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Foo Fighters

Updated on March 27, 2011

Foo Fighters


Foo Fighters

'Foo Fighters' is a collective term for a number of unidentified aircraft spottings during World War II. Typically, these sightings were made by allied pilots, of several different nations, and were reported to higher command out of fear that they might be some sort of enemy super weapon. Intelligence analysts and scientists were assigned to the phenomenon, but no conclusive evidence from their findings ever emerged. In fact, the studies are still classified, to this day.

However, the term Foo Fighters became used for all UFO experiences of the 30s and 40s, until the mid 50s when the term UFO was pioneered. 

If your interested in UFOs, you can check out the Blog about UFO Sightings. You can also find plenty of interesting photos from the era online, of supposed foo fighters and UFOs. 

UFO Belief

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      Hessdalen 6 years ago

      Foo fighters in my opinion, represents the first modern UFOs, and may very well be the key to understanding the UFO phenomenon as a whole. I just published an article in my blog ( related to this, containing information I believe is essential in this context.