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Famous Mysteries of The World - V

Updated on April 22, 2017

Voices of the dead that save lives

Sometimes our loved ones save our lives while they are living; sometimes they do it after they die. There have been many such cases in which lives of people have been saved by their loved ones, who have died. Maybe this is also one of the mysteries of our mind; maybe it is the voice of our instinct that we think is one of our dead relatives.

One such incident took place in the 1940s. A person named Tito Gobbi, an opera singer, was saved from a fatal accident by the voice of his dead brother whom he had loved very much. He was driving his automobile, when the road ahead of him took a sharp turn. It was a blind curve, and there was no way of determining the traffic that lay ahead. Tito, while negotiating that curve at high speed, heard the voice of his brother that advised him to stop the automobile instantly. Tito did so, and to his horror, a truck being driven at an unmanageably fast speed came blasting around the curve. Tito had just been saved, by a voice from beyond.

Sometime in the 1930s, a woman named Foltz Stearns had taken part in an air race contest. While in air, she lost the trace of the path that she was supposed to follow. Trying to find it, she wasted a lot of fuel, which consequently ran low. She was considering a crash landing, when a voice told her that it was not needed as she was nearing an airport. She followed the voice’s advice and flew on. Within minutes, she discovered an airport where she subsequently landed her air plane.

She was saved, from crash landing which could have been fatal.

Hearing the Future

The five senses of the human beings are, believe it or not, full of mysteries. One of our senses, the sense of hearing is the one which I would like to discuss here. There is more to listening than just hearing sounds and voices relating to the present events going around us. There have been reported cases in near history which reinforce this point. People have allegedly heard sounds relating to events of the future. How or why is unexplained. There have been attempts by people to try to explain the reason why some people have been given this power, to be able to listen to such voices. Though these events are rare, yet there have been examples.

At this stage I would like to present before my readers, a case that happened on 7th December 1941, in Alabama City. A man was sitting in front of his radio set, listening to a daily news broadcast, when an amazing thing happened to him. Listening to the radio, he fell asleep for a short while, when he heard something in the news that made him jump out of his seat. He heard that the Pearl Harbor was under attack by the Japanese. His wife was also sitting near him at that moment. He asked her whether she had heard the same news, which she denied.

She told her husband that there had been no such announcement on the radio. Her husband had heard the newsreader’s clear voice telling the news about Pearl Harbors. In reality, this news had not been broadcast yet. After some time had passed, the news, this time really, was relayed. Pearl Harbors was now really under attack. This man in question had heard the news about this attack, minutes before it was actually broad cast.

There have been quite a lot of such cases in the past. This phenomenon is termed as “clairaudience’.

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    • Gaurav Oberoi profile image

      gaurav oberoi 2 years ago

      Thank you!!

    • Brian Langston profile image

      Brian Langston 2 years ago from Languedoc Roussillon

      Interesting spooky Hub Gaurav....just in time for Halloween too!