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Finding Meaning: Why are we here?

Updated on May 26, 2014

The Search for Meaning

Good evening readers! I'm so glad you're hear to read this hub. I wrote it just for those of you who are searching for a greater over all meaning of life. By all means, this hub is not meant to be a definitive one-size-fits-all answer, but it's a good start. It's a place where most of us can agree, and then begin to add our own personalized answers.

Keep in mind as you're reading this, that there are going to be some of my own personal esoteric and existential experiences thrown in, so if there is something I mention that you don't agree with, it's more than okay for you to substitute those parts with your own beliefs and experiences.

The search for the meaning of life is one that humans have been seeking for a very long time. Likely it began since the first moment we were consciously able to consider the greater forces in our world, that are two great to hold in our hands.

In this hub, I'm going to answer the question: "What is the meaning of life?"

Again, my answer may not be your answer, and in a lot of ways, it will probably be way too simple for most people, but it's an answer non the less. One that I hope most people can agree on and create even greater meaning from.


There is no greater reason for us to be here than simply to experience all that there is to be experienced. The good, the bad, the ugly, the outrageous. The mysterious, the esoteric, the abundance, the lack. It's the greatest explanation for why we have free will and there are so many different things to experience in our reality.

If there was any reason for the energy that we call a "soul", to decide to inhabit a body and mind like ours, it has to be because we have the highest ability to create, find and fall into experiences.


I've always felt that one of the reasons we have been entered into this reality on this earth with the resources we have, is to CREATE. We have an absolutely amazing ability to use our bodies and minds to build, break, create and remodel. We can take just about anything around us and turn it into something useful. Just think about Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin.

We can even use just our minds and our words to create spectacular results. Just look at Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Theresa and J.K. Rowling.

It doesn't matter whether a human being was born in AD or BC. It doesn't matter if you're born rich or poor, healthy or sick, smart or dumb. We all have the ability to create and manifest. The talent can be uses for good or evil, greater good or personal good, to reveal or to deceive, to be lazy or effective. The talent can also be used to it's fullest extent or not all.

If it can be imagined, it can be created.

With such a universal ability so readily available to us, I fail to believe that it couldn't be a part of our greater purpose and a definite part of the answer to "why are we here?"


Another unique ability that all human beings have is the power to GIVE MEANING.

This hub is a great example. I've taken the sum of my life experiences and education and created a meaning that works for me. YOU are another great example. You are reading this and either thinking yeah, this makes a lot of sense, I agree with this meaning or you're thinking I don't agree with this meaning at all, it's complete crap and I believe....

Either way, you've just given meaning to your life with a simple thought. A thought is honestly only a small bit of energy that occurs in your brain. That's absolutely amazing, isn't it?

Another great example of our power to give meaning is religion. There are thousands of varying religions in the world that were all created one day by one person who decided they had a firm understanding of what spirituality meant to them. Even more of an example is how each person customizes their particular dogma to fit their experiences, so that no two people can practice their religions exactly the same way.

Our ability to give meaning to anything in our lives is such a special talent that it has to be a part of what we are hear for. We give names to nameless things and meaning to meaningless experiences. We create meaning to create new emotions, tools and resources.

I believe that a part of why we are hear is to give meaning to everything around us.


Let's sum it all up. The meaning of life is to EXPERIENCE, CREATE and GIVE MEANING. That is the meaning to life. If you agree, then go! Get out of your seat and experience, create and give meaning to all that you experience and create.

If you don't agree, use these meanings as a basis to create your own meaning, or leave a polite comment below letting us know what your meaning of life is. Go on, tell us, "Why are we here?" =)


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  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Lake Stevens

    Thank you so much for the fantastic comment WiccanSage. I was hoping that this hub would be received well and help brighten up some days =)

  • WiccanSage profile image

    Mackenzie Sage Wright 

    5 years ago

    Beautiful. This is pretty much what I've come to believe is the answer to that question. The meaning of life, is simply to live! You've presented it beautifully here, thanks so much for sharing-- after reading the news this morning it's so nice to come across something so optimistic and inspiring.


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