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Faith & Fear.[ Watch Video Fear][Floating Stone Picture]

Updated on February 10, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.



Faith, is it Fear.?

In India we just fear even before the drop of a Hat.You won't be surprised for things that they hand over to us as faith plus tradition and which keeps us in fear all our life.

The Girl after marriage,no sooner gets a vomit,news spreads like forest fire in California.The Girl gets VVIP treatment if she is getting pregnant for the first time.The Girl's parents get to calculate the time of baby's arrival.That month must be very auspicious if not it's a nights with out sleep till the baby is born.

At Birth they look at the Star and a Horsecope is made.The Star has to be the best,some Stars fetch a wealthy family.The likes or dislikes of those getting married is immaterial.

Even if all goes well there will be fear installed in mother's like:-

The baby is 3 months old must call Ma,is she not calling meaning may be she is dumb.The legs are bow-shaped better consult a Artho,Do not cut the hair wait for such and such a month,don't pierce her ear you invite trouble,give her oil bath if not her skin will get in to a problem,is she not walking after 16 months better show her to a pediatrician.Teach her alphabets or else she will never pick up fast later.

You see your Dad stop a car because he spotted a Cat crossing the road.

You notice that your Dad keeps his hand on his chest whenever he sees a temple.

The temple visits are more than a holiday affair.You got to go first to your family Deity's temple and any other after you find time.You got to pray before meals,otherwise food will go away as shit with out getting the minerals and vitamins from the food.

There are festivals in 11 moths and one month its a bad month so there are no festivals or special functions.Even shops report low turn over and discount sales are made.If you do anything in this month some body will get in to underground or in to hospital.

No lady will go with out a fore head red circle of few micro millimeter.She must have Gold ornaments or else her husband is branded a bankrupt.She must wear Gold Thread Silk Saree for special functions and look like a Queen.They can't cut their Hair (not now) its very bad Oman.Its a one way ticket to Hell.

The rituals they do for the dead is another Awesome affair with semi naked male guru's saying things you never bother to understand.They make you do and you got to do just as they say and it may take any number of hours depending on appointments the Guru's and his clout have for the day.You can bribe them to shorten and they have special recitations for that.You cannot touch the dead and if you do,you have to take head bath and change your holy cross thread and do Gayatri Japa 108 times.

When a baby is born you can't go to a temple for 10 days.When a death occurs in the family you can't go to a temple for 10 days.You don't even pray for those 10 days.

Boy's first born are to be ear pierced positively.They are to be solemnized with a thread across their chest and it must hang from left to right.crossing your chest.His school Bicycle on purchase must be taken all the way pushing it not riding it.On performing pooja at the temple by a priest and on payment of prescribed fee he can ride the Bi Cycle.So also any other 4 wheeler.It is supposed to ward off any accidents.Any inflammation of joints are given hot water fomentation to reduce swelling.To get any insect out of the ear they pour warm oil-WARNING - you do not do it its only done by experts,if you do the oil will come out of the other ear.

On Full Moon Day it's special so also on Dark Moon day.No Sex on these days.If you do it your baby will be deformed in some way,perhaps depending on the time of ejaculation of the sperm in to the womb.Take no chance you are asked to fast so you wont have the stamina for sex.

You ( Boys ) can't cut your hair on Tuesday & Saturday,so also your nails.You don't shave after bath and in the evening.

If you are a Brahmin you should not eat Garlic anywhere.The Garlic got the color and smell from a man who ejaculated when he hanged to commit suicide the sperm fell on Onions which were grown under that tree and they turned from its color to that of Garlic and that has continued.Some body Garlic - see Wikipedia if you want to know the effects of Garlic.You will start eating no sooner you shut down your PC.

You got to take out your Holy thread from under your shirt place it on the right ear sit down and pee,wash penis after you pee.Of Course the toilet culture does not allow dry cleaning and tissue paper after you shit.Lot's of water and wash only with left hand.

The Saying is " Faith pays have no Fear ".

Stone Floats in Water.

Sri Rama had to Cross the Sea to bring Sita his wife kidnaped by Ravana.As he was searching for her he came to the tip of South India and the Land ended there,He asked the Sea Lord to make way but that was impossible request.Sri Rama got Angry and to
Sri Rama had to Cross the Sea to bring Sita his wife kidnaped by Ravana.As he was searching for her he came to the tip of South India and the Land ended there,He asked the Sea Lord to make way but that was impossible request.Sri Rama got Angry and to

Glass Walkway Tianmen Mountain China


Do you fear walking here, you have faith you don't fear.



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