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Famous Mysteries of The World - III

Updated on June 8, 2020

The Eeriest Conveyances

The King’s Way Moorland road between Tavistock and Okehampton is haunted by a strange phantom coach sighted by many people. This coach has an eerie atmosphere around it. Many people who have seen this coach say that it is made up of the bones of the four husbands of Lady Howard of the seventeenth century. It is a common belief that she had killed her husbands. Witnesses say that they have seen a dog in front of this coach which is also made of bones.(The coach dog which is normally a spotted dog kept mainly as an attendant of carriages).

There have been other such sightings in other parts of England also. For example in Enfield town on the outskirts of London, a person named David Hanchet saw a phantom coach on June 28th in the year 1944, in the night. What he saw was practically spine chilling. He saw that a black coach drove through the road in front of his eyes, and it had a light blue colored aura around it. This coach had a coachman who had a see-through (transparent) body. There were many black horses that were pulling it. The coachman was wearing a black hat and had a long whip. There were several people inside the coach.

This coach went straight into the bushes in front of some houses and vanished into the walls. Somebody else was also watching this incident happen but when David looked at him, he ran away. The coach is said to haunt the roads of Bell Lane and the driver is believed to be a judge in the court of King James II.

Werewolf, A Biological


A person, with any amount of common sense would pronounce this phenomenon as absurd and impossible. So do all the scientists and zoologists. But there are so many reports about these creatures that the books of history are full of them. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, people were terrified of this creature as their belief in its existence was strong. In the period between the middle of sixteenth and the middle of seventeenth centuries, there were more than 25000 trials of these people who were allegedly committing heinous crimes by becoming were wolves. One such trial took place in the year 1573. Many badly mutilated bodies of dead children were found in Dole. Many people believed that a person named Gilles Garnier used to transform into a werewolf and carry out these activities. Some people even said that they had seen a large wolf in their fields having a head that was not of a wolf but that of a man, the man named Gilles Garnier.

This story took a real turn when one dark twilight of November, people heard loud screams of a small girl. When they found the girl, her body was covered in blood and her body had been mercilessly mauled. A man-headed wolf was squatting near that girl with its face covered with blood. It had a snarl on its face which showed its teeth which also had blood all over them. The most shocking fact about this creature was that it had the face of Gilles Garnier. The girl was however saved by the local people and Gilles was arrested. He confessed that he had committed the crime and that he was the werewolf that people saw. He was buried alive with his wife who had been accused of drinking the blood of children that her husband used to kill.

The biggest question that stands out is that if this phenomenon has been pronounced and to some extent proven to be biologically impossible, then why did Gilles confess of being a werewolf and of killing children by becoming one? Gilles was probably insane to have done this. In fact nobody sane enough can believe in such a creature’s existence. In olden days people who were non-believers were more terrified and used to turn into strong believers. But thanks to modern science and technology, we no longer live in the shadow of such beliefs. And we know that we are right; or are we?

Do you believe in werewolves?

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