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Famous Mysteries of The World - II

Updated on June 8, 2020

Lady Beresford and Mrs. Boulton

In the summer of 1883 the aristocratic Lady Beresford of Scotland was in for the shock of her life when she rented her house to Mr. & Mrs. Boulton for a vocational trip.

Mrs. Boulton was menaced by a recurring dream that was driving her crazy for many years when her husband decided to take her on a vacation and make her feel a little better. In her dream she would visit a house, go to a specific room, and stay there for a while. It was always the same room and the same house. This dream had terrified Mrs. Boulton to the limit that she thought she was losing her mind. According to her own words she was even ‘afraid to go to sleep.’

The couple’s son stayed in Scotland and made all the arrangement for their stay at the mansion owned by Lady Beresford. When Mr. Boulton reached the mansion before his wife to ensure a smooth settling in, he was told by Lady Beresford after a tour of the mansion, that the bedroom that he likes so much was haunted for many years by a lady she called the ‘little ghost lady of the bedroom.’ After a short while Mr. Boulton took charge of the house. Being a skeptic he told Lady Beresford that he was looking forward to meet the ghost. However he woke up disappointed after an uneventful night.

When his wife arrived to the house, she was flabbergasted to find that this was the same house she had been visiting for so many years in her dreams. But that was not all. Lady Beresford was absolutely shocked to see Mrs. Boulton as well. She was the ghost that had been haunting the bedroom for so many years. A living ghost. While they all sat down for a long discussion soaked in awe and astonishment, Mrs. Boulton revealed that in her dreams the house contained a few more rooms with a different design. Lady Beresford then told her that renovations had been made to the house a few years earlier. This is a classic case of OBE (Out of body experience). Surprising, but true.

Ghostly Hitch-hikers

There is a spine chilling story going around in Chicago USA. According to this story, there are ghosts here that take the form of human beings and are found on roadsides trying to hitch hike. They ask for a lift in the automobiles driven by other people; and then their fate is in the hands of the ghostly hitch-hikers. George Kanigawski has captured one such ghost in a photograph in the town of Limassol, Cyprus, proving that these ghosts are not only found in Chicago but in other places also.

Behind the Chicago sightings, there is a story, that goes like this. A dark night in 1934 in Chicago a dancer had a fight with her friend, when she decided to go home alone. She had no conveyance and it was late in the night, so she decided to hitchhike. While she was trying to get a lift, she was hit by another vehicle and was killed. After this accident, nothing happened for five long years. But then the strangest and scariest thing started happening. A ghostly hitch-hiker would suddenly appear out of nowhere asking for a lift.

One such case is told about a hitchhiker on a road of Montpellier in France. Four people were travelling in a Renault car, when a young woman asked for a lift. When she had settled in her seat, the car drove on. The journey was smooth,until a sharp turn came and the woman shouted and asked the driver to slow down or all of them could meet a serious road accident. The driver did so and the five of them were saved, but when the driver turned back to talk to her, he discovered that she had disappeared. The four of them were shocked and lodged a report in the police station but what could the police do ? Nobody could find a trace of this woman. There have been other stories, in which, such hitch-hikers ask the drivers to take them to the strangest places, such as a mortuary or a cemetery, why, only God knows.

Have you ever met a ghostly hitch-hiker?

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