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Firstborn from the dead, Born again as a spirit

Updated on July 22, 2010

The Word became flesh

None of us could pay the 'ransom' placed on mankind, because of the act of a perfect man Adam, who disobeyed. Remember, the promised penalty was death, and so Adam and Eve were placed outside of Jehovah's protective care. In time they grew old and died [subsequent imperfection], a trait that was passed on to all their progeny [all of us].
So then Adamic death ruled from Adam to the Mosaic laws. Since the Mosaic laws, transgression ruled [since the Law is perfect, but, we are not, and if we break one we break all].
God's Word was sent [of course He willingly consented to being sent, but it was Jehovah's WILL, or plan of reconciliation that facilitated this act]. John 8:42, John 6:38.

John 8:42 (Worldwide English (New Testament))

42Jesus said to them, `If God were your Father you would love me, because I have come from God. I did not come by my own power. God sent me.

John 6:38 (Worldwide English (New Testament))

38I did not come down from heaven to do what I myself want to do. I came to do what the one who sent me wants me to do.

So, it needed another perfect male [remember the man, is the head of the woman 1 Cor. 11:3], to equal the value of what was lost when Adam sinned.
The Word as flesh was a perfect man, being conceived by the lifeforce of the Word being transferred to the womb of a Jewish virgin, by the power of Jehovah's holy spirit.
But, Jehovah's Son, as a perfect man, was also able to successfully answer ALL of the false charges made by the Adversary or Satan [Proverbs 2:4, 5].

Jehovah's Son, Jesus the Christ, by His obedience to death, accomplished all that was necessary for Jehovah to reconcile obedient members of mankind.

1. Christ's sacrificial death provided a propitiatory for release from Adamic death. One no longer had to die just because of the inheritance from Adam.
2. As Mediator of the New Covenant [Jeremiah 31:31 to 34, Hebrews 8: 6-13; 10: 14 - 36], forgiveness of subsequent unintentional sins
became a reality, and the sealing of a New Nation of kings and priests [Re 20:6], was accomplished.
3. As High Priest [Psalm 110:4, Hebrews 6:20, 8:1, 2], Christ can plead to Jehovah on our behalf.
4. Being raised as a spirit Being, Christ was the first of New Jerusalem, Jehovah's future Administration of kings and priests from earth, a heavenly organization, of born again as spirit sons of Jehovah [Romans 1:3, 4; Re 20:6; 1 Cor 15:45].

No human born in sin, could pay this ransom, so none of us can boast. But after placing our faith in this provision [John 3:16], we have to act accordingly, because faith is revealed by appropriate works [James 2:17; Romans 10:9, 10].


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    • Captain Jimmy profile image

      Captain Jimmy 7 years ago from WV

    • True Truthseeker profile image

      True Truthseeker 7 years ago

      We still die, because the reconciliation is a process.

      1. The charges raised by the Devil [Slanderer], have all been settled by the life and death of Jesus, the Christ.

      2. God's anger will be turned on earth in the near future on disobedient mankind. In the meantime, the message of redemption is being preached worldwide.

      3. After Armageddon, the Devil and his cohorts [demons], will be put out of commission [not destroyed yet], and a thousand year rule by Christ and 144,000 born again as spirit sons of God will oversee a gradual restoration of earth and its citizens to paradisaic like conditions.

      4. During this time those who did not get the opportunity to choose life under Jehovah's arrangement, will be given the opportunity, by a resurrection.

      5. At the end of the 1000 years, the Devil and his cohorts will be released for a "short" time.

      6. All those who side with the Devil will be destroyed forever.

      7. All those who were faithful and obedient to Jehovah's arrangement will live forever in a paradise earth.

    • Deaconess profile image

      Deaconess 7 years ago

      So... if this is the case... then why is it that we still die of death as we know it?

      Also... if human beings were indeed created to live forever... then we would have been created to live forever, no? Obviously we weren't, since eating of the tree of life is what would have made us live forever?

      I am sincerely trying to understand what you are trying to say... your logic presently escapes me.

    • True Truthseeker profile image

      True Truthseeker 7 years ago

      Adamic death, is death as we know it. It was not Jehovah God's intention for man to die. We as progeny of Adam, die because Adam sinned, and forfeited his right to life, an eventuality that was inherited by all mankind [Romans 5:12]. Christ [Messiah or anointed One], paid for this 'breach' with His perfect human life [equivalent to that of Adam, prior to his sin]. Romans 6:23.

    • Deaconess profile image

      Deaconess 7 years ago

      What does "Adamic" death mean?

    • True Truthseeker profile image

      True Truthseeker 7 years ago

      Most of us would be familiar with the account of Nicodemus, the Pharisee, and a ruler of the Jews, who came to Jesus, the Christ [anointed One], at night.

      Let us continue with the account at John 3:3 which reads:

      In answer Jesus said to him, "Most truly I say to you, unless ANYONE is BORN AGAIN, he CANNOT SEE THE KINGDOM of God."

      After a few other exchanges, Jesus explains at John 3:5, which reads:

      Jesus answered: "Most truly I say to you, unless ANYONE is BORN FROM WATER AND SPIRIT, HE CANNOT ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF God.

      Earlier John the Baptist observed:

      John said: "I viewed the spirit coming down as a dove out of heaven, and it remained upon him. Even I did not know him, but the very One who sent me to baptize in water said to me, 'Whoever it is upon whom you see the spirit coming down and remaining, this is the one that baptizes in holy spirit.' AND I HAVE SEEN IT, AND I HAVE BORNE WITNESS THAT this one is the Son of God."

      John 1:32-34.

      To more fully understand what Jesus, the Son of God is saying LOOK at John 3: 8.

      John 3:8 (New International Version)

      8The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."

      Let us consider John 3:13.

      John 3:13; "No one has ascended into the heaven but he who descended from heaven, the Son of man."

      1 Corinthians 15:50; "I tell you this, brethren: flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable."


      It is evident that Jesus Christ, the One who was SENT by God [John 8: 42], was giving to Nicodemus, and by extension to ALL who SEEK TRUTH, the pre-requisite of those

      who would be BORN AGAIN as invisible spirits i.e. that they would be spirit-anointed.

      See please Acts 2: 1- 4; Acts 10: 44- 45.

      Revelation 20: 6 says: Happy and holy is anyone having part in the first resurrection;

      over these the second death has no authority, but they will be priests of God and of the Christ, and will rule as kings with him for the thousand years.

      John the Baptist, NOT of the heavens.

      Matthew 11:11 says: Truly I say to you people, among those born of women there

      has NOT BEEN RAISED UP A PERSON GREATER than John the Baptist; but a

      person that is a LESSER one in the kingdom of the HEAVENS is GREATER THAN

      HE IS.