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Fenced In

Updated on May 4, 2016


The little girl is not the subject of this hub. We want to use her rabbit and it's fences as an illustration of the truth being expressed in this hub. However, every time I see this photo of my great granddaughter, another lesson comes to my mind. So please pardon my straying from the subject of this hub for a moment.

At the time this photo was taken (About four years ago.) I would have done anything in the world for that little girl. That is, if I could. And if it was legal. And if if was not bad for her.

Now, she sometimes still "sweet talks" me into something. But for the most part - she is on her own.

What is the difference???? ATTITUDE. She is now a teen ager. I should not have to say any more. She used to be more; helpless, appreciative and loving. Now she is more independent and demanding, i.e. again a teen ager. There is a lesson in this somewhere.

Now to the rabbit fences.


O.K. Now let's get to the subject at hand. Did you see that little rabbit that my great granddaughter was holding? Now do you see that big fat rabbit in the picture above?

How did it get that way? By being fenced in. We have wild rabbits around here. But this rabbit is not a wild rabbit. And if it was not "fenced in", it would not last one night out here. Without being fenced in a; dog, fox, coyote, raccoon or hawk would have a meal.

Look at that last photo. See that log rolled up against the "fence", or cage, and the concrete block against it. Something tried to dig in to get a meal of rabbit.

Of course the little rabbit would love to have run of the whole world. But for it's own protection it has to be fenced in, or limited as to where it can go.

That same truth applies to you and me. For example. If it were not for speed limits, I would have killed myself by now - or someone else. We are "fenced in" by laws for our own protection, or the other guys protection.

Yes, I know. Most of today's law makers are a self serving, ignorant slice of humanity who come up with some really stupid laws just to have something to do. But the basic premise of having laws is for our own good. Laws are our fence for our protection. And by reading the news you have seen what happens to people who climb over that fence.


Whether we like it or not, God has some laws that are a fence around us - for our own good. When we violate these laws it is at our own peril. Our culture and nation are fast turning from these laws that are there to help us.

Facts can be very stubborn things. They do not yield to our opinions readily. That my be why Tryon Edwards said;

"Facts are God's arguments; we should be careful never to misunderstand or pervert them."

There is one fact that most of us do not want to even consider. That fact is, that one day every man, woman and child that ever set foot on this old world will stand in judgement before the very God that gives them life. That of course includes you and me.

The creator himself said,

"You can be sure that on the Judgment Day you will have to give account of every useless word you have ever spoken. Your words will be used to judge you - to declare you either innocent or guilty." (Matthew 12:36,37 GNT)

If we have to give an account of every word, would it not be well to find out where God's fences (His laws.) are so we do not trespass? These fences, or laws, are contained in what we call "The Holy Bible". And there we learn that already every one of us has violated God's laws.

"...for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." and the cost is, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 3:23 and 6:23 NKJV)

When we get outside of those fences we will die just as surely as our rabbit would if it were out at night. Of course we all will die physically some day. But this is talking about an eternal death where the real you - not your body - would suffer for ever. The real you will always exist some where. Your old body is only it's container here on earth.

But laws also grant us rights and privileges. Did you notice it said "...the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." That same "Holy Bible" teaches us that the God we must answer to also loves us enough that he came down and became a sacrifice dying in our place if we will accept that gift.

If we will turn to God admitting to him that we have gone our own way instead of his. And submit ourselves to him allowing him to direct our lives, then he will give us that gift of eternal life.


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