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Feng Shui Support for a Happy, Healthy Relationship

Updated on November 11, 2018

While love relationships typically come to us fairly easily, they do not maintain themselves. Relationships are full-time jobs. If you're not willing to invest full-time work into maintaining your relationships, they will go stagnant and, eventually, die.

Feng Shui (the ancient Chinese art of placement) offers some assistance here, for those who are willing to put in the actual work because they wholeheartedly want to share their lives with another person. Without using Feng Shui and emotional intelligence, you will not have a long-lasting, great relationship. It might be good, but not as good as it could be!

Using Feng Shui in your master bedroom helps to support a joyful, healthy, loving, romantic relationship. In providing a well-balanced, warm and loving atmosphere to share with the love of your life, you show them in the most beautiful way that you are sincere when you tell them how much you care about him/her and the relationship. In doing this, you actually show them that you love and care for them. Without this, you will not draw to you the best possible companion for you, or, if you do, you will NOT keep them. Love is beautiful and it should radiate out into our atmosphere. Henceforth, by setting the intention for peace, passion, and romance, you are setting the scene for a beautiful, long-lasting relationship!

  • FOR EQUALITY WITHIN THE RELATIONSHIP: Always use pairs of items. Two night stands, two lamps, two candles, a decanter with two glasses or a vase with two flowers are good examples. In the Master Bath, hang terry or silk His and Her bathrobes, for the same balancing effect. For optimal balance within the relationship, be sure to balance your bedroom with equal elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. For further information on working with the Elements of Feng Shui, read more here:

  • DO SOME PAINTING! A fresh coat of paint removes old, stuck, negative (destructive) energy. As a bonus, the smell of fresh paint is intoxicating! Or, is that just me?

    Painting your bedroom, especially TOGETHER, adds a breath of fresh air to even a failing relationship. Painting will remove the toxicity and bring things back to the beauty of your love life in the beginning. Here, again, you will not have a great, healthy, loving romantic relationship if you're not willing to put in real work! And it shouldn't even feel like work, if you're truly sincere about it.

  • DO A SPIRITUAL CLEANSING: Another way to cleanse the room of negative energy is to do a spiritual cleansing. How, exactly, a person may choose to do their spiritual cleansing is reliant heavily upon which religion/spiritual path he or she may walk. Some might ring a bell, shake a rattle, throw Holy Water all over the place, pray with their rosary. Many will utilize candles and incense. Do whatever appeals to you! Walk your own path here. However, if you'd like to read about some of the things I do to banish negative energies from my home and workplace, you can read more helpful tips here:

    A Spiritual Cleansing is especially important if one partner or another has had a relationship with a different partner in the past, in the same living space. If you don't want your new relationship to end the exact same way, MAKE SOME CHANGES!

  • SETTING THE MOOD: Create the perfect atmosphere for romance by removing your distracting television and, instead, incorporating soft music combined with soft lighting. Candles work wonders here. Remember, you'll need two, at the minimum!

Romantic Ambience:

  • ADDING ARTWORK: Sensual, romantic artwork is also a wonderful enhancement to your bedroom love nest. The best placement here would be on the wall facing the foot of the bed (where you naturally look when you're lying in bed) and, also, the first area of the room you see upon entering the room. Add a romantic photograph of you and your love to your bedroom décor to encourage more of those beautiful moments. If you're single, add a picture of a couple sparking that particular love glow you're looking for.

    Also, a lovely round mirror, placed in either or both of these same locations, signifies completion and unity. If you're trying to get married, this is the magic you need. I recommend the round mirrors in both locations, as well as some beautiful artwork! Anything worth doing, is worth doing right, but you do what suits you best.

  • OF BED LINENS AND BATH TOWELS: Let's face it, guys. Some luxury is important here. How can you expect to have a good relationship if you don't invest in it?

    Show them how special they are by providing comfort! Apply luxurious 300 plus thread count bed linens with warm and fluffy throw pillows in the bedroom and plush new towels in the master bathroom to soothe the body, the mind, and the soul. A beautiful atmosphere makes us feel beautiful. When we feel beautiful, it opens the doors to passionate love.

  • TREAT YOUR MASTER SUITE AS SACRED SPACE! This is where your bodies entwine and your souls connect. This is a huge deal! To keep the bedroom, and your relationship, fresh, spray lavender, vanilla and/or cinnamon scents daily, or, incorporate the same in scented candles, or, maybe use both. Incense can also be found advantageous here. I recommend the Patchouli.

Finishing Touches:

Sweeten your relationship by incorporating candy kisses into the “Marriage and Partnership” gua area of your bedroom. This is a very simple way to eliminate moodiness and the feeling of being taken for granted within a relationship. If they're feeling taken for granted, candy kisses, guys and gals! Candy kisses, all around!

Read poetry to one another, or to yourself (if you are single), until your mate appears. This can assist you in expressing your emotions, adding beautiful words and a rhythmic tone.

Also, to accelerate your passions, wear sensual lingerie and/or silk pajamas to bed. Add an enchanting basket by the bedside, full of oils and massage lotions, and enjoy using them together. Keep bubble bath in the master bath and slide into the tub together to relax and unwind after a hard day's work. If suitable, add a couple glasses of wine.

Having Relationship Problems?

  • DON'T PANIC! DO THIS FIRST: Declutter! Always Declutter, First! Clutter is energy blockage! The removal of clutter allows room for intimacy to bloom in your bedroom. Leaving clutter, therein, creates and traps an extremely powerful, damaging form of negative energy. If you're currently having relationship problems, simply cleaning up around your bedroom can make all the difference in the world. Don't believe me? Try it and leave your comments about how it worked for you or did not below! It really is sometimes this simple to turn your love life around. If your room is a wreck, I know I don't want to go in there! It's bad juju!


Using Feng Shui in your bedroom can greatly improve a troubled relationship. It can also take an already wonderful relationship even higher! There is no limit on how beautiful love can be, unless you yourself put limits on it, consciously or subconsciously.


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