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Facts and Truth are entirely different concepts!

Updated on September 28, 2015

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Truth is not subject to time, space or causation!

We marvel at the technological leapfrog in the past five decades. We connect with people effortlessly in milliseconds if I may say so. But we need a terminal with modem and a telephone connection. But there is a perennial connection which is never last at any point of time. You may wonder what it is. But the net connection is likely to become faulty when the connections fail due to faulty wires, faulty configurations and other unexpected problems like the snapping of under ocean cables. Hence the net connection is not a permanent one and we may loose it at any moment! But what is the perennial connection I am talking about?

It is the connection between the individual and the creator who is seated in the Hearts of all. This Heart is not physical heart which cardiologists refer. It is the spiritual heart which is referred in many scriptures of the East. Shri Ramana Maharish of South India used to talk always about the spiritual heart, the location being on the right side just few inches from the central rib. It may not be visible. Some times it is known as a light. Whatever it may be, it is not a physical one. Our connections are with the Self who is termed as the in dweller of every being. This connection of the individual with the Self is ever intact. At no point of time, there is a disconnection. What this implies to us. The individual is part and parcel of the Self, the creator or base of all that we see and perceive.

Can we see the sky? No! What we visualize in the outer space, we call it as the sky, the great container of all that we perceive. If we visualize the sky only above us, it is a mistake. When the earth and other planets are like suspended balls in space, the sky is everywhere, around. There is no space devoid of what we term as sky. But in the speaking term, we take it to be above us. Likewise, if we are wise enough, we can perceive the Self as everywhere ever. Yes, the Self permeates the universe, cosmos and transcends it too. There are no limitations or boundaries for the self. You may find a shore to the ocean but not to the self since it is the subtlest of all elements. We say that the sky is everywhere and no astronomer worth the salt has ever found the boundaries of space. It extends to trillions and trillions of light years yet it is far! When the sky itself is so vast, how can we understand or limit the Self with our partial understanding?

Every human being perceives the external world through the sensory organs and he considers the perceptions as true. But every moment, every thing in this world is changing, moving, and shifting positions. How can we take this to be true? Truth is the unchanging principle and it is not subject to ‘time, space and causation! There is no American truth or Russian truth or Indian truth. Truth is not subject to alterations. But what we generally talk as truth are mere facts pertaining to the limitations of our sensory inputs.

What is the fact but a just report of the situations prevailing at that time? These facts too change after some time. Media reports about some calamities somewhere in the world. When the calamity moves away, it was no longer a fact. Hence facts have limitations and they are subject to time, space and causation. Hence Facts are never Truth. The entire manifestation of cosmos rests on the grand base of Truth alone. Hence our understanding of the subtle things is always incorrect. We do not visualize the foundation of a huge multistory building? Looking at it, a lay man may say that the huge multi story building rests on the ground. But the Engineer who laid the foundation knows that the structure rests on the foundation which is invisible below the ground level.

Hence never judge things with the limited perceptions of the senses. A deft magician may take out many queer things out of a seemingly empty hat. Just like that God is a grand magician who created everything out of nothing and makes the persons to believe it. As long as we are deluded by the outer visions, we will never know the Truth behind the manifold creations!

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