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Foolish Samaritan

Updated on May 9, 2010

I am an angel of the Lord,

He guides my every step.

One day I saw a storm,

Its anger and thunder and rage were magnificient.

I felt comapassion

And needed to ease its hurt.

The Lord warned me, "stay away."

I could not resist;

I knew that I could do something.

Thus I waited

Until God wasn't looking

And rushed in to render my services

But its anger and thunder and rage

Became infuriated.

It consumed me

And directed to destruct me.

It mattered not

What my intentions were

Only that I was there.

I rumbled and tumbled in its raging furry.

Lord, I'd gasp

Give me strength.

It rained so hard and so long

Before he finally reached in

And touched me.

Thank you Lord, I cried,

Things aren't meant to be this way

I know.

 The storm is the world, its anger and thunder and rage are its thrills. I tried to change the world but got captured by its thrills. The peace I had desired turned to gloom instead. We all have needs. My book Positive Romance by Rudy Lopez looks at all matters of the heart with encouraging, self sacrificing and compromising attitudes. It is available on any major online bookstore or you may request at your local library at no cost to you.


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