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Fixing Our Benches

Updated on September 17, 2016

Why do we rely on things?

We rely on things to hold us up; sometimes we put too much into those things. Take a minute and think who do you rely on? Often people lose themselves to those around them, as well as the many expectations in life. We place things above or compare one another to earthly examples of perfection. When we trust the things of this world we may feel the planks of our benches disappearing. All things of this world can become weathered. They wear down and need attention to be built back up. While earthly things are in disarray, it will be difficult to put our faith in them. As these planks are worn and broken, often removed, they can leave our seat of confidence feeling less than sturdy.

When life happens, it keeps us guarded and painfully aware that things might just fall out from under us. So then, why do we put so much faith in things, and in people? People are great, but much like ourselves, they are imperfect and in need of repair. It's not that we’re wrong in placing our trust in others. We just need to strive for developing relationships that will be fulfilling, as well as rewarding. It’s just that in doing so; it’s often futile to rely on the things of this world, especially if that is all we rely on.

To RELY on something is to depend on with full trust and confidence. To be dependent on… this is the definition of RELY.

People are great but who should we rely on ?

Now I believe certain people in our lives earn and are able to provide a lot of our needs, therefore we trust and share a degree of confidence, in and with them. The point is, they too are from this world and hence they are being attacked and broken down as well. Many are doing their best to not be of this world and they come from a very loving place. Perhaps they are trying to figure things out, just like you. The most important thing to look for in them, or better yet to nurture in one another, is the desire for Christ-centered relationships fully relying on Him.

If we're from this world and in constant weathering mode, well then, we must seek the repair we're always in need of. When we no longer need to maintain or repair our Christ-centered lives, we are broken and will remain this way until we set our sights on God’s polishing.

What happens when we don't apply a little polish? Well, it has been my experience that we get a little covered in dust. If it's a little dust we can almost brush it away. What happens when that dust builds up and becomes thick, greasy even tarnished? Well, in these cases it has been my experience that takes more elbow grease to get down to the shine.

We don't want our dirt to get so bad from the lack of polish that we can't find the shine at all. That would mean we may discard the very heart of who we are. We can always find our shine again if we rely on His polish, for His polish is perfect. It finds the shine in all of us, no matter how grimy we have allowed ourselves to become.

I recently viewed a video piece by Francis Chan. (I will attach it to this hub.) He, eloquently addressed that our lives and relationships are all for the glory of God. Now I know we say we understand, and we state this, but do we really get the meaning.

Francis Chan Part One Christ Centered Relationships

Extra Reading

Why would I suggest extra readings?

Well, I could break them down for you. I could give you a short version of what they say and what they mean. But this would not get you to take some time and sit down somewhere, away from things and away from all the distractions in this life and read them for yourself. I can only impress upon you that to go to the word of God on your own is humbling. It is also your alone time with no other relationship except the one that is constant. When you take the time to sit and read on your own the words just jump off the page and into you conscious mind. They settle there in your thinking cap, they plant themselves there for later retrieval. They are His words directly to you. No person or thing can come between you and relationship with Him if you maintain a focus. If you take time regularly you will see those very seeds begin to take root in your relationships with others.

You begin to see things more clearly and you hunger for more. If you go to His word directly, He will speak directly to you. No one will be there to intervene their impressions or understanding. He says, "If you seek you shall find."

So I am placing a few reading here for you to look up and read. I am encouraging you to take some time with them and see what happens in your life. After all, what can it hurt it's just reading right? Or is it?

What if you find that it is so much more than what you thought? What if you see more than what someone else could see? You can see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears, so then maybe you can speak with the conviction of His word, all by yourself. How amazing would it be to bring that which you learn or read to others in your own way? Well, if you go to Him as and individual He will guide your future individually from all others. Your relationship with Him is special to Him and he will hear you and speak to you as you grow in His word. He speaks to all in His own unique way. He speaks so you can hear Him and understand even without knowing. He will make it clear, so what's the harm in trying a few reading?

Isaiah 26:4

Ephesians 2:8-9

2Peter 1:3

Rely on Christ alone

It means that we are to RELY on Christ alone. When we are doing this, all of our relationships including our personal one with Him, are made better. It is by faith and attention to His word that all other THINGS will be repaired and made new.

Together when we are working on Christ Centered faith-filled relationships it puts all other things of this world in perspective. We will falter on repairs and we will need the Carpenter of all carpenters to fix our benches, but He and He alone will lift us up.

I remember when my dear husband was putting a crib together for our first-born. I noticed some extra nuts and bolts left over when he was finished.

I said, “ Do we need those to be in the crib?” He said, “No worries they always give you extras.” I trusted him and I was so proud of his confidence in his work. Our crib was sturdy and never failed to hold our baby secure. Remember God has your benches and your crib; He is always ready to repair them when needed. He even has extra supplies when you break down. He is holding you and working on you. You just have to RELY in Him.

© 2013 The Stages Of ME


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    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 5 years ago

      Thank you Eddy ~

      I am so passionate about this topic, working with teens and my heart bleeds for them, hoping we can share the message that Christ Centered relationship is the start of all happiness. Have a blessed day :)

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      A very interesting hub;thank you for sharing.


    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 5 years ago

      Blossom ~

      I thank you so much again for stopping by and reading. Your input is always of great value to me. Hope you are feeling God'd blessings and that you feel His beautiful peace. God Bless and hugs

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      A well-written hub. We do indeed need to rely on God and trust in Him in every facet of our lives. Loved the examples, too.