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Updated on June 20, 2010
Oh ... To Have The Faith Of A Mustard Seed!
Oh ... To Have The Faith Of A Mustard Seed!



When things go wrong

How strong is yours?

Every day

It rains ... it pours.

What do you do

When all you see

ALL around you

Pure misery?

How do you change

To make things work ...

To keep you from

Going berserk?

Where IS your faith?

Where do you turn?

What will you do?

When will you learn?

Who provides help?

Whom do you ask

To help you with

These daunting tasks?

Please remember

When things go wrong ...

Do not give up

Faith SHOULD be strong!

You can not let

The things you do

Destroy your Faith

God's calling you.

He hears your cry.

It is NOT strange.

He'll help you make

Permanent change.

Do NOT give up!

Embrace His Son ...

To save your soul ...

You will have won.

When you're at the

End of your rope

Jesus will give

You MORE than Hope.

He wants you to

Depend on Him.

Trust in His Word.

He paid your sins.

Who do YOU know

Who'd do for you

What Jesus Christ

Did NOT have to?

Please lean on Him

When ALL seems bleak ...

Have Faith in Him ...

It's Him you'll seek.


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