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First Hand Account of a Visit to an Alien Underwater Base

Updated on December 23, 2013

No contactee is as credible as Rincón, not least because numerous witnesses and investigations of his experiences. Many reports and details of his contacts with extraterrestrials, he published only in the last few years. Including details of his visit to a submarine base in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific, one of the deepest parts of our planet.

On 30 January 1975 (the second day of my stay in the Andes in a vertex of out-of-earth), I was awakened at 6:00 clock in the morning by a gentle knock at my door.

One of the four supervisors wished me good morning, very friendly and gave my hand a sign to follow him. He asked me if I had slept well and took me to a small conference room, where al-ready other comrades who would participate in the adventure waiting. A short time later, there were also other people. Overall, we were six. There was also a woman named Eallyne which is obviously a little seemed to be nervous. It is not easy for me to give this experience a profile of my colleagues. One thing I know certainly that I was the oldest of them.

On this occasion, the supervisor told us that they would take us to an underwater base. Valid for this visit, there was a very important term basis. There would be permitted us to the extent they would be able to visit these alien base in the interior of our planet, which was built in collaboration with another breed many years ago, in all their glory.

While our group was given instructions that we were just informed about it and categorically. Speechless and with an unbridled joy, we looked at each other. We had a light breakfast, which consisted of a portion of fresh bread, hot and delicious tropical fruit Flower Tea.

We were then led through an underground passage, which was illuminated by a strange light, which seemed transparent tiles in the floor and had the brightness of the sunlight. The passage through which we walked about 100 yards, had only two gentle curves. After the last turn offered us an astonishing sight Licher, we emerged into a kind of artificial crater with a diameter of 200 meters, which was excavated from the top of a mountain in the Andes. (This was a second tunnel extending from the other, which we differed on December 24, 1974 used,).

The sight that greeted us, surprised us very much. On the left side of the tunnel exit six ships were floating in the air ...!

The ships were not moved by the morning sun and be radiated. Its length was 7 to 8 meters and height 3.5 meters. The appearance was identical at all. The ship wa acids round, polished metal, we had-the joints or rivets, as with a small dome observation space. They hung in the air, maybe 6 feet above the ground.

With the permission of Cyril (now Merck Krishna), we approached them and held our hands a few times as far as we could under the ships. But we have nothing, feel nothing, which would have the ships, perhaps a stop can be. They appeared on an invisible rope to hang. We felt just that by moving the hairs on our arms were statically charged.

It was a beautiful morning, clear cool with a breeze that caressed our faces. They would have needed a poet to describe the scene properly. The floor was decorated with large and small trees, and with a lawn of thick grass and wild flowers.

We were led to another ship that was approaching us already with a swinging motion and about 20 meters away from us on a tripod landing that emerged from the lower part of the ship. With a motion Cyril pointed us to follow him to the vehicle landed.

On one side of the ship was let down a ladder. We then saw a crew member who came down to greet us. He was wearing a mustard-colored, tight-fitting uniforms without badges made ​​of a lightweight fabric, but still with plenty of room. He signaled us to come on board. Gentle-men as a right, we gave precedence Eallyne and so we followed her, one after the other. Once inside offered us another crew member to take on a very convenient "bank" space.

Another member of the crew left the ship, so Cyril with the remaining crew members, who carried the responsibility to bring us to the base. Aboard the ship there were a total of 8 persons.

The ship made ​​it seem like it was made ​​in a piece of produce remains soft, and polished steel. My personal opinion was that this was probably patterned metal from a special alloy. I rubbed my hand across the surface in an effort to feel the material, which felt more steel in comparison to the mother ship, which I on 3 November 1973 touched. No, the material was not the same. The fact was that one could not perceive the granulation.

At this point I must add, how relieved I was the type of loading Cyril's welcoming remarks, compared with the other. He asked me with a pat on the "underground" style, as it were the group in Bogota. You could notice a certain difference, perhaps because of our former friendship in Caracas 1969th (See the first volume: "The great dawn of mankind") His welcome was very friendly and honest.

At the very comfortable and the body adapting bank, we could look through a "crystal", which was shaped like a screen. We arrived be-the terse statement: "You can talk and what you see, comment on, but you must not get up without instruction." I looked at the sweater of Cyril, he was made ​​of good wool, which was fluffy and light. He wore brown boots and had no gloves.

The ship was moving slowly, almost in a vertical direction. At the same time "opened up" of the crystal and revealed a picture window, which ranged over the entire dome. No noise or movement was perceived by us.

In a few moments we were thrown in the direction of a clear blue sky. It was noteworthy that mobility of this ship, with a length of 16 meters and a height of 6 meters, had! There are the first comments. The quiet of a comment which caused Atten-send a large general laughter. Cyril sat with us and be our whached-curious. Smiling, he asked us: "Do you have a comment to make?"

"Yes, many ...", we gave him the answer.

It really was not the right moment to ask questions. We were delighted. We all cried almost at once, that what is happening is truly un-believable. Cyril said: "This is one of your favorite words."

"What?" We asked. "UNBELIEVABLE!" He replied, smiling.

We saw very soon the great mountain-massively disappear in the South American Andes. You could see the white, almost silvery threads of the rivers which took their particular run through the mountain chains.

The ship gained altitude and appeared motionless on th hang Wolkenschich in a great solitude, without any reference points, except for a few stars in the distance.

Cyril now announced a sharp nosedive. Within a few minutes, we saw a huge sea beneath us, pure magic. After 10 min-utes Cyril announced to us: "We are located across the Pacific and will arrive at a place known as the 'Marianas Trench' designated-net."

Cyril watching a screen, and translated the various symbols and fonts that the old "runes" were similar. On a board illuminated various buttons and lights, which were part of a system far removed from our developed technology. Blessed be the electronics.

The speed was now staggering. We looked at each other in an effort to express something, when the inevitable happens and can help almost anything. The ship arrived in a visible slope and plunged into a breathtaking and dangerous dive. We all agreed that we would crash into the surface. With prolonged breath was inevitable for us the disastrous impact!

To our astonishment, the sea seemed to open at a point directly in front of the ship, which was slower to emerge in the Pacific ...! Fantastic! This can even happen is unbelievable. What forces are at an event like this, with the game?

Cyril was now quiet and looked at us. I wondered why we, from the moment when the ship tilted, no physical impacts felt th, but we just did not even once. Is it due to the miracle of the magnetic fields?

On the way to the sea floor, suddenly became the initial darkness broken by a very bright light. Since the ship is not the surface of the water touched, we were able to confirm its water repellency. Cyril gave us to the following statement: "A 'energy field' that prevents friction between the water and the ship, where the water is repelled and the 'pressure', which otherwise would crush us, is prevented. . We are at it, in one of the lowest points invade this planet, you know, the Mariana Trench "Cyril made ​​the remark:" Take good care, because never before has any Earthly reach this depth "(The British researcher Timothy. Good corrected his statement because Mr. Piccard in the company of an American who in 1960 arrived at a deep-sea diving maneuvers a depth of 10 917 m.)

On the seabed, we now saw some illuminated area. She was huge. Clearly you could see a completely lit, dome-shaped building, whose exact size was difficult to assess. What is this building? Is it an illusion? I would say ... WONDER BAR! ... What a miracle!

Cyril explained shortly, we should calm our minds and our hearts, what was in our heart beating very hard. What our eyes saw amazed us deeply. We saw both alien fish species that have never seen and were not classified with certainty as well as marine plants and a strange kind of bushes, which were almost within reach with our hands.

The ship began to stabilize itself, turned and went slowly to a point on the dome-shaped building, which opened an "eye". It was a kind of ramp, drove onto the ship. The first ship together with the infiltrated water was once again ousted. The ship was now acting on a hydraulic rail. A transparent material be-covered everything and we felt the movement of a force or energy, and had a brief moment, a feeling of emptiness. Cyril, who saw it assured us that we would be in danger. So it was then. We looked like little kids on a carousel. When the fun was over, the door was opened and the ship we were given the instruction to leave the ship one by one. Cyril and the crew left the ship last.

As we entered the entrance, got our eyes to see something incredible. We saw unknown trees, me, plants, walkways, walls with the look of crystal structures such as granite and metal walls and windows, tinted glass, mr-Liche lights, big ferns, on through shimmering "light rays" spatial impressions of the construction works-left. The entrance and the sides of smaller buildings were decorated with other plants. We learned that some of these plants were able to produce very pure oxygen. These things all belong to an alien race. Without a doubt, I thought we never forget the experience. We were certain that these buildings would be the ideal and the dream of every architect or engineer.

We followed the two crew members are divided into a building. Small shiny stones littered the ground gan-zen. We were told even smaller and even tiny stones, consisting of a granular metal, operating instructions, would be used for the consolidation of the soil. On the seabed, these deposits are common.

We followed Cyril to a room where two guards greeted us and offered to take on comfortable armchairs. We were in the first building on the right side of the rotunda complex. One of the guards pointed his finger at the chair and said telepathically ". Wait here"

Two or three minutes later, opened a room in the wall eingelas Sener-glare screen. In another passage, opened a door that looked like crystal, and there appeared a man, he looked very young and had almost yellow, shouldering attain hair. But what most impressed was his facial expression. His charisma-ment was of high intelligence and an inner peace. In his direct and friendly eye was a mysterious force. He stood up to greet us with a warm handshake.

He wore a simple blue overalls. Compared with the other two who accompanied us, he was wearing on the left side of his overalls certain Em-problems whose importance remained unknown to us. In the way Cyril and the others greeted him, it was obvious he had a very high authority. We were informed that he was responsible for the base.

He looked at us closely and said:

"You were brought here because this planet is threatened by dark forces, as well as by a natural disaster POSSIBLE GE waltigen extent with subsequent following various disasters. For us, your presence has a profound meaning that you will be aware not yet.

The progressive loss of the ozone layer, the poisoning of vital elements such as water, rivers, lakes, etc., the ruthless ex-deforest the forests, the extinction of some species and the fertilization of other species and viruses, the previously held by them under control were (at this point, he referred to certain plant and insect species that are unknown to us at the time and the impact of pests) prevent the war, and certain genetic procedures, have grave consequences.

It is the play of a responsible non-scientists, with their massive inventions that will serve the destruction device, the religious confrontations, which are by their top leaders promoted, the increase in famines caused by drought and climate change and other scandalous events the protection of the ionosphere to destroy. In addition, the choice-less, irresponsible nuclear tests and other deadly weapons, poison the atmosphere, the equilibrium ravage of nature, reduce the life-giving oxygen in the air and other great evils, by the irresponsibility and negligence of your political Indus-trial and are leaders who have no conscience and only think about their own profit causes.

It would be very easy for us to eliminate these deadly plagues. But it is your task, against those who break the law, drastic measures to take when a new generation to grow up with a higher sen-knowledge, which is based on the experience of the NEW CONSCIENCE. Mankind has a lot to learn.

Dangerous changes to their own body and keeping her balance in her Le-ben are at stake. Everything is pointing in the direction that some governments require re-continuation of the dangerous practices by the critics despise the good scientists who warned again and again and sometimes even jailed in order to silence them.

The so-called GLOBAL WARMING we are concerned with all its terrible consequences to some extent in all countries. There has never been such a huge geo-logical movements in the earth's crust, deadly avalanches, frequent earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes, tornadoes, uncontrollable and sint-torrential rain and periods of drought and so many victims of cold or heat.

This contributed to the movements of the corona in the sun and could trigger these disasters. The scientists should watch this off-beat and complex disorder in the sun. It is this information because we were somehow affected.

We do not want ye 'poses as the savior of mankind' and disseminates these events to the public. We should be very wise. If your feeling and mood with the matches, you should report it to the leaders of your government. Covers the information obtained here very wisely and not abused it.

The human mind has a stellar pedigree. Go back to your home country and think about it, before you make a statement.

We are all brothers.

There will come a day when we have to ask BEFORE THE EYES OF ALL BEFORE THE ENTIRE PLANET. The plan already exists, but you yourselves must make the changes.

I take my leave of you to remain with the trust in your good sense and a desire, in the midst of the coming change, which will lead to the realization of the inner being of every person and learn to understand it and that its true nature infinity! "

With a sad look at what awaits us in the coming years until the end of this century and what the future until the third Millen-nium will bring, we realized when we read the statistics to the increasing border crime and corruption, which gradually undermines our civilization, that the change has already taken place. When the countdown is on by climate change, we will know that we lost our pride and missed a legitimate chance to have our wonderful beautiful planet on which we are home to rescue and protect. All fraternally united under one beautiful roof, no matter what race or creed.

With a pat on the right side and a full understanding, and have adopted this view of the man in charge of the base at any one of us. Without asking questions, we followed the instructions and went before us. Cyril said: "This event we will never forget as long as we live ..." I had the same thought.


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