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Finding Your Calling

Updated on September 1, 2009

Finding Your Calling

Are you doing what you think you're meant to do?
How do you know what it is you're meant to do?

According to Pastor Tim of Liquid Church, big time leadership begins with small stuff like serving others. (Aug 09 series Kaleo - Greek for Called)

There are tons of self-help books out there, but I kind of want to know how you do it. For me, my life has gone in several directions and it's more a matter of finding a few paths that didn't work to find the one that does work.

Basic tips I've gathered from my own life (no, I haven't read any self-help books):
Maintain a good self image. The more you like yourself, the more trust you'll place in yourself and the better your frame of mind will be. The better a frame of mind you have, the easier you will find tough situations that come into your life. Some may say, that's all well and good for someone who doesn't face the problems you do, and that's true but on the other hand few people have the exact same experience. We don't all have to suffer equally to empathize with each other.

Experiment - That's a bit dangerous so far as advice giving goes. What I mean is don't be afraid to try a new job. Please note, you have to use some common sense. If you're deathly afraid of heights, don't try being a rollercoaster repairman. I tried being a sales rep, only then I realized I couldn't sell popcorn to a starving moviegoer.

Get to know yourself - try some of those free personality tests. They're sometimes fun and usually very informative. Journal, think, read, reflect - note: reflection is a lot more pleasant if done in a beautiful environment like the beach or out in a forest (bring bug repellent as necessary)

Do something you love - If you can't go into your job and love it despite the frustrations, you're probably in the wrong business. Make a pros/ cons list if you have to. Basically, weigh the loves and frustrations you have for what you do. Now, if you're a stay-at-home mother, it's not so easy to quit that job, so I guess I'd refer you to my next point.

Deal with stress - Life's a journey. Find a hobby or passion to help you deal with the daily stresses that face you. For me, this is reading fiction. I don't typically like read non-fiction because I find it too close to the real world. When I read, I want to escape into a place where everything is neatly predestined. I'm not talking stiff-as-board, everything's all perky all the time, but things work out, for good or ill, there is closure. If you can find ways to deal with your stress, you can at least be happier while you search for your calling.

Trust God to know what's best for your life. I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me here on the basis that they believe God doesn't exist. For me, this step is more of an instinct than it is conscious chore. Simply put, I know that the things that have happened to me have shaped me, so now I can face what comes with the knowledge that I can choose how I react to those life events that are tougher than others.

What do you do? Do you love what you do?


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