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Updated on November 18, 2009

Tired … so tired …


Lord, you KNOW just how tired!


On edge … scared … I’m so wired.


Problems here … problems there …


Problems everywhere!


The pantry is empty ... the car is on “E”


Seems like all creditors … want a piece of me.


The children don’t get it … how DO I explain?


Depression is calling … I’m feeling the strain.




I remember Grannie used to always say …


No matter how dreadful your nights or your days …


Remember God loves you and He sent His Son …


Who has died for our sins … there’s NO other One.


And, there’s no other way for us to be saved …


Than to accept Jesus before you go to your grave.


Regardless of prices and just how higher


Everything gets … the devil’s a LIAR!


God WILL NOT forsake you or leave you alone.


Just remember to stay in the “prayer zone”.


Thank Him everyday for Mercy and Grace …


And hold on to His Love … ‘til we see His Face.




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