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FLUID is God

Updated on August 26, 2010

 The Supreme Being is like a liquid.

ASPECT 396 - PhotoFluidism by Robert Kernodle
ASPECT 396 - PhotoFluidism by Robert Kernodle

 Beyond Religion

I do not claim to be a Christian.  Neither do I claim to be a member of any other religion that treats the Supreme Being as an entity with human-like intelligence.  I do not condemn anyone’s religious beliefs, nor do I preach to people to believe as I believe.  I write here to share a unique point of view on a very popular topic – God.

Supreme Being

I DO believe in a Supreme Being, but this being is a verb as much as a noun.  In my way of thinking, the Supreme Being is not a conscious spirit, but simply the action of existence that all things share.  Anything that exists is part of all being, and all being is the Supreme Being.  The Supreme Being, thus, is the sum total of all that exits.

All that exists has the common connection of existing.  All that exists has the common action of being.  Being is the united action of all things.  The Supreme Being is both matter and energy, both substance and its relationships, both stuff and its motions.  Being cannot be without a substance, and substance cannot be without motions to relate it.  The Supreme Being, thus, cannot be an entity without substance, because having no substance means having no being.  Consequently, the Supreme Being is always someTHING in motion.

ASPECT 283 - PhotoFluidism by Robert Kernodle
ASPECT 283 - PhotoFluidism by Robert Kernodle

Sublime Fluidity

What is reality? To what thing and to what motion can all things relate? I believe that all things relate to a fluid. All being is a fluid being, forever morphing and creating recurring self-similar forms. Human beings are results of this great fluid being that came before it.

Life, consciousness, intelligence, feeling, and the sensation of existing all arise from the supreme fluid being. This fluidity is the marvel of being – humans are part of it, we are it, we are a consequence of it. Human intelligence comes from the substance and motion of the Supreme Being, which does not think as humans think.


What we call “chaos”, “chance” or “accident” is what exists prior to minds that can name it. We humans arise from this condition of matter and motion that we call “chaos”. Life is truly amazing, because something that seems so opposite to it actually gives birth to it. The very nature of being is to create life like us.

The great fluid being of reality is capable of swirling humans into existence, because the way of fluid is to seek self-consciousness to reflect back on itself. Consciousness, therefore, is a reflection in the greatest of all liquid pools.

If someone wants to call this idea of Supreme Being “God”, then I can agree to this label. This God, however, is not person-like, not father-like, and not king-like. This God is not power wielding. This God is simply what is.

God is like a stream that knows how to flow, because it flows along the only path it can – the path that enables it to flow. God is like water with infinite and eternal morphing ability, fitting what contains it without conforming permanently to any one container. God is like a bubble that forms in the only sequence of events that exists to accommodate it. God, thus, is beyond absolute containment by the human mind, because mind is finite, and God is infinite fluidity.

Humans can only feel God – we can never know God. The effort of trying to contain what is far beyond containing is how we feel God. God is the overwhelming sensation of trying to grasp something far greater and far more complex than consciousness can grasp.

God is like the huge scale of a fractal that dwarfs all of its budding beautiful designs on smaller scales. God has no mind, yet God is all minds. Human minds, in this way, are only very remotely similar to the fluid processes that created them. God cannot know each mind personally. Each mind is simply a fragment of God’s whole existence in the unison of existence that God is.

Minds arise from something that precedes mindfulness. This something that precedes mindfulness is God. In this way, humans are perfected God. Sand is perfected God. Trees are perfected God. The ocean is perfected God. Any one thing that we can name is perfected God, just as everything named together is God being realized.

ASPECT 602 - PhotoFluidism by Robert Kernodle
ASPECT 602 - PhotoFluidism by Robert Kernodle

 IHuman Responsibility

In my concept of God, humans must assume total responsibility for their existences.  We cannot reason with all existence the way we reason among ourselves.  We learn from our own existences and from our own thoughts, because these are processes of God, and this is how God moves through us. Each part of God manifests its own particular perfection or imperfection, so these things are in human hands to the degree that the greater flow allows it.  Humans, thus, are in a sensitive position of being creators who must learn when they are able to shape specific forms and when they must participate with forms greater than they can control.

Humans rule God to some degree, as God rules humans.  We are all in existence together, in unison, and in similar roles.  God, in this sense, gave us a small dose of God-like power to control part of our being.  Human being, after all, is a miniature of Supreme Being.


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    • Robert Kernodle profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Kernodle 

      8 years ago


      I, of course, respect your right to believe as you do, but we do disagree, you know, because I do not hold to the idea that God is conscious.

      WE, humans, are conscious. WE, humans, are a conscious part of God -- a greater being that is NOT conscious as we are, but from which our consciousness DOES arise amazingly.

      We are parts of a great duality of things where opposites both contain and sustain one another. Hence, non-consciousness can birth consciosness, in the same way that consciousness can die in one instant/locale and become non-conscious again.

      Consciousness is always somewhere, just not necessarily everywhere at all times. Of course, this is my own personal take.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is very thought provoking. I tend to hold God as an almighty consciousness and that this is within everyone and everything. We are all divine intelligent beings. I love the idea that God is fluid as is consciousness. Everything in this world is transient except for the divine consciousness which is infinite and beyond the scope of reasoning.

      I love the pictures that you used too! Gorgeous!

    • Robert Kernodle profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Kernodle 

      8 years ago

      Glad you liked it.

      My point is that we must embrace physicality -- our own as well as a greater sense of it that is amazing.

      We can be amazed and appreciative of an existence that does not think or have consciousness. WE have consciousness. We, therefore, can be amazed of our own accord.

    • fatfist profile image


      8 years ago

      (The Supreme Being, thus, cannot be an entity without substance, because having no substance means having no being.)

      Wow, you don't hold back. You come right out and say it. The Supreme Being has FORM, it cannot be formless, for it would be nothing!

      You know, many theists will tell you in your face that God is invisible, and has no substance, and thus no form. But when you corner them, and push comes to shove, they ALWAYS concede that even though invisible (like air, gravity, etc.), it must have FORM all on its own, irrespective what anybody claims. Otherwise it cannot exist.

      (Consequently, the Supreme Being is always someTHING in motion.)

      Yes, something = substance = object. This is a necessity because it has form. What it looks like is irrelevant. The point is that we cannot conceptualize it if it is not some type of object, invisible or otherwise.

      Nice hub! I enjoyed reading your take on this subject.


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