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Fabled Faith

Updated on September 13, 2015

In the game "telephone", one player tells the next player a sentence or phrase and by the time it reaches the final player, the phrase is altogether different. So imagine how the story of the bible, written thousands of years ago, has become interpreted, misinterpreted and unhinged. The bible is a fabled tale written, re-written and re-told.

God woke up one day and decided to create light, heaven, hell, creatures and then man, from dirt. And from a man's rib, he created woman. And the man and woman traipsed through the Garden of Eden and crossed paths with a serpent and an apple tree. God commanded Eve, via the serpent, not to give into temptation and bite into the apple. But Eve was Eve-il and maybe a little hungry, so she bit into that apple and all hell broke loose. What puzzles me is, if Adam and Eve were the first two humans on earth, and they had a son, how did procreation of the next human come to fruition? Eve and her son laid down with each other, woke up with a child, and that's called in-breeding, which would explain why humans are defective and foolish enough to believe in such nonsense.

Religion is a choice. It is not the law and it should not be imposed on anyone. This is why separation of church and state is law in the U.S., though this is not entirely upheld. Religion is man-made mind control, created by man to control man when it was realized that he was unable to do so by other means. The notion of heaven and hell are perfect examples. Your clergy and perhaps your parents told you if you weren't good, didn't go to church and didn't give tithe - 10% of your earnings, you weren't going to heaven, and if you were bad, you were going to burn in hell for eternity. But if you are pious and do as the bible tells you, there's a happy place in heaven for you. Believers are afraid to challenge the existence of something unseen, following a blind faith borne out of fear indoctrinated at a young age.

Characters of the fabled bible include Moses, Jesus, Noah and later, Mohammed. Moses said God spoke to him as he lay beside the burning bush, after wandering the harsh desert for 40 years, hallucinating from the effects. It may have been a marijuana bush he stumbled upon, ablaze from the desert sun, adding to his mind's illusions and delusions. Jesus is depicted as a long-haired man, the first well-known hippie, said to be a proponent of cannabis and hallucinogenics, and he claimed to be the son of God, by virtue of a virgin mother. Noah, a man who lived to the ripe age of 950 was able to get his 800-year-old wife pregnant. He and his miraculous offspring managed to cull 2 of each species of animal, e.g., lions and polar bears from opposing hemispheres and climates, keep them on an ark, side-by-side in peace for 40 days and nights, and managed to feed them all. And there are many other "prophets", modern and biblical, who claim to have communicated with God, all of whom had some modus operand us, mental disorder or drug habit.

If there is such a God, there could only be one "creator", not 27 different entities above the clouds duking it out for your patronage. There isn't some magical wizard waving his wand around, sprinkling happy dust on his flock, and toxic rain on nay-Sayers and members of the opposing teams.

Those who don't believe in God are entitled to their views, scientific or otherwise. I'm Jewish by culture and I love Jewish tradition, but I do not believe in God and dispel what cannot be proven. I understand my value system has been paved by Jewish laws, but I don't observe them for religious reasons. I admit that being in Jerusalem can make one question their doubts about the existence of God. The buzz is palpable and signs and symbols abound. It is after all the center of the religious world, but artifacts don't prove factual.

Religion has been the most divisive, dangerous influence the world has ever known. Governments give religion power, praise and non-profit status, and the Catholic Church is the world's wealthiest institution.

People are killed in the most savage ways, and religion is the excuse for doing so, ala ISIS, citing the violent Quran. I have read the transliterated Quran and it is vicious. There are unspeakable atrocities carried out against humans and other animals, and the offenders use religious doctrine as their shield. Denounce your "infidel-ity" or lose your head. Believe in Allah and lose your head anyway. And if you don't lose your head, you'll lose your mind to manipulation.
Believers are proverbial sheep off to slaughter. Their minds have been hijacked by something that has not been proven. The Christian devout say "you gotta believe" because Jesus died for their sins. And when you ask a devout person how there can be a God with all the horrors in the world, they'll tell you that God works in mysterious ways. Where else can such a ridiculous answer be applied and accepted?

Fabled Faith


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