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Your Yearnings Tell you Where Your Fate Lies!

Updated on May 29, 2013
Christofers Flow profile image

Christofer has been a paralegal for 25 years. He has 4 children and 8 grandchildren. He and his mother studied astrology for over 40 years.

Designed Effort Synergistically Tuned to Inherently Natural Yearnings

Fate and Destiny are rather immense topics, so how does one deal with them in an article? Chiefly, to draw contrasts to the Facts of Fate, and the Conscious Achievement involved in Destiny. There is so much that is already fixed in our lives, that one could, if one were in the mood - one of despair, or just listless fatigue, construe that the gods have made so many things fixed in our lives that we are down here just to move around our little boxes and try to gain pleasure from whatever falls our way.

For a long time in our history, mankind has felt the gnawing forces that are implacable and relentless and ever present and conjured up gods of a ferocious and capricious nature. This was very true of pre-Christian religions and despotic local ideas of Deity that had the effect of controlling city bound populations. Ancient shamanic points of view saw a more nature-based kind of spiritual force and consigned the topic of Fate to those more general powers that come at us all the time: Weather, Age, Cycles of Life and Universal Challenges of Work and Love and Mortality.

Forces Acting Through Existence

I have come up with an easy to remember way of honoring the powers of fate, and yet relegating them to a natural and commonplace structure. This may seem to be overly simplistic, but it nevertheless, seems to put a fence around the topic so that we can then discuss Destiny and how we can take greater control of our thoughts and actions an outcomes. "F" is Forces, "A" is Acting. "T" is Through. "E" is Existence. Again, simple, and that is the rationale. Take it from its lofty height on the gray and snowy cliffs of Olympus and say it straight: "Yes, there are things about life, all life, and my life that can not be changed, and I must deal with."

Let's just list these things: The fact of my birth - Where, From Whom, Was Mother Healthy? Was Father Healthy? Was I born on a bus or in a hospital? Was I born during a war? Was I born of a couple who was married or unmarried? What is my genetic background? Did I inherit a genetically caused disease? Do I have a strong genetic back ground? Ethnicity is tied to birth. How does my ethnicity affect my life? What continent was I born on? Was I born to poor, modesty, lower class, middle class, upper class? Was I born to immigrants? You can go on and on and talk about FATE, because until you have any say at all over your life, you can basically classify everything before that time as Fate.

Once you take a survey of all of your fateful topics and include all those things that are and were Forces Acting Through Existence, you can say: "OK, whatever gods there be, I am down here with a host of fixed and historic and scientific factors that gathered together make me me.

Getting Stuck at FATE - Dealing With The Fact of Your Fate

These are elements that affect you all the time. It is hard to escape them. You should not. You should face them. Many people spend their entire life times dealing with the fact of their fate. Asking why. Pointing to Heaven and declaring some epithet that they think they can get away with. Resentment and grief have a way of piling up on us when we think about the Forces and Facts of Fate. There is a scripture in the Bible that deals with this topic.

In Isaiah 45:9, there is this reference. The potter and the clay is a continuing image throughout the Bible. This one goes like this: "Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands? Woe unto him that saith unto his father, What begettest thou? or to the woman, What hast thou brought forth?"

Astrology and reincarnation deal with the Facts of Fate as the assemblage of factors that are most appropriate to you, or ones which you can profit from, or ones which you can become an example in. Once you start understanding Fate, you can turn the most unfortunate of circumstances into causes for rejoicing.

Take out the Biblical language, don't trouble yourself with reincarnation and you have some simple issues that many people go through. Joe over there, was born to much better conditions. Why was I born to these? This plagues humanity every day, all day, and into the night in our dreams. And then, in our awakening we deal with the subject again, as if it were a brand new set of thoughts. Animals do not have this problem. Animals awake and deal. Our natures seem to realize the immense differences that Fate can make from individual to individual. Or do we make it more than it should be. Are we using Fate to increase our suffering? This is what the scripture seems to pose, and statements about suffering in Buddhism particularly focus on similar topics.

Will and Consciousness - Other Gifts Given to You By The Divine.

While we are pondering Fate and getting bogged down in how we compare ourselves amongst ourselves, do we ever wake up and say: "Man, am I glad I have human will and human consciousness, with these things I can improve my life. Maybe I can't change Fate, but I can start to engage the topic of DESTINY.

Fate is the Foundation you start with. From there you can take on the marvelous topic of Destiny. Think about this: If you have a Fate, then you also have a Destiny, because added to each person's fate is your will and your consciousness. Add those elements, and Destiny is the outcome. Awake each day with this joyous statement on your lips. "Wow. I have will and consciousness, I am made to have a Destiny!




Tuned to




This is DESTINY!

Yes, life can knock you around. And Fate can kick your butt. But you can knock things around, and you can move your butt. And you can have a plan. Big plans. Little plans. Revisions of plans and plans on a grand scale. The step by step process of your life is there so that you can make plans that work. Maybe, there are plans that don't work. But each day, two people awaken you. One is the ancient angry old image of tiresome trials and unfixable delays and problems that seem everlasting. The other is a new person with youth on its mind, and new ways of doing and thinking about those old elements that you have carried around like a box of rocks all your life.

"Desiigned Effort" comes from your will and your consciousness. You come up with a new way of seeing old things and you design a set of muscular plans that take your fixed elements and redraw them, refigure them, redesign them. "Synergistically Tuned" means that it is personal to you. You yourself have come up with something that seems workable for you with your strengths, likes, dislikes and wishes and wants. Throw in a little COSMIC PURPOSE, and you have some true "Synergistic Tuning" - a stylized, customized, personalized, individuated plan, that seems to take best advantage of timing and effort. It is becoming your JOINT VENTURE OF THE SOUL.

Your Joint Venture - Your Soul and Your Will and Your Consciousness

Try to think of your future as a Joint Venture. This high finance of your life has to do with putting together your way of seeing and doing and thinking and feeling in a new stylized personal and powerful way. Designed Effort Synergistically Tuned to what? I tell you what! To "Inherently Natural Yearnings". Inherently Natural Yearnings goes down to the texture of the soul. Sure, some of our jobs are just jobs, some are more lustrous, but there are other things we dream about and naturally yearn for that go beyond how we make a living. They have to do with the quality of love in our life, and the meaning of the relationships we have and the way our heart works with other hearts to create comfort and love for ourselves and those around us. Maybe our yearnings are lofty and maybe they are simple, but if we are having inherently natural yearnings and we wake each day with them, along with our Fate, maybe we should give them daily nurturance. For what we are doing is creating a Joint Venture that gives us our Sense of Destiny.

Your Sense of Destiny

Stop looking at those more fortunate. Cease comparisons. Nurture your Sense of Destiny everyday. This is not goal setting that makes you discouraged if you don't meet the time line. This is your Sense of Destiny. It is not made for comparisons to lists, or people or bank accounts or scales or clubs or groups of lovers, friends and associates. Its perhaps some of those. It is perhaps none of those. Make your sense of destiny with your fate as your foundation. Sit down with your self and realize that your precious life was given to you to make adaptations and schemes and new ways of seeing old things.

Sit down with your Sense of Destiny - Designed Effort Synergistically Tuned to Inherently Naturally Yearnings -- and see what you can come up with. I can bet you right now that it will be a darned sight better for your tummy and your heart and your head if you come with a strong Sense of Destiny to overshadow that old gnarly fate thing that you have been feeding lousy porridge to all these years. Plan for a bit. Get loftier than your Fate, then let it grow like a plant you water every day. And them dream some nice dreams. Some in the day. And others at night, as they come to you. And gradually as this grows in you, you will become a Destiny person, instead of a Fate person. As you walk along the street, you will feel it, and then maybe you will change your address, and maybe a thousand other things. Start with a Destiny plan and craft some dreams, humble sweet dreams that you can cherish and big old fat monumental things that you can barely dare now. Try them all out. Just don't go back to that Fate thing. Yeah, he's always there, but the superstructure on top of him now is your Destiny. Dreaming is your most fundamental human gift. Pay attention to it with your Destiny Sense and bring your life a warm gentle breeze. Christofer deals with these and other such topics at

Destiny Lies In The Horoscope at


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    • Christofers Flow profile imageAUTHOR

      Christofer French 

      6 years ago from Denver

      Hello, Hello, I just came across your comment. Please forgive me. I did not wish to create a dark moment. Since so much time has past, I can only greet you and hope your life has turned in some positive directions.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      9 years ago from London, UK

      I had a lousey life and doesn't improve no matter what I do or trying to do . It always backfires. Thank you for your interesting hub.


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