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Faith: The Final Frontier

Updated on September 23, 2022
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People distance away from religious subjects because society teaches they're taboo, Read instead. It's hard to argue with an article.

Faith is the dark outreaches of unexplored fancy of thinkers that kindles the notions of humankind, baffles the rigid minds of traditionalists, and encourages the hearts of people enchanted and whimsical.

The hope of human exploration and achievement are constantly on my mind. The Star Trek universe manifests to the world what humanity could accomplish if we work unitedly for the benefit of all. If all humans come together for the common goal to improve the entire race, even the confines of this orb of life called Earth which floats in the heavens has not the power to contain our collective ingenuity and influence. Though it was not his purpose to do so, Gene Roddenberry and his subsequent Star Trek universe creators set in course what all Religions promise in some form, which is peace on Earth. Like missionaries, the voyages of the Enterprise ships, Voyager, and others undertake to seek out new life and civilization and boldly go where no one has before gone.

In their efforts to spread religion around the world, missionaries seek out the cultures of others to adapt SALVATION to seekers of truth for all who are willing to listen among the differing cultures of humanity. Faith is the final frontier of human exploration.


Notions of Men

Humankind is a race of thinkers and believers. It has been so from the first, and it will continue until the last. Exploration is a kindred notion of all women and men no matter how minuscule it manifests itself individually. It is accepted in many academic circles that the notion to grow beyond the ordinary is a trait that evolves with humankind as thousands of generations seek meaning. A minority of great people inspire those within their realm of influence to live in a manner to set them apart as a light to the world and generally changes it for better.

Followers and Believers.

As a group, we like to follow a path set before us. Humans tend to seek direction in life and the masses take solace in the purpose of the actions we take as a divine manifestation of the will of something greater than what may now be apparent. The notion of a man is to believe in whatever satisfies our curiosity. The hot displeasure of a god who rains down with lightning and thunder upon our heads in response to human disobedience gives way to the meteorological science of nature in a set cycle of changes with no connection to human and diety. We have the habit of needing some explanation of what goes on in the environment. We search it out or we assign meaning when we cannot. It is our way.

We call it God's will to feel as if we have some control over what happens in life. We call it life to give it a familiar ring to give us comfort in the face of the unexplained. Death and pain hurts less when we assign a purpose to life through religion.

Challenge Conclusions of Society

Society has deteriorated away from its majority morality of the past. Generation of the past have condemned the act of premarital sex; though, today's media seems to welcome breaking with the traditional view. Traditional Christian concepts in Western cultures suffer from the attacks of the intellectual who informs many that there is no God. Intellectuals teach that the Holy Bible, a book that inspires the hearts and minds of over 3 billion people, is a collection of fables with moral lessons--fairytales.

Why? The short answer is blamed on the scientific theory. The stories in the Bible are too fantastic to be based on a true history. Supremacist ideas that teach the evolution of humanity with some races being more intelligent than others suit the establishment of one group above the others. Conversely, the Bible has been used to promote the idea of one group reigning supreme above others with the advocation of human trafficking of one group simply because of physical characteristics. Still, one group is inferior because of gender.

Humans conclude there is no God or gods, and behave as if life is only in the moment. Life does not exist for them after the mortal tabernacle lays to rest. Spirits do not exist past the heaving of the lungs and the beating of the heart. This massive universe exists because of a stellar catastrophe called the Big Bang where matter burst into being the lives we know on this planet. Stardust is what we are and nothing other than what we decide to do with our lives gives it meaning. There is no great Designer or designers. Humans spend life converting from one faith to another as it suits us.

What do humans conclude? We make our destinies as we work. We believe in a form of deity, but deny the power of one save for a small number who devotedly believe from every faith in the world.


The Enchanted & Whimsical

The few who have a sixth sense about them are seen dodgy at best. The Egyptians had many gods and rites of worship that explained the purpose of life. The Budah taught being one with the environment and the universe brings ultimate peace. The Greeks and Romans humanized the gods for us. The Hebrews taught the efficacy of the one true God. Then came Jesus Christ, the most famous Jew next to Moses. Based on this enchanted man's teachings, a sect of Judaism grew into a world religion, nicked name Christianity, to become the largest collection of faiths in the world. What does this faith of Christianity teach the world?

  • Jesus was God who condescended to the level of humanity.
  • Then, God was born of a virgin never before being joined with a man.
  • Next, the child, which is God or one of the Trinity grew to maturity and became the last sacrifice to fulfill the law of Moses and suffer for the sins and hurts of humanity.
  • Finally, this holy man rose from the dead making it possible for the resurrection of others.

Enchanted? Yes, it is a thing beyond explanation. Whimsical? Yes, it seems silly to think that a person can be born of a virgin and rise from death. It makes us happy to know we can all live again with our loved ones all the way back to the beginning if we have faith in Jesus. Like a fairytale, we believe what makes us feel in control because the explanation is simple and easy to digest.

Easy & Simple Does Not Mean Wrong

It is easy to dismiss the views of many without the proof of one. There is NO proof that God lives. There is no evidence that if there were a god that it would be like humans or that it would be a Christian or Jewish God. There is no proof, other than the lives of the adherents.

What evidence is there that there is a God? Most faiths of the world do not teach that God can speak to people individually in response to supplications. However, for those who do teach this, the claim is that God speaks to them in a voice, a feeling, a sign, a dream, or some other manifestation giving them proof. How can others know? When God speaks, there is not only a voice, a feeling, a sign, a dream and such. There is also peace past ordinary understanding in the heart.

Intellectual conversion to a religion is very common around the world. Since humans want to believe in something, we will find something to believe (or believe against). We support our faith in the things we believe by how we live our lives.

If, however, there is a God who wants us to know about Him, would He not make a way for that to occur? Aside from gender and race. Aside from nationality and religion. If a supreme creator wants our attention, how would He get it?

I submit that the supreme creator would speak peace to our hearts as we speak to Him in faith and prayer independent of any other human being. There is no special rote prayer that needs to be said. As an agnostic, two missionaries informed me that all I needed to do was ask God if He was there and He would reveal Himself to me if I asked with the intention to do something about the knowledge I would gain. They also told me to pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

I asked God if He was really there. He responded to me with the word "Yes," and filled me with a peaceful feeling of love and assurance. Nothing else would have convinced me there is a God. So, I submit. Learn about God. Learn about what you really believe. Seek to know if God is there for yourself. Knowing that God is real did not make me into a perfect person, but it helps me to put life into perspective when bad things happen. knowing God does not give me all the answers to life's questions. I know that as I am able to receive it, God will reveal it to me.

God is a real person with feelings and desires. Faith to act and find Him is the next great battle for humanity. No, we will not find Him by a person telling us about Him alone. We will find Him as we reach out in faith to explore our own connection. Church (temple) attendance is very important. Reading about God is very important. Talking and listening to God is the most important thing we can experience.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Rodric Anthony Johnson


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