret that brings you into wholeness. 'If there is more of Him in your life there is more life in you which means that nothing is impossible.'

I pray that this has encouraged you to start with a few minutes daily as you awake. I pray that out of that few minutes you give to Him you will find yourself so lovesick that you will no longer be happy with just visiting. You will have come to the deep understanding that the only way for you to remain in love and get through your day will be to run into His Throne Room and ...stay....

Take time out now to see Delores Develde's beautiful breathing art and listen to Him as Misty Edwards sings 'Bring me forth in love'. It will be worth it.


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