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Faith comes from the Heart

Updated on March 18, 2012

Raging Debate

At the moment there is a debate raging here on Hubpages about God, therefore about religion.

I have read many of the comments and answers some with a sense of real worry and fear. It seems that this one topic brings out the fervour, maybe the wrong word, but certainly the strength of opinion for and against is large and strong.

Always this seems to be the way with religion.

For the Record

My father was Jewish, my Mother is Roman Catholic, I was christened Church of England, and my partner in Love is a Muslim.

Does that make me religiously confused.........Possibly, but it certainly has taught me tolerance.

Symbols of the Faiths of God

The Three Main Faiths.

There are three main faiths that follow the one Deity.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam, however , and although there are many similarities in the belief systems of the above three, it is the differences in their religious beliefs that have led to millenia of intolereance, wars, and a whole host on misunderstandings fed to the ordinary person wno are adherents of these three great faiths.

Abrahamic Religions, which worship the One True God, were founded in this order--Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Each has its own sacred writings and books.

For Judaism it is the Tanakh and in later texts The Talmud. In these writings it is stated that God revealed his laws and commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai. The symbol of Judaism is The Star of David.

Christianity, was born at The First Council of Nicea. Emporer Constatine(a Sun-Worshipper/Pagan) gathered together all religious factions and so after much arguement and debate the new religion was born, and it was also here that Jesus Christ was declared the Son of God.Here the New Testament was also put together. The symbol for Christianity is The Cross.Their religious book The Bible.

Islam was born from the teachings and written down words of The Prophet Muhamed, who is considered by Muslims,adherants of Islam to be the Last Prophet of God (Allah). Their Holybook is called the Qur'an, and Muslims believe that faith was revealed at diferent times through Abraham, Moses and Jesus, then finally Muhamed. All of these men are considered Prophets .

So, Why?

So, here is the thing, WHY is there so much intoletance between these three Great Faiths whose beginnings all come from Abraham .

Surely faith is something that comes from inside of each of us, from our hearts and souls.

Is the one true deity a man or woman who sits up in the heavens looking down or a power greater than anything and everything else that exists in the universe and one which we as people can connect to through our feelings.

All religions preach Love and Respect, so why isn't the individual left to decide for themselves what faith means to them and how they want to follow it, and in the final analysis is it not Love and Respect for all living things that should be the centre of a persons own belief and faith.


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