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Feng Shui Kua Number Calculator for Good Luck

Updated on June 18, 2011
Calculating your Feng Shui kua number can enhance your life Photo credit: Anna Hape Gallery @flickr
Calculating your Feng Shui kua number can enhance your life Photo credit: Anna Hape Gallery @flickr

What Is Feng Shui?

First, a basic explanation of what is Feng Shui itself before Feng Shui Kua numbers. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief and practice. It literally translates to mean "wind water".

It is based upon the same principles of yin and yang and the flow of chi energy. Feng Shui design is the belief that the placement of objects can result in either an abundant life filled with wealth, happiness, good health, and good luck or the opposite.

What Are Feng Shui Kua Numbers - Or Gua Numbers?

Feng shui Kua numbers, or Gua numbers, are used to find out which locations in your home or Feng Shui office are lucky for you personally. They are known as "lucky corners". These lucky areas in your living spaces promote positive energy, called chi.

If you use your lucky corners correctly with Feng Shui decorating, this results in improving your life in every way- better health, wealth, romance, more happiness, peacefulness, success, good luck, and more. For example, you should try to work in the area that is determined is your work success lucky corner location.

Calculating your Fengshui gua number is not just useful for decorating a Feng Shui home. Knowing your Kua number also reveals your best colors, feng shui elements, and seasons. A Feng Shui number calculator is one of the most useful feng shui tips.

How to Calculate Feng Shui Kua Numbers

Kua numbers are based on your birth date and whether you are male or female. If your birthday happens to fall in late January or early February, your Kua number may be different depending on whether the lunar calendar or solar calendar is used.

Some feng shui experts use the lunar calendar to figure out Gua numbers, and others use the solar calendar. The following Kua number calculations are based on the solar calendar.

Feng shui Kua numbers are easy to figure out. Here's how:

Feng Shui Kua Number Calculator How To

Add the last two digits in your birth year. Keep adding until you get to a single digit. For example- Say you were born in 1983. Add 8+3 together. This equals 11, which is still two digits. So, add those together- 1+1=2. Okay, that is one digit, so this step is over.

Next, if you are female take the last digit and add five to it. Again, if you get a two digit number, add again until you have a single digit.

If you are male, use the last digit and subtract it from 10. For example, if you were born in 1983, you added 8+3=11. Then you added 1+1=2. So now, you subtract 2 from 10. 10-2=8. This is your Kua number.

Chinese Feng Shui house Photo credit: StePagna @flickr
Chinese Feng Shui house Photo credit: StePagna @flickr

Which Are East and West Kua Numbers in Feng Shui

The Kua numbers are divided into two groups- the East and the West. After you find out your Kua number, you can learn in which group you belong.

The east group is the Kua numbers 1, 3, 4, or 9. Males with the Kua number 5 also belong to the east group. The west group is comprised of the numbers 2, 6, 7, 8, and all females with the Kua number 5.

Four Feng Shui Lucky Corners - Sheng Chi, Tien Yi, Nien Yen, Fu Wei

Each group has lucky corners in four separate areas. The work success area, sheng chi, determines success in your career and acquiring wealth. The good health lucky corner, tien yi, is self-explanatory. The romance lucky corner, nien yen, encompasses not only romantic relationships in particular, but relationships in the entire family. The self-improvement lucky corner, fu wei, is for improving oneself through wisdom and learning.

Photo credit: Albert! @flickr
Photo credit: Albert! @flickr

Feng Shui Kua Number Lucky Corners - Or Gua Numbers

Kua number 1 has the southeast for work success, east for good health, south for romance, and the north for personal growth.

Number 2 is northeast for work success, west for good health, northwest for romantic relationships, and southwest for self-improvement.

Number 3's lucky corners are south for work success, north for staying healthy, southeast for romantic love, and east for self-improvement.

Kua number 4 is north for feng shui wealth and work success, south for optimal health, east for romance, and southeast for personal growth.

Number 5 males are northeast for work success, west for good health, northwest for relationships, and southwest for personal growth.

Number 5 females are southwest for success at work, northwest for good health, west for personal relationships, and northeast for self-improvement.

Number 6 is west for work success, northeast for improved health, southwest for romance, and northwest for personal growth.

Number 7 is northwest for work success, southwest for good health, northeast for romantic relationships, and west for personal growth.

Kua number 8 is southwest for career success, northwest for optimal health, west for personal relationships, and northeast for personal improvement.

Number 9 is east for success at work, southeast for good health, north for relationships, and south for self-improvement.

Now that you know your Kua number and how to use it, be more aware of your "lucky corners". Try to use them effectively.

Feng Shui Explanation Video

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    • infocity profile image


      7 years ago from United States


      thanx for sharing. i am great fan of vastu shastra and fengshui. i will implement these tips at home and at my office for sure.


    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for such wonderful information.


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