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Battles won with love

Updated on December 4, 2018

Love your enemy

An astounding note about Jesus Teachings

If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” This is a quote from the sermon on the mount of Jesus.

What Jesus was trying to teach his disciples?

No one wants to be defeated. Everyone wants to be a conqueror. Win the battle and rule others. Not to be ruled by others. That is what everyone wants and desired for. Genius people teach peoples to fight till you win. Till death, fight. Life is a battlefield. Everyone accepts that. And are doing their own fighting every day. Fighting with the wife, fighting with colleagues, fighting with the boss, fighting with whoever comes in your way.

Fighting with family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Fathers fighting with their children, Children fighting with their parents, Husbands fights with their wives, Mother-in-law fights with the daughter-in-law, Politicians fighting each other, Students fighting in the school, Terrorists fighting for their religion or region. The endless list of fighting community is there.

With a hope to win. Without knowing the consequences, or even though knowing, not caring. Hurting is the part of the fight. We are living a life full of hurt and feelings of pain caused by our parents, relatives or strangers. Leading a painful life and trying to win the war. Our government and leaders ask us to fight for our right. There are organizations which are fighting for human rights. Everyone wants their own freedom.

In this fighting world, what is the importance of the teachings of Jesus “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” What is the meaning of this saying? Surrendering to others? Make available oneself to be misused by others? Make available oneself to be stepped by others while they are making their success stories.

No. Not at all. Jesus was trying to teach how to lead a successful, peaceful and happy life. A life that not resisting others. A nonresistant life. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also, in a peaceful and loving manner. So that after striking your both cheek he will go without leaving any grudge against you.

At the same time, you should not keep any kind of negative feelings towards the one who strikes you. Also, pray for him and love him. And greet him with a smile on your face when you meet him next time. So that he won't feel that you are angry with him. Thereby keeping a loving, peaceful environment which helps him to love you. Let him feel that there is no danger for him in your presence. Making his life enjoyable. Thereby you, as well as, he can concentrate on something positive and creative rather than negative things. Both of you can engage in constructive and enjoyable things rather than fear of destruction or painful events.

If you fight against the one who strikes your right cheek, rather than you suffer or endure, the fighting will go on until the other one is defeated or eliminated. Even if you defeated or conquered, until the enemy is not eliminated, you will have the fear of the enemy and expect another attack from the defeated one. Defeated people also carry the grudge against the one who defeated them. They won't feel happy in the presence of the conquered one.

Endure suffering

Jesus wants to tell us that endure the suffering and live a full and a happy king-size life and let others live fearlessly and enjoyable. Forget and forgive the bad things happened in your life and be thankful for all that good things and occasions God has given you in this beautiful planet. Because we all are dependent.

But people seek for Independence. But if you look carefully, we cannot live in this world without depending on others. We all are depended on someone else in one way or other. We all depend on the Mill owners who make beautiful clothes in which we look sharp. Mill owners are depended on the farmers who produce cotton in their field as well as the workers who are working in their mill and the Manufactures of machines, etc. We are depended on Farmers who produce Grains in their field for us to eat.

A newborn baby is depended on the parents. A growing child is dependent on his parents and his teachers. A married woman is dependent on her husband. At the old age, people are dependent on their children. In our daily life, we all are dependent on others. In this present age, we cannot live a life of Independence.

Our dependency means we need people around us on a daily basis. If we need people around us, we need to endure sufferings so that people may be available around us every time when we need them. Thank them for being around us when we desperately need them. Love others and people will love you. You may find joy in the happiness of others. It is rather better than finding joy in the pain of others.

If you find joy in the pain of others then you will face the same kind of situation throughout your life.

So Jesus wants to teach his disciples that live a happy life and let others live a happy life. Remove enmity by love. Love can dissolve the power of enmity.

May God Bless You.


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