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Fighting off the Evil Eye

Updated on November 3, 2011

We all know that "evil" can only be fought off by "good". And since "evil" is not a thing, it cannot be fought off by things like amulets and talismans. The "evil eye" is not a physical eye. It pertains to a intention, or thought, from another person, to do harm.

"As above, so below". What is above the physical world? We have emotions, memories, the intellect, thought, and of course Soul. Whatever we feel or think of can easily be translated into the physical world. Thus if we think of harm, it could also be manifested in the physical as harm.

As long as we continue to think of the "evil eye" hurting us, the more we give life to the idea, which will eventually manifest as real harm. In such cases, no talisman nor amulet will be effective.

Can we actually prevent anyone from harming us? Of course.! If we do not allow, not give permission, for anyone to harm us, then we cannot be harmed. The mere thought, and belief, that the "evil eye" can do us harm, WILL ACTUALLY DO US HARM.

Hit the "evil eye" with something stronger and higher than it is. Hit it with goodness, compassion, and love.


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    • profile image

      nisha 7 years ago

      u may be right, bt its not possible in present world