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Five Things You Should Adopt To Succeed In Your Life

Updated on September 8, 2015

Life is no doubt a challenge or an exam and everyone aspires to pass out this exam successfully and with applaud –able grades. At every stage of this exam, there is a separate exam that tests every individual. Every one of us always wants to successfully pass all exams, at every stage, in this life. However, no one in fact succeeds in all these exams. The best outcome one can achieve is passing out most of these exams. By the term, “these exams”, I am pointing towards one’s relationships with family, relatives, friends, colleagues, institutions etc. An individual can’t perfectly handle all these relationships. Sometimes, it has to make decisions that demand more favor for one relationship beside others, prioritizing relationships.

Here are the seven important concepts to consider if you want to maximize your output in the exams of your life.

  • No one is perfect: Everyone of us lacks perfectness. If anyone of us claims perfectness, just assume it is making lies. A scholar is not a scholar of everything; rather it is a scholar of a specific subject matter. Even in that subject, there are points which are possibly unknown to that corresponding scholar. Never try to achieve perfectness in any decision, as it is beyond our reach. What you can get is the highest outcome.

  • Set a goal in your life: Life without a desired specific goal or dream is not worth-living. Such a life is fruitless, neither benefiting you nor your fellow people. Everyone of us must live a life that is, in some sense, include learning, adventure, sports, social service etc. One thing we must care about while setting up a goal is that our goals should be consistent or relate to what we love doing or are passionate about-things that make us happy.

  • Learn to say “No”: Saying “No” is perhaps a very important part of your life that will help you remain focused on your own matters. Everyone of us should atleast understand that our responsibilities are purely ours and we are totally and wholly responsible and answerable for them. Why should we dump our obligations on others and expect them be doing what we are ourselves answerable for? Others do have their own responsibilities and priorities and they must be doing what they are answerable for. Everyone, therefore, must learn to say “No” when the demands of others contradict our priorities.

  • Get an expertise: Instead of bumping into variety of things, focus your attention on a specific subject area and be an expert in that field. Also make sure that the field relates to what you love doing. This linkage will greatly benefit you in living a happy and prosperous life and you will be moving ahead by doing what you love. As the famous Chinese philosopher Confucius said, “Do what you love and you will never have to work a day”.

  • Adopt a kind behavior: Be kind to everyone as one is always unaware of the circumstances others are going through. We don’t know what problems others are facing and what are the causes that made them so submissive or perky. Nothing is causeless; everything that happens has causes originating from things we may be unaware of. So, don’t be harsh to anyone and try to ignore whatever childish things they might be saying or doing.

Remember, being a wealthy person doesn’t guarantee you happiness. You can easily spot one or more of these concepts in the life of people living a joyful and happy life. There are surely other concepts that also are very important in making a happy life, these concepts just makeup a part of them.

Hope you find this article useful and can relate to your personal life experiences. We will be highly thankful to you if you can share what important things you have learned in your life.


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