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Fall Is Among Us

Updated on December 21, 2017
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Our Stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her latests thoughts and stages through Hub pages and looks forward to learning about yours.

Fall Among Us

Falling is inevitable, we fall into or out of something, fall and get back, the falls are not fun and at times come in rapid fire from infancy to the golden years' life is a series of falls!
The fact is no matter how strong our faith we are still at risk for a fall as day-to-day we face amazing challenges and sometimes we lose our footing. Depending on what we rely on plays a major role in how we rebound or react to our falls.

Many love the season of Fall because it depicts life with its brilliant colors the gracious dance of leaves as they fall from trees laying at the feet of their glorious trunks. This seasonal event is constant we can expect its happening as we expect personal falls, recognizing even though we have fallen, our parts remain connected through a solid foundation core or trunk.

Outcomes after a fall depend on how steadfast we are in trusting the communication with our center core for stability. The trunk remains solid relying on and paying attention to the workings of it will slow the descent easing the impact. Falls can be life changing mesmerizing and always purposeful with the right stuff at your center.

It is understandable to feel lost in our humanness in those times when we lay at the feet of Jesus. The times we find things difficult. We can trust that our Father has the scene designed, as He gives and supplies all we need, even when we don't understand.

There is a quiet pull that nags at us when at our weakest. It's there in those moments that of human nature. We get frustrated as we struggle to smile at the knowledge that He is everything. In the heart, we know this and yet, like a leaf, we slip to the base, wherein the flesh we fear the vulnerability of being swept away.

There is a blessing in knowing that regardless of how far we stray from the trunk we are His, and He remains. People long for the confidence of the times in life's whimsical ride that are without the trials or testing. However, are not all experiences a test in their own right?
We can and will again be stronger, by relying on the strength and confidence of our Trunk in the midst of the storm. Unfortunately, doubt and normal reaction play with us and life can be confusing.

This is the point of growth and process.There is importance to this experience, for here is where the process of growth is fed and watered, and learning is optimal. When in a true valley remember to quiet yourself and again find the peace of God's Grace.

Christians know by giving their life to Christ they are renewed in Him, He is with us, always. We also believe there will be continued trials, even times when we may deny His presence. It's how one chooses to deal with those trials. We need to let go, trusting how lucky we are to be His Child, no matter what, He will always guide us back to Him.

In times of struggle, He will hold up. If we need reminding when slipping, He may supply some unrest until we are cognizant of His Spirit then He lays us down again. We should work to make Him known in all we do, and yet we don't because we are bound by human nature sometimes lacking faith. As long as we're not too busy that we stop seeing, remembering that we're at risk of falling, especially when not depending on our trunk.

No one is better, no one is worse, no trial is greater, for God knows our hearts and each one is different and each one is special to Him. This risk of falling is daily sometimes more often, we can always hope and refocus remaining aware to catch those falling around us.

This is why on occasion we see a leaf hook up almost hand in hand, as they so eloquently fall to the ground. Is this a way to cushion the fall? Is this a way to stay close to the trunk together? Is this a way to not get lost in the storm? We can do our best with earthly reaction and attempt to process quickly and get in line for the scene directed by our Father. Praise God for reminding us of HOPE. Praise God for other leaves to grasp in the fall. Remind us always no matter what, there is one trunk always holding and drawing us toward its protection. The fall will always have a cushion in its trunk that holds up under pressure, we need to trust in the Trunk.

Song of Hope ~

He is an ever-present help in times of trouble. He is our SHELTER, but in the flesh we must remember to seek that shelter. In a storm, we want to strive through the blasting rain. We are aware of damage all around yet we are determined to not give into it and focus always on rebuilding. Some of that damage we can take credit for. We all have the ability to leave an imprint and on any given day that imprint can be good or not so good. I love that with a moment of prayer about a situation we can be given a whisper of clarity. The Holy Spirit can wisp us in the right direction or toward a resolution. I recently reminded my children and myself that the only person we can work on or change is ourselves. That is enough work to keep us busy every second of the day. It is only when we go outside of working on ourselves that we get sidetracked.

The story of the PLANK always comes to mind. Matthew 7: 3 "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye." We are made in the image of Christ and yet we remain in the flesh. Jesus was humble, He looked at a situation and became a solution, a teacher, a friend, a confidant. He felt pain and anger, joy and sadness. He was gentle and firm, loving and fair. He saw goodness in the lowliest of sorts. He was aware of wrongdoing and yet did not focus on it but rather completed the work His Father designed for Him. He did all of this so that we may have everlasting life.

To be like Him is our goal. It is a minute- to- minute choice and no one here will be the truth of Christ, we can do our best, but we will not reach this goal until He comes again. So be forgiving of each other, help each other by focusing on the work we need to do on ourselves. When I work on ME I am so much more peaceful and relaxed and unruffled

My kids and family are probably tired of me saying, "Whom can we work on? Where can we start the change? ~ The change starts with YOU." When we are all working on getting right with God and attempting to be Christ-like things just seem so much brighter. Hence the rainbows after the storms with the shelter of our Lord we can come through unscathed at least in the core of our belief in Christ. We will slip and fall, but He is our SHELTER

Shelter ~ Jars of Clay

When we slip He makes us STRONG, He sends the rope to pull us from the depths of chaos and confusion. Strength is so under-rated. People will say he or she is so strong. Are they really? Probably, they are trying to be. They are reaching for the strength they find in the Word and in the example of Christ our Lord. Strength is an action. Therefore, it can wax and wane. It is witnessed at times to the point where we feel," how come I am not that strong? " Oh, but you are! You are a believer in Christ and He believes in YOU!

When you do not feel strong that is when He is pouring into you. He is preparing you for His future plan. As sisters and brothers in Christ, we will need to fill up on Gods strength. Ask Him to fill you with His grace so that as the world becomes dark our light for Him will be on reserve and shine so brightly across the miles. These are the times of preparedness. Be sure to get your emergency kits full. Survival in the end will be based on what is written on your heart. It will glow so brightly no lamps will be needed in the storm.

There will be living water for all who want to drink, and shelter that withstands all of the unfathomable fears. Stay strong and if you are a one of the lucky ones to know HIM already, then learn to lean on one another and trust that you are flawed but strong in the ways of Jesus. Reach out and hold the hand that makes you question your kindness, the hand that tests you in a negative way. It may be a person you need to reach for, or a situation that you need to walk hand in hand with. If we do not allow it to bring us down but rather lift us up, then imagine the strength we could then show to others ~ lost. It is time to come together for being in His army is the only mission where we want more troops deployed.

Stay Strong ~ NewsBoys

If we build our army and man our troops with forgiveness no matter the fault. If we seek Him first in all we do. If we admit our weaknesses and speak the truth without means of harm we can be the light God calls us to be. As in any foxhole we will be nervous, we may not know how to correct an error at first, we may act stronger than we are on the inside, we may puff out our chests as a means of hiding our fears. If we make sure we have our supplies and we are willing to share them in our foxhole. If we talk to one another as if we were in that foxhole and are real with one another good and bad, we will bond in a way that no force could come against and we can win for HIM!

One Thing Remains ~ Jesus Culture

It is true ~ God loves us no matter what, if we go to Him and ask Him for forgiveness He loves us. So like in the song ~ You Are More by Tenth Ave North Check out the blackboard in the video did you find yourself there? I did a few times.

You Are More ~ Tenth Ave North

We can all write on the blackboard of mistakes and sin and not one of us is without it ~ The Flesh binds us there ~ As Paul reminds us in the Bible a war rages inside of us. Remember not one person Christian or none Christian is not fighting that war inside. God treats our sins as the CHALK and washes it away. It is by the blood of Jesus Christ we are set free. He is the Way the Truth and the Light.

Romans 7:20-25

“ So I find this law at work: Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me. 22 For in my inner being I delight in God’s law; 23 but I see another law at work in me, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within me. 24 What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? 25 Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!

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