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Famous Mysteries of The World - IV

Updated on April 22, 2017

The Ghost that foretold death

It was a cold November night in London, England in the year 1779. A person named Lord Lyttelton was about to retire to his bed when he suddenly had an unpleasant feeling. Ignoring it, he went to bed and was about to doze off, when he saw a foggy figure in front of his bed, which appeared to be a woman. This figure had a serious look on its face that made Lyttelton somewhat scared. But he was crestfallen when the figure started to speak, as it foretold his death. It told the day, and even the time when he was about to die. The time was exact midnight. When Lyttelton told this to his friends, they laughed it away and dismissed the whole incident by calling it a senseless dream. They also tried to persuade their friend to stop believing in ghosts and Lyttelton was relieved after talking to his friends.

But things were far from over. One of the friends of Lyttelton had retired to bed early one night, when he saw that he (Lyttelton) was standing near his bed, terrified. He told his friend that he was about to die, and that he was very scared. Lytteleon’s friend thought that he was joking. Seeing that his friend was not believing him, Lyttelton left the room. But instead of going out, his friend saw Lyttelton entering his(the friend’s) dressing room. When Lyttelton’s friend went into the dressing room, he realized that Lyttelton had vanished into thin air. He searched the whole house, but could find no sign of Lyttelton. It was not until the next day that he found out that his friend Lyttelton had died the last night almost at the time he saw his apparition.

The mysteries of this case had still not ended. There still was a fact that was unknown to Lyttelton’s friend who had seen his apparition. While Lyttelton was ignorant of it, his friends had changed the time of the clocks of his house, altering them in such a way that they would tell time ahead of the real time by half an hour. They had done this in order to find the substance of Lyttelton’s story. When Lyttelton went to bed, he saw that his bedside clock showed the time to be 12:15. He thought that the apparition he had seen was really his imagination, because according to the figure he saw, he should have already been dead as it had prophesized that he would die exactly at mid-night. What Lyttelton did not know was that the real time was only 11:45 yet, as the clocks had been moved ahead. After seeing the time, he prepared to sleep. While he was doing that, he had a seizure and he died the instant the clocks of his house struck 12:30, which in fact was 12:00. His maid who was about to give him his medicines, came running to his friends telling that her master was dying but Lyttelton’s friends were never able to reach him.

Seeing the Ghost of the dead

Consider this situation. A person has lived his life to the full. Now his time has come to depart from the world. He is about to be taken by the higher forces to the place where he belongs after death. But he has to leave his loved ones. This situation is giving him a lot of pain. He just wants to see his loved ones once before leaving for the ultimate journey. The person/persons he wants to see are not near him, and he is permitted some time to meet them. Is this the reason why so many people sitting far away from their loved ones see their images or ghosts, whatever you like to call them, after their death, not knowing that they have died ? So many of such cases have taken place in which people have seen their relatives or their friends after their death, not knowing that they have died. In 1940, in Zurich, a brother and a sister saw the apparition of their father at the same time, while both of them were residing in different parts of the city. Their father had died some time back and they did not know it.

Another classic case took place in Zurich (in Switzerland) when a girl was scheduled to meet her friend named Trudy,at some place in the city. It was a day in February, 1938 and the sun was shining brightly. When both of them had just met, she saw one of her friends loitering in that normally busy area of the city, wearing a raincoat in spite of the warm weather. She tried to call her by name but she did not listen to the call and boarded a tram. The name of this girl was Patricia.

The two friends tried to follow her, but lost her. After some days had passed the girl received a call from her mother who told her that Patricia had died early in the afternoon on the14th of February, the day the two girls had seen her. The stunning fact is that they had seen her in Zurich whereas she had died earlier that day in England.

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