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Famous Mysteries of the World

Updated on April 23, 2017

I was once attending a conference in IIT Delhi where there was a discussion on 'Retrocausality,' i.e how causes in future can have effects in the past. Many students and faculty members had their own theories on how it can be or cannot be possible. How it may be proved or disproved. None of them were sure. Retrocausality is a big fat question looming in front of physicists today. Some experiments have concretely established its presence whereas most skeptics just deny it completely. but we must understand one thing. Wisdom is knowing that we do not know it all. Thus we must keep the windows of our mind open and keep searching for the answers.

Dogs From Hell

A Congregation had gathered in the Bungay church in Suffolk, when a huge black dog appeared as if from thin air and brutally attacked the crowd killing two men. This incident happened in 1577 in the month of August. There have been many cases ever since in which people have seen such hellacious creatures, black in color, with red fiery eyes, which brutally maul people and even kill them. Why, nobody knows. It is believed that even seeing these creatures brings bad luck.

One day in the year 1928, a student from Dublin was passing his time in fishing, when he saw a black dog, quite large in size coming his way, wading in the shallow waters. This creature had suddenly materialized from nowhere. The boy ran towards a tree and quickly climbed it. The large dog came near the tree and stood under it. It looked up at the boy and gave him a ferocious snarl. The boy, when he looked into the dog’s eyes, saw bright red balls of fire. He did not climb down until the dog went away.

These creatures have the reputation of being able to materialize suddenly, out of nowhere, and after completing their task, being able to disappear, sometimes quietly and at other times with an explosion. Some explanations have been put forward in order to account for these events. One of them explains these life forms as hallucinations which cannot be correct as it cannot account for the attacks. The other explains them as energy forms which represent a specific element of nature. Ambiguous as these explanations are, they are definitely unable to explain properly the phenomenon of ‘dogs from hell.’

The mysterious flying men.

Earl saw that a huge creature was flying towards them which did not look like a bird and had an incredible size. When this creature approached them, they were even more astonished to notice that it looked a lot like a human. It had hair all over its body giving it the look of a gigantic bat.

These hair were black in color giving the creature a fearsome look. The US Marines estimated that it had a standing size of about 5 feet. When it came nearer, it swooped down and came dangerously near the men, but did not harm them. Due to such a close encounter the men were able to clearly notice that the creature had features that resembled those of humans to a large extent.

In most of the accounts of such an event, there are some very common characteristics like:

1) Low levels of visibility.

2) High temperatures.

3) Creatures are mostly clad in black as probable camouflage attempt. Seems as if they want just to be seen by their selected targets.

4) These creatures stand erect on two feet.

This is not the only account about such creatures. There are many others. Reports of such sightings have come from many parts of the planet. They have taken place in Eastern Russia, Western Java, Indonesian islands, etc. Another similar creature is a gigantic human-creature found in the Indonesian islands. This creature can fly with incredible speed and has a wingspan of around 11 feet. This creature has terrorized the people of Seram, one of the Islands. It is said that this horrific entity stands 5 feet tall and survives on live children that it picks up during the night. People believe that these bodies are taken to the dense forests where they are consumed by this flying humanoid, leaving no trace of them. These people who live in the dense rainforests of Sarem have no reason to spread false stories about such fearful creatures. So if these reports are not false, there really might be some mysterious creatures lurking in the dark and unexplored depths of these forests. Cases like these should be investigated so that our span of knowledge increases.

Have you ever heard of the mysterious flying men?

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    • Gaurav Oberoi profile image

      gaurav oberoi 24 months ago

      Thank you!! And yes these reports are really creepy and make your imagination overwhelm you with spooky thoughts.

    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 24 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      Great piece, a bit creepy and foreboding and that delicious spine tingling chill starts to develop when you let those thoughts run rampant. Inspiring