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Fate, Karma & Free Will – An Elephant is an Elephant and Personal Destiny is Immutable

Updated on May 14, 2013

We applaud those who get inspired, think positively, and work hard to create the life they want. Hopefully, they are realistic and their desires and expectations are part of their destined path so that their efforts will make their dreams come true.

As we've outlined previously, through much comprehensive empirical research* since 1992, we've come to understand that you can't cheat fate and avoid predestined events and circumstances in your life.

Yes, everyone has free will to think positively, be inspired, make the most of their destiny, and react to fate, but this doesn't change fate in the present life. It only helps to deal with it better.

Many "experts" saying that nothing in life is predestined reminds us of the famous parable of the blind men and the elephant. It displays what results from a limited and cursory perspective.

In this story there are six men who are blind. Together they encounter an elephant for the first time and each gives his analysis of the creature. Their interpretations are based on the particular part of the elephant they happen to touch.

The first blind man touches the animal's sturdy side and says the elephant is like a wall.

The second blind man feels the elephant's sharp tusk and declares the elephant to be like a great spear.

The third blind man grabs the trunk and, with positive authority, announces that elephants are like snakes.

The fourth blind man slides his hands along the elephant's knee and says that clearly an elephant can be best described as a tree.

The fifth blind man examines the elephant's waving ear, and is convinced that the elephant is some sort of fan.

The sixth blind man grasps the elephant's swinging tail and claims that an elephant is like a rope.

Each is partly right since they made contact with one part of the whole. However, they are all wrong because in their blindness they failed to comprehend the creature in its entirety.

*Our objective study and long-term application of a great many cyclical timing methods including those of comprehensive predictive numerology and astrology (other than simple modern numerological cycles and modern astrological non-continuous cycles such as transits and progressions) regularly and constantly have displayed to us that personal fate is measurable.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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