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Updated on March 9, 2016

This Holiday Season, gift giving is common among families and their loved ones.
In general, every gift is positive and good but in Feng Shui, there
are some things you should avoid giving as it may bring negative energy to
the ones who will receive it.

Things you should avoid giving as gifts:

- It is not recommended to give wallets, purses, containers, or similar items as a
gift as these symbolize emptiness. It would mean you have not given anything
to the receiver and therefore will not bring good luck to anyone.

- Any sharp objects such as knives, scissors, blades, etc. is not favorable as a
gift as it would mean cutting your relationship with the person to whom you will
give that present especially if it's your loved ones.

- Anything related to time such as watches, clocks, calendars, etc. as these
symbolize expiration of time which is a negative sign in Feng Shui.

- Spicy foods and related products should be avoided as this may result to a broken
relationship between the giver and the receiver.

- A gift received and was given away as a "gift" would mean that you're also giving
away good luck within that present.

When giving gifts, it is recommended to wrap it in lively color such as gold or
red gift wrapper. Never use old gift wrappers which was already used. Tie a red or
gold ribbon around the gift to activate it's positive energy.

In Feng Shui, a favorable or positive gift giving brings good luck to the giver
and the receiver.


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    • Samuel Orris profile image

      Samuel orris 22 months ago from Texas

      Gather more knowledge about gift giving. This guideline is really helpful.

      Thank you john.

    • jhon468pat profile image

      jhon468pat 8 years ago

      Yes, me too. Thanks for dropping by.

    • Ricky Covit profile image

      Ricky Covit 8 years ago from Toronto Canada

      These are soem of the vercy good gift ideas and Feng Shui definitely helps in all respects of life. I personally believe in Feng Shui and it has helped in my life