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Fate and Karma: Designing Your Better Destiny

Updated on March 17, 2015
Universal LAW that governs our Lives
Universal LAW that governs our Lives

Where Fate Is Shaped

For years I have believed that human are born the way they meant to be, meaning the way of your life is determined before your arrival here. Or perhas in a deeper meaning, especially if you are a follower of the Buddha's teaching or even Hinduism, there is an underlying effect that makes you what and who you are. It is not a question whether you believe it or not or whether you like it or not, it just won't make any differences. The "WHO you are" is determined by the law of karma which then affects the Wheel of Samsara.

What shapes you is set in your previous life's deeds and thoughts, and which also mean that the current condition that you are facing is just the ripple effects from the unseen cause that you might have created. This also means that the invisible cause which makes you up is not possible to alter in it purest form. Who and what you are is just it is, you have no rights to intervene it. In other words, you brought it here, whether you know it or not.

You may think that the message that I am trying to bring is absurd, especially when it touches the teaching of a certain religion. What am I 'fooling' around here is not trying to convey the message of this teaching but rather trying to alter your thinking if you have been into this. For example, there are non-religious people, whether in the west or east, who thought that their lives are shaped up by fate, whether they like it or not. So they make no effort in order to change their fate as fate is not alterable. It is just as it is, when it begins here, when the seed of life is laid.

What is Karma? ..based on ancient Vedic texts

As for what I've been murmuring here, this has nothing to do with any religious issues, it's just the way that I think best to describe life and the journey of fate and destiny.

Isn't it the way human accepts fate is as same as the way they accept the law of karma, which has been highlighted by the Buddha and Krishna, even though they do not believe in it consciously?

Or to make it more sensible which I'm not claiming this to be true, particular for those of you who believe in the teaching of Buddha, law of karma = accepting fate.

The law of karma is just part of the story. What makes the difference is that for centuries, humans has been asking one great question, "Who am I?" Great philosophers such as Socrates and the Buddha, yes again this great teacher had asked it. And the way that these great philosophers answered it, laid the foundation and the path of their lives, which then made them who they really are.

So again the question, what shapes humans life? Was it the law of karma? The way that we accept fate? Or was it something else, something that we already possess but yet we don't realize it's potential?

Before we go any furthers, I want to make it clear that my statement towards the teachings of Buddha is just the way I perceive it, it does not necessary to be true. If you want to know more about the Buddha's teachings, please refer to other more qualified people that could assist you.

Buddhist Explanation of Karma

The Buddha
The Buddha

The Other Half

As what has been mentioned before and as in the Buddha's teaching, your life is determined by the law of karma, so your conditions in this life is predetermined through your deeds in your past life. What you did in your previous life affects your current situations, be it hard or easy.

And as what I've seen and which I was one of them, most people believe that this is the only truth that the Buddha is trying to bring, but mind you it isn't, is just only half of it. The way you enter this world is predetermined by the law of karma and the rest of it, is changeable. The law of karma just lays the foundation, it provides you with the preset nature of your life which it's done through the valuation of your previous deeds.

So most people who believing in the law of karma might have left out this part and they accept the fate of their lives as a way to pay back or to cover up their wrong deeds in their previous lives.

The missing part is as what the Buddha says, "Change is the only constant and mortal thing in this world." Yes, read it, change is constant and nothing could stay forever without the intervention of change. What has been given to you is not constant. Even when you are reading this, you are changing all the times, at least in term of biology.

So you may ask, what is the heck that change has to do with karma?

No, absolutely not. There's nothing linkable between them, providing that you insist to believe that is. So the presence of 'karma' that I brought into this discussion is not to prove that karma isn't real, it's definitely one of the greatest law, and in case you haven't heard of it, karma is commonly known as the law of cause and effect. For that, the point that I want to bring out here is you are here according to karma but the way you lead it is up to you. Karma only dictates your conditions and circumstances, the way you enhance your journey is absolutely up to you.

This is same as fate as when you accept fate, you wouldn't change it since it's already given to you and it's your gift. Well, most people do not regard this as gift, else they will appreciate it and try to discover the hidden meaning and purpose that it comes with life.

In case you do not accept karma, God created human with infinite power and the way HE lays your life is for you to discover what you are capable of. You wouldn't discover your real fate if you JUST accept it just as it. Be creative, life could be colorful and joy. Success is mere a change in the thinking.

(Disclaimer: I am not here to promote any religion. It just so coincident that it was mentioned here. I'm not a follower of a certain religion because to me all religions lead to the same path.)

Change Your Decisions, Change Your Destiny


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    • lea86 profile image

      lea86 7 years ago

      I think I agree with you, I also have the same perception where our fate has been determined before we were been born.Nevertheless, my opinion more to christianity views. Even though there is some contradiction here, but I still respect of the Buddha's teaching. Thanks for the info and peace!

    • Kimberly Bunch profile image

      Kimberly Bunch 8 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

      Awesome! Here's one you might like:

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 8 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      agreeable commentary